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Chapter 13 Quiet Talk 1: Another Reincarnated






 A clanging sound was made after the door of a tavern in the corner of a familiar city was opened for the first time in a month. Curious eyes were immediately directed at the same time, seriously, what’s so fun about receiving the stares of【Old Men】.


Wipe off those smirks, could you all stop with the weird faces……


Have they already forgotten about me after only missing for a month going on a dungeon hunt? Wondering about that, I noticed that there are many new faces present. It was a bit strange but we headed straight for the counter ignoring it. If any of the new faces is a big shot, it would be troublesome if they approach us and ending things up in a big misunderstanding.


I’ll just ask the old man about it .


「Old man, Sake」


「Haa? I don’t serve any alcohol here that could be served to little girls and kids」


「Uoh, so you’re selling a fight to me again? I’ve been talking about this over and over again. I’m already in the right age to drink so it will be alright」


With that said, I sat down to one of the tall chair on the counter. Ah, damn, as expected, I don’t have enough (Height). My feet felt floaty.


「And so, what happened? Did it end up in a big success today? 」


While sipping a glass of Alp brandy the bearded man offers me some of it responding to my talk with the master. This, 【Yugetsu-tei】 is cheap and tastes good, and even if combined with the good food, the location of Zara is just bad that there are a lot of open seats.


If they are not regulars or someone referred to by a regular, no new customers would normally approach this place.


With that being said, there are still many customers that I’m not familiar with today. Ah, jeez, would everyone stop staring at my thighs. It’s seriously annoying being stared at like that.


「Gahaha, being an attractive woman is painful huh」


「That’s I have been telling you that I was a man. Sigh, jeez, it’s been a while I guess, so I’m receiving a full course teasing once again! Now just tell me already what exactly happened.」


「Well, it’s probably because of the regulars not having found anyone interesting to look at in a while. Teasing a little bit won’t be a problem, right? And then, it’s about why there are a lot new faces here, right? It’s because of that」


A quest board was placed in the middle of the tavern in line with the master’s chin.


Among the various requests being pasted for adventurers, a certain red request stands out from the request area.


「【Disaster Designated Species】 did one come out?」


Dropping my tone a little, I continued talking to the master.


「Yeah, and certainly a bad one this time. A Goblin【Lord】 was born. There are also 【Mage】【Priest】【Warrior】 that was confirmed, and there’s even the possibility of 【Knight】 classes which would make this the worst case scenario」


Hearing this, she couldn’t help but respond with a sigh and shrug her shoulders.


I see, that would make sense why the tavern was this lively. Most of the guild members were definitely recruited for this emergency request. Well, if your opponent is a Lord, it’s a natural response to prevent it from growing.


A Lord alone is just around Rank D, but once if Knight or Bishop Classes have been included, it would not be possible to subjugate it with only a few parties.


「Haah, that’s certainly a big deal. Isn’t that a good thing though? Won’t your store thrive more this way?」


「I guess it was good, You have a lot of work to do, don’t you? Youmu.  You’re a【Reincarnator】, aren’t you? The other party is a disaster designation. Don’t you have the spirit of getting rich quick? 」


「When you get old, something like this becomes tiring to do? Don’t you think so too, old man?」


「Unfortunately I love gambling more than this. It was thanks again to Kami-san. Well, there was no persuasiveness in the way you said it after all」


The master laughs loudly as he stared at my body. I’m depressed.


「In any case, Reincarnators have Ranks. And not everyone possess Heroic Powers and abilities」


Saying so, I finish the Alp Liquor left in the glass all at once.


That’s right, I’m a Reincarnation.


 I used to be an old man living in the country of Japan……what went wrong though was my current appearance that is a【Bishoujo】.


 I bind my long silver hair to one side, and wearing a casual one piece, and here I am looking like a sore thumb standing out in a bar. In fact, this figure of mine is strange compared the atmosphere that you would expect from a place like this.


In this world, I am at the age of 16, and I was a married person when I was living in Japan, but in this world, I decided to stand on my own. 


