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Chapter 12 Together with Chibi



――Seriously, you really need to be careful……you are just doing unreasonable things.


Inside my dream, I have been hearing a nostalgic voice which I remembered hearing somewhere.


 Ah, it was a voice that I can’t recognize, but it seems like a very important memory……during that short sleep, my consciousness was cloudy and I could barely understand anything.


 ――It’s alright for now, even if you don’t remember anything. Anyway……if possible, stop doing this kind of unreasonable thing. I won’t always be there to help you after all, you know?


 ――……Anyway, it’s time………I’m also ………sleepy……


[Special Skill…………Learned……Lv……――






Now then, I felt like I was having an important dream, but the moment I woke up, I completely forgot about it. Well, it was probably not a big deal if that was the case.


I mean,


What kind of dream would tell me that it’s currently in progress? There are far more serious problems that I have to face right now.


The last memory I remembered was fighting and Elder Wolf and his entourage barely defeating them before losing consciousness. Adding to that, I was definitely bitten and lost a lot of blood but somehow managed to win using blood armament at the very last moment. I only remembered until there.


Well, that fight was really no good, I did survive it but I do need to reflect on my actions. 


Looking around, I recognized that I have returned in the place where Leticia was sealed near the giant tree. I am also currently trapped in the embrace of I woman that I didn’t know.


She’s big, both in bust size and in height.


With me as a hug pillow, iit seems like she’s been sleeping so cutely with me from a while ago. I tried struggling to break out, but my heart felt as if it lost and was in an unbearable anguish.


I see, it’s that, I know it’s ridiculous for me to say this. However, I’ll say it.


It’s those boobs!?What’s with that *Tayun, tayun, boin, boin boobs! Even though she has a childish face and a little grown body from mine, why is it so big! Still, just a bit, even just a bit, I should have been embarrassed of this situation but that was not the case! More like I’m enjoying the sensation in all sincerity instead……


「Munya~……Ah, good morning master」


The restraint was finally loosened when she woke up.


After escaping my captivity, I felt rather guilty about it so I immediately prostrated.


「Master!? What’s wrong!?」


Eh, you’re not angry? Did she just call me Master? I raised my face and stared at the woman. Her age should be around 17 or 18? She gives off a cool expression, but I can also feel innocence unique to that of a young girl.


She had blood-like red eyes, long black wavy hair, beast ears popping out of her black hair, and behind her was a fluffy tail that was waving around. 

Eh, hmmm, that gesture. It seems really familiar for some reason, but where……?


 No……I still haven’t confirmed it yet. The girl was staring straight at me. Her body line is good. She’s wearing a fitting black long sleeve shirt emphasizing her breast and a long black skirt.


It’s really emphasizing her Nice Body figure……


「Chibi, Hand」




She placed her hand over mine which I put out. I don’t know why, but are you really proud just doing that? Or rather, that reaction……






That confirms itttttt!? Eh, no, wait, what happened to Chibi? Why am I completely defeated by her not only in bust size but also in height?


I unconsciously look down at my own chest. There was only a gentle slope, and only slightly soft to touch, and it couldn’t compare to the elasticity, fullness and softness at all.


「Chibi……I have nothing more to teach you」 Ugh


「Fue? Master? Masterーー!? Please don’t dieーー!」


Well, it felt as if I really died, please spare me with that…… anyway, jokes aside that is 【Humanization】 skill, however I don’t remember her having that skill……


Speaking of which, there was a vague memory related to Chibi before I completely lost consciousness. It was about Chibi reaching a level ready for evolution……


For the time being, I’ll check Chibi’s status.




Name: Chibi

Race: Fenrir -Juvenile- D

Status: Kin

LV: 3/20

HP: 30/30

MP: 28/28

STR: 31

VIT: 35

AGI: 62

MAG: 32

Luk: 21


–Title Skills–

【Demon Lord’s Kin Lv–】


ーーSpecial Skillsーー

【Humanization Lv2】


–Resistance Skills–

【Dark ResistanceLv2】【Physical ResistanceLv1】


–Magic Skills–

【Moon Magic Lv1】【Dark Magic Lv1】



【Moon Wolf Fang Lv1】【Moon Wolf Claw Lv1】【Evasion Lv2】



【Fenrir  ーJuvenileー】Rank: D-

A Dark Wolf evolution under the influence of Dark Magic where the resulting evolution is a Fenrir Cub


Even as a young Fenrir, it has a famous nickname called a Black Moon Wolf, which possess combat abilities unmatched by average monsters.



 ……Eh? Isn’t she so strong? Her rank even outclasses the rank of Elder Wolf not to mention my own rank? Even her Status outclasses me right now? Wait, more than that, Chibi, your name…… why is your name Chibi?


「Eh, ummm, Chibi-san?」




 Ah……she’s a child with an emotionless face. However, her tail was wagging with a tremendous momentum that completely ruins her cool demeanor. No, not that……


「Umm, Chibi-san? There’s a lot of things I would like to ask, but are you alright accepting that name? No matter what angle you look at, you are not chibi at all……right?」


「Nnーー? No! Chibi is Chibi! It’s a name that Master has Given me, you know? Chibi being Chibi is no good? 」


Ah, her ears and tail are clearly slumping down……!! Is this really alright……!? Is it like a golden Retriever, that when you name it Chibi, it will not react unless you call it Chibi even though it has already grown up?


 Disagreeable……! Chibi, even though she doesn’t like it, she still respects my description as her master. For Chibi’s sake, I need to steel my heart and change the name Chibi. That’s why I’ll decide a proper name for Chibi.


「Chibi……Hmm, what name would be good?」


Uwah, her eyes are starting to tear up. Even if you look like a dog who’s toy was taken away from you, I must……! I must!!


「…………Ugh, fine, Chibi is a good name」


「Yeeeeーーy! I love you Masterーー!」


I’m such a fool!! Sigh, but with Chibi’s boobs squeezing me as she hugs me gives me a moment of bliss. Well, fine, I decided to walk a thorny path in order to protect that smile. That’s what I’ll do from now on.


「Anyway, Chibi。What happened after that?」


In any case, it’s good that Chibi is now humanized. Being able to communicate to each other is a big deal, compared to before where we could barely understand each other.


「Umm, you see, after seeing you covered in blood, I thought that I should do something about it. Then I remembered about the leaves you used when I was hurt, so I decided to carry you back home!」


Hmm, she’s still very childish inside despite the way she looks. It’s a bit abstract but I could get the point. Well, it seems like that Elder Wolf didn’t have anyone else in reserve after his group was killed. No, it was probably more precise to say that they decided to return to the flock after their leader was defeated.


I hope that they won’t come back to retaliate, but I can’t really say anything about it judging by their reason for targeting me.


In any case, it was still a lucky bet that I was able to hit a weakpoint. Also, there’s that……


「Sorry Chibi, I made you worry. Thank you. It was thanks to Chibi that I survived」




Chibi responds while innocently wagging her tail. It will be a lot of work from now on, but I’m glad that we were able to survive that ordeal.


「By the way, why did you sleep while hugging me?」


「Eh? Because I am Chibi! I am Master’s Mofumofu right? Chibi will do her best!」




 【From now on, you will be my Mofumofu!】That was something that I told Chibi from before. Words, when spoken out, have strong power and responsibility with it. I must never forget the weight of my remarks in the future.