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Chapter 15 New Power

TL :  Yuki



As for my body right now, I should be expecting more growth in the future……

It’s time to check the changes on my status.



Name: –This Date is Lost–

Race: Vampire Little Princess D

Condition: Normal

LV: 1/25

HP: 42/42

MP: 62/62

STR: 39

VIT: 35

AGI: 43

MAG: 60

LUK: 25

Accumulated Experience Value: 0


–Title Skills–

【Demon Lord Lv–】


–Special Skills–

【Incomplete Reincarnation Lv–】【Blessings of the Vampire Princess Lv2】

【Automatic MP Recovery Lv1】


–Resistance Skills–

【Sunlight Resistance Lv–】【Physical Resistance Lv2】


–Magic Skills–

【Status Lv3】【Appraisal Lv3】【Storage LV3】【Blood Armament Lv2】

【Kinship Lv2】【Dark Magic Lv1】【Levitation Lv1】


-_-Normal Skill-_-

【Sword Mastery Lv4】【Escape Lv2】【Throwing Lv5】

-_-Borrowed Skills-_-


【Moon Wolf Claw LV1】




Oh, Oooh!? Just as I have expected, although the level dropped, most of the stats have been greatly increased……! It’s probably because of this too that the rank Jumped from F to D, and this improvement is really encouraging. It’s also probably the effect of the skill Demon Lord which greatly influences growth, and even in my current state, I would probably have an almost even match against that elder wolf.


Although the developments of skills are important, there are still some points that I’m concerned about.


First is the skill from Leticia 【Blessing of the Vampire Princess】, which has increased to level 2 that I didn’t notice until now. It’s the skill that removed my weakness as a vampire and also improves my status when it’s dark, but I still don’t know as to what extent it improves because I haven’t really used it properly.


Well, it probably increased after my evolution, but when and why exactly did it increase? My physical resistance also increased to 2, which was probably the result of me accumulating all that damage from my fight with the elder wolf. 


That area doesn’t really concern me that much so I’ll leave it as is for now.


Next is the new line of Skills called 【Borrowed Skills】, Also what was added to the skill list was 【Moon Wolf Claw Lv1】 Which is similar to a skill that Chibi possessed. I am probably able to use some of Chibi’s skills because of making her my Kin.


「Oh…! Chibi, I did it! 」

「Did you grow like Chibi!? Yaayーーー! 」


Yeah, she wouldn’t really get it, but her reaction is cute so I’ll leave it at that. 

Well, both me and Chibi have gained new skills so it’s time to check them all out for now.




Special Skills【Automatic MP Recovery Lv1】


A Skill that directly converts magical power from the atmosphere to be usable by the user

This skill is commonly learned by beings that have no physical substance like spirits and souls and those that are good at handling magic 


It recovers MP at fixed intervals. The amount of MP recovered depends on the Skill Level.




This should be a useful skill seeing its description. However, I don’t feel like I would benefit from it that much because of me carrying a lot of Magic Water in my inventory, though it would be useful in combat to help me recover slowly when I don’t have the leeway to use my item box. At the current level, it could only recover 1 MP every 20 seconds. I’ll be expecting more on its future growth.




Magic Skills【Dark Magic Lv1】


A Skill required activating and using Dark Magic

Interacts with the realm of chaos in order to manipulate darkness



・Enables the acquisition of Dark Magic.

・Enhances effects of Dark Magic. Enhancement effect depends on skill level.

・Reduces the MP consumption of activating Dark Magic. Reduction Cost depends on Skill Level.





Magic Skills【Moon Magic Lv1】



A Skill required activating Moon Magic.

Manipulates and amplifies Moonlight to gain various protections and effects (Cannot be activated during daytime)



・Allow acquisition of Moon Magic

・Enhances effects of Moon Magic. Enhancement effect depends on skill level.

・Reduces the MP consumption of activating Moon Magic. Reduction Cost depends on Skill Level.




That’s it for the details of Dark Magic that I and Chibi acquired and moon magic that only Chibi acquired.


So moon magic was only usable at night, that’s why the elder wolf wasn’t able to use it. Well, when you think about fighting against a vampire, it would be more advantageous for him to fight during the day which would be more of an obstacle for vampires than being able to use moon magic.


But what I’m more curious about would be Dark Magic.


As a test, I activated it the same way as I use Blood Armament, and as a result particles of darkness were coming out of my hand, though it only scattered afterwards. Hmmm? Do I really need to have a clear image on how to use it? This time I tried to clearly imagine it hitting a tree and it did manifest, however there was no power to it and just scattered upon contact.


It seems like there’s a lack in the process than lacking in actual ability to use it this time.


While thinking about what I’m lacking, I watch Chibi who was also trying out Dark Magic. She covered a part of her body in it like armor then sliced a tree while shaping it like a sword. The Dark Armor then took the shape of a blade and cuts through. The surface that was cut turned black and disintegrated showing just how powerful the attack was.