「You were a 4th Class Reincarnator, right? It’s still difficult for me to understand what exactly that is. At least I don’t remember anyone declaring that they are 5th Class or something…… and now you are just in a denial state, ah forget it」


「You don’t have to mind it. I understand that my life is an odd one」


 Reincarnators, such beings are normally born with memories of the past and possess strong skills. But they are roughly divided into five classes.


The First Class, are those that were born with outstanding skills and abilities with titles such as【Hero】【Meditator】【Wise Emperor】 that is accompanied by strong title skills or unique abilities. At this rank, only a countable number of monsters would be on the same level as them. There isn’t anyone like that in the current generation though. 


Second Class, are those that don’t have outstanding skills but strong enough to classify them and maintains a perfect memory of their previous lives. Most of them, if not all are usually treated like heroes in some countries.


Third Class, are those born with fairly strong skill, yet having a somewhat unstable memory of their previous life. It’s from this point where the drastic difference in abilities could be established. They maybe strong compared to ordinary people, but their strength is not out of reach. The rest would depend on their own individual efforts.


 The Fourth Class, are those with vague memories and odd skills. But in my case, my memory is quite stable compared to other reincarnates but my physiology and body was drastically different from what I was originally which is now a beautiful girl.


 I still consider myself an old man from the inside though.


But despite that, I love cute things and enjoy myself being fashionable and all. 


 The result of this weird combination is a beautiful girl that was as if imitating the actions of an old man, and used this weirdness to run away from home to so that she doesn’t become a tool to be used and ended up becoming an adventurer in the process.


And also, because of this, that many third and fourth class reincarnates have trouble with. They may be special, but they are not uniquely outstanding.


And then, there the Fifth Class…… born with very vague or almost no memory, no outstanding skills but still possessed convenient ones, and would be fine even if they lost their memories about their past.



「Well, you don’t have to feel down about it. Youmu, you do know that even if you are like that, there are still people here who care about you, right?」


「Haah, please stop with that, it gives me a weird itchy feeling. So, what exactly is the guild planning to do? It may reach around B Rank at worst, but there are only D Ranks gathering around here, right? 」


The master responds as soon as she says that as if waiting for her to talk about it.


「Yeah, there are currently 3 G Rank, 56 F Rank, 24 E Rank and lastly 4 D Ranks including you. The G Rank guys are already out of the list, so there are less than 100 people in total…… it would have been great if the 【 Stampede 】 didn’t progress much and give us more time to prepare 」


「For the time being, we need to make temporary parties focused around D and E Ranks that would hunt leaks and scouts while locating their 【Nest】 in the process. After finding the nest, reorganize the party according to the scale and if possible move to subjugate the Lord」



 It’s an operation that one wouldn’t call a proper operation, but they cannot allow a Lord to live long, and it’s the current best that they could do in the current situation…… this is better than just leaving it alone and say that they couldn’t do anything.


It felt as if I am getting overworked again, but I don’t want to see this town overrun by goblins.



「I’ll help you out with support as much as I can. But don’t expect that much, alright? I’ll leave the party organization to you, but as much as possible, let us do our best to resist this crisis. So, what other information did you discover? 」


「Sorry about that Youmu. Well, that is……I don’t know if it will be related to the Goblins, but a Hunter’s Kid found a weird place in forest. He followed a route of damaged trees heading deep into the forest, and there he said he found a Tree that resembled Leticia’s Tree from legends. Well, if such a really big tree could be found nearby, then it would be something that you would be able to see from here. It was quite an eyebrow raising statement after all. 」


Thinking of it as a weird delusion of someone, the master laughs. Seriously, are they really entering the forest at with the current situation in place……well, I guess they were probably not just hunting for prey. Life doesn’t just normally follow one’s way after all.


「I see, well that is fine. I’ll set is as my secondary objective. If I have the time, I’ll try and investigate it」


I stood up and fixed the wrinkles on my skirt.


 Even if the opponents are just goblins, it would still be difficult if certain roles are not done decently. First of all, I need to prepare myself. Sacred Tree Leaves, it is the name of a legendary material that could be found in a certain village, but only its effects have been proven.


 There are flaws that they put too much price value for a leaf, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to save a life.  Anyway, I still have to restock on my supplies.