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Chapter 14 Little Princess

TL : Yuki


Now then, I should confirm about the details of Chibi’s status later…… but that will be after I confirm my status.


 On that note, it seems like Chibi can freely transform into a human or dog form, and of course she was a bit bigger but still smaller than a those silver wolves. Her fangs and Claws look bigger and sharper though. Despite that, she was still considered as juvenile so I’ll be looking forward to her growth.



Name: ==This Data is Lost==

Race: Lesser Vampire F

Condition: Normal

LV: 10/10

HP: 38/38

MP: 51/51

STR: 20

VIT: 24

AGI: 21

MAG: 31

LUK: 13

Accumulated Experience: 350-MAX-



Level of skill【Status】 has increased from 2 to 3


[Level has reached the maximum limit. Display Evolution destination? ]


[Yes] [No]


Oh, it seems like the accumulated experience have also been added. Also, there’s an evolution…… My status is still lower compared to Chibi despite having a higher level. With that in mind, it probably is important for monsters to rank up first rather than increase levels.

If the rank difference is only around 1 rank, then it could be balanced by difference in level and skill, but if the difference is two ranks or higher it would be hopeless. This could be used as a reference when fighting against enemies.


 Well, even if it is below my rank, it doesn’t mean that I can’t be careless.


 Now then, 【Evolution Designation】


There is no doubt that it is impossible to go without considering the target of just in case and the current status. But then again……I’m both curious and a bit worried on how about it. Looking at Chibi, depending on my evolution, I might not change drastically appearance wise, but still, I can’t put away the anxiety that I might change into something different.


Well, for now I choose【Yes】 to see my evolution choices, and if I find the choices bad then I’ll have to think about it.


 What was displayed after the selection was as follows.



【Demi-Vampire】Rank: E


It is said that a person who received the blood of Vampire or a person who was fascinated by darkness turned into a half-Vampire.

You can get a strong body, but possess less magical talent than an original Vampire.




【Low Lich】Rank: D-


It is the end point mutation of a Magician who study and use Undead Magic. An Undead Magician, that is good at using dark and ghost magic.

On the other hand, it is physically weak and there no proficient knowledge regarding close combat. 

For this reason, many individuals manipulate other undead, wight, etc. that are strong against physical attacks as escorts.

It is classified as 【Quasi-Disaster Designated Species】because if it grows into a powerful individual it may be followed by a large number of Undead and reaches a threat level of higher than its rank.




【Vampire Little Princess】Rank: D


A Pure-blooded Vampire that could only be born between high-ranking Vampires, although young and immature, it is good at handling blood and has a body that surpasses average Vampire.

It is said that it possess the same prowess as it’s ancesstors when it grows up, and because of this reason it was certified as a 【Disaster Designated Species】. However, the latest report of witnessing one was more than 200 years ago and it is currently considered as a mythological creature.





【Demi Blue Blood】Rank: D+


It is a general term used for those who have received blood directly from those that are almost pure blood Vampire. Manipulates dark magic and has high physical abilities, but is also said to have a very strong vampiric urges.

Because of that, a thousand years ago, Vampire hunting was carried out on a worldwide basis, leaving very few survivors



Hmm, that’s all the evolutions displayed. Based on Rank alone【Demi Blue Blood】 would be the best chose having the highest rank……


 Vampire LP (Little Princess) is clearly stated to be 【Pure Blood】, while Demi Blue Blood is said to have received blood from something close to 【Pure Blood】. Vampire is a Race that divides their blood and increases the number of subordinates by looking at the description, which means that the higher the purity of the blood, the more likely it is to grow into a stronger individual. In the long run, blue blood is likely to be an evolutionary destination that has limitations.


I also forgot because I didn’t realize it at all, but vampires are vampires. There will definitely be vampiric urges.


 There seems to be no advantage to when it comes to Demi Vampire other than Rank, and Low Lich has for a magic specialist, but the main disadvantage is that it seems to be quite weak in close combat. Above all, it is clearly stated that it is Undead, making it a little worrisome to evolve while not following a Vampire lineage. At most of all, it is a monster made of only bones which is not something you could laugh at.


I am worried about the term 【Disaster Designated Species】 but that aside the best possible choice of evolution would be Vampire LP……but well.


 A Little Princess……Will it become a high hurdle for me to adapt knowing that I am formerly a man?


「Master? What’s wrong? Is your tummy hurting? 」


 Chibi stares at me with a worried look.


「Ah, I’m alright, I’m just thinking about my evolution」


「Eh, master is going to evolve!!?  Nee! What will you look likeーー!?」


Chibi’s tail was waging too much from excitement. Ah, after all evolution is a big event for monsters. Looking at Chibi’s appearance, I should expect some enhancement after evolution. 


「……Nn? By the way, what did Chibi look like when it evolved? Did you pick out an evolution destination? 」


 If that was the case, it’s best to learn everything from their ancestors, and although Chibi has evolved into Fenrir, I was wondering if there are other candidates for evolution? Chibi then thought about my quest.


「Well, you see, I didn’t really know but I thought about becoming stronger than I was then it felt like there was a door asking me what I wanted to be? I did not choose. Chibi wants to be stronger than the old man! When I thought about wanting to stand beside master, I turned into this」


That’s too abstract of a choice……! Well, I wonder……was that how monsters are supposed to evolve? Thinking about it, not all monsters are intelligent so evolving this way is probably better.


 More than that, what did I really want to be……?


 I have decided. No matter what the obstacles that comes before me, I have to be myself. Otherwise I will not be able to protect my loved ones or even myself.


If that was the case, then I don’t really have to think that much about it. I choose Vampire LP for my evolution.


 It felt as if something inside me exploded. It’s like the source of my power, which has been clogged, has been opened and the power overflowed steadily. But what’s more surprising is that I can feel an enormous amount of power still sleeping within me.


 I felt a bit dizzy from the sudden torrent of power, but that rampaging power gradually calms down and my body adapted to it. It didn’t take long for my body to completely accept the power. 


[【Lesser Vampire】has evolved into 【VampireLittle Princess】]


[ The level of Normal Skills below Lv5 has been increased by 1]


[Magic Skill【Dark Magic Lv1】 has been learned]


[Magic Skill【Float Lv1】 has been learned]


[Special Skill 【Automatic MP Recovery Lv1】has been learned]


It looks like my evolution has been completed safely. Not to mention that useful skills have been increased. The increase in the level of normal skills wasn’t much but is good thing. I do have an idea on how the new skills work and I’ll probably check my status later.


 Now then, how do I look like now……


I went to see my new appearance on the water reflection……


「Eh? Nothing changed? 」


What was mirrored was the beautiful girl with a childish body.  It felt like my eyes turned into a darker shade, but other than that, nothing else changed?


Curious about it, Chibi was touching me all over my body.


「Master, did your boobs become a bit bigger? Cool!!」


Eh? Seriously!? My heart started pounding. Unfortunatelky though, it was still just a gentle slope. Growing up…… am I growing up!? In front of me was the elated Chibi with her tail waving. She seems to be serious about saying that I am cool, and her breasts were shaking along with the movement of her tail.


No, not yet……this is just the beginning!!


 Because I’m currently just a Little Princess, growth would be assured.


 ……it’s quite mortifying but there will still be hope!