Eh, what that scary of a power?


「Um, ah, Chibi-san? What did you do just now……?」

「Eh? Hmmm, I just did it the same way as you didーー? 」


Yeah, I guess so. Though the results wasn’t the same as what I did.


「Anyway, how were you able to end up in that result?」

「Ummm, hmmm, you seeーー, I was just controlling the flow magic, then that just came up in my head and resulted to thatー」


AH, I completely forgot that she has the brain of a child. Still, she said she was controlling the flow of magic……I don’t really understand that feeling at the moment. I want to collect more detailed information, if possible from a village somewhere…… but, as expected of a 【Disaster Designated Species】. I don’t really know how she did it, but it’s definitely not something that easy to do. I’ll just hope that a cheat like Chibi would be able to grow properly from now on.


For now, I have no choice but to only use Blood Armament without Dark Magic.


I’ll leave that to Chibi for now and check the next Skill.




Magic Skills【Levitation Lv1】


A Magic Skill that enables any wingless race to gain the ability to fly by creating wings out of magic

The user won’t be able to fly for long periods of time, but it’s possible to create airborne scaffoldings or stay in the air for a short period of time.



・Ability to stay airborne at a certain altitude for a certain amount of time. Duration depends on the Skill Level.

・Magical Scaffolding can be created for a certain amount of time. Duration depends on the Skill Level.




Fumu fumu, as a human, flying in the sky something I’ve desired. There was a time where I’ve only been dreaming about it…… but I never expected that I would be able to obtain it this way. When I tested the skill, I was able to float 10 cm above my head for about 30 seconds, and it was an amazing feeling.


On the other hand, when I tried making scaffolding, it only lasted for about 3 seconds in my current state but I was able to jump higher making it seem like I was doing a double jump. The MP consumption is 3 MP which is quite big for an instant effect but it would allow me to maneuver easier and take advantage of areal movement. 


It was also possible for me to continue jumping higher as long as I have MP, but after reaching a certain height I got worried about how to land so I searched for an appropriate place to land. 


When I finally landed, Chibi came closer and was praising me a lot with her tail waving to show just how excited she was. She is a child after all, so she reacts excitedly to any new thing she would find. Though the way she looks now doesn’t seem like a child……she’s definitely just a big child. A mass of curiosity that wants to hear and learn about everything she finds interesting.


「That was so cool Master! At the same time so CUTE! 」

「Is that so, I see……hmm? Did you say cute? 」

「Un! What you wear was really cute!! Chibi want to wear it too! 」


Wait, was she looking under my skirt…… to be precise, what she meant was my underwear that could be seen when she looked up from below me. I have been seen!? That!? Not to mention, she wants to wear it too……!?


「I, I think Chibi should wait a little more when you get a little bigger, at that time you should wear it if you want to」

「??Understoodー! Then, if I wear one, I will show it to you first before anyone else! 」

「Aha, ahahaha. I’ll, I’ll be looking forward to itー」


I dodged the subject while having a dry laugh. Ugh, why do I feel so guilty! However, if I have to explain in detail then I would end up troubled instead. I’ll do it someday in the future, sorry. I can’t really do anything about that right now after all. But right now, my skirt defense seems to on a minimal level……. There’s currently only the two of us but I also have to consider that the number of people surrounding would increase in the future.


I’ll also put that aside for now and move on to the last skill.




NormalSkill【Moon Wolf Claw Lv1】



A skill that was given to wolves blessed by the moon

Claws protected by moonlight are strengthened, and improves slashing power. Releasing a flying slash is also possible



・Increase Attack Power of Claws. Effect Increase depends on Skill Level

・Consumes MP to create a flying slash attack. Power and Effect depends on Skill Level




Oh, the skill description is just as I have expected, other than the flying slash that was added. It end up with no result like when I used dark magic but that’s not really a reason not to try it. I concentrated and collected magic power on my fingertips. I can feel the pulsation of my heart flowing towards my hand. I think this should be a good result. 


I then swing my hand in an empty area as if throwing the accumulated magic power in my hand. 


[Normal Skill【Moon Wolf Claw】 Level has increased from 1 to 2 ]


3 pale white slashes flew out of my hand knocking down several trees in front of me. It was stronger than I have expected! Not to mention that the level went up upon successful activation! There doesn’t seem to be any problem regarding its usage too! Though after activation, I feel a bit lethargic. Checking my status, I discovered that it used up 15 MP in just that single activation. 


「Yey, Master! It was the same as Chibi! We match!」


Chibi was so happy about it the she was also playing around with the slashes. No, it was more like she was trying to verify the skill? Even if the amount of magic power is adjusted, the consumption and power changes considerably. Is this the difference between the original user and the borrowed skill, or simply just a difference between how Chibi uses the skill……


Anyway, this should be good enough for verification.


This time we’ll try expanding our range of activities while raising our levels.