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Chapter 16 Engage Combat

TL: Yuki



 *Zinn! The goblin’s head fell down after a crisp slicing sound. After that the goblin’s body fell down while spraying blood out. Chibi who was watching my fight was praising me after I finish off my opponent. I wanted to praise Chibi patting her head but realized that I’m too short to do so.


「Ah, mou, I give you lots of compliments, but can you wait till later because I need you to sit down for a bit? 」


「Eh, but, I would be able to me best if I get praised a lot. Did master hate……Chibi? I’ve been waiting for it you know……」


Chibi’s ears and tail were all plopped down. As usual, Chibi’s facial expression was mostly emotionless but her ears and tail shows how she feels. Should I say it’s easy to understand, or complicated in this case. 


「No, it’s not that I hate Chibi or anything, it’s just that I won’t be able to reach your head if you don’t sit down or at least bow down but are you troubled by that?」


「Hmm~? Nope! 」


「Is, is that so. Then come over here. As expected, Chibi was great at handlin g Wolf Claw, good girl」


「Yaay! Ehehe, With this power, I will also be able to help! 」


I pat Chibi who was brightly smiling. She looks more like an older sister with an emotionless expression, but this situation just made me realize that chibi is still just a child inside. Asking her guardian for praise after doing something good is is after all what a child would usually want. In Chibi’s case, she have been ostracized and tossed away at such a young age, so it’s no wonder that she’s craving for love and praise from her new guardian.


I don’t know if she had ever felt loved by her parents, but I also took away her parents from her. At the very least, I want to give her as much love as I could offer, even if that stemmed mostly from my own self-indulgence and hypocrisy. 


And well, Chibi was definitely doing a very good job after all.


Using her improved wolf senses, she would immediately tell me if she detects an enemy ahead of us like goblins. After that, she would mow down her targets using 【Moon Wolf Claw】. It was a tactic of basically attacking one-sidedly from a long range, or should I call it a secret technique. As a result of using such tactics, we were able to easily defeat more than 10 goblins easily and without too much work. 


 On the other hand, because two people are basically beating the monsters, the XP they give was also split, and only a small bonus is given to the one who kills it. My current level is 6 and Chibi is now level 7. The growth rate was definitely far slower compare to when I was a Lesser Vampire.


Our status looks like this right now.




Name: =-This Date is Lost-=

Race: Vampire Little Princess D

Condition: Normal

LV: 6/25

HP: 42/73

MP: 81/94

STR: 64

VIT: 52

AGI: 62

MAG: 92

LUK: 65

Accumulated Experience Value: 103



Name: Chibi

Race: Fenrir –Juvenile- D

Condition: Normal

LV: 7/25

HP: 50/50

MP: 32/44

STR: 51

VIT: 42

AGI: 90

MAG: 45

LUK: 31

Accumulated Experience Value: 128




My Magic Power and in Chibi’s agility is about to reach the 3 digits. I did expect that our levels won’t progress that fast but with our current condition, we won’t have any difficulties unless we encounter a strong enemy.


「But you know……there sure are a lot of Goblins around here……dos Chibi know what else can we encounter in this forest other than them?」


「Ummm, well, before I was born in the family, I don’t know if the chieftain made contacts with others, you know? This area is also in the shallow region of the forest so there are no strong monsters around and it’s close to where humans live. The danger level was supposed to be low that even human children would be able to come and return without much worry」


「Sorry if Chibi doesn’t know anything else, but Chibi did find a goblin village while looking for food 」


Probably thinking that she didn’t meet my expectations, Chibi’s ears and tail plopped down again.


「Ah, no, that is fine! That was enough information, so cheer up! Okay? 」




「Yup, it’s alright」


「Yaay, I’m glad! 」


 Her ears and tail perked up once more, and then she hugged me. The breasts!? The breasts are, suffocating……!


Haaa……Haaah……it was a sensation of both heaven and hell at the same time, Chibi’s friendliness is good, but she becomes too defenseless so I have to teach her the limits soon. ……though I kind of feel like it’s a loss.


Now then, speaking of goblins then there should be a king. If I’m considering that to possess a Demon King skill, would it also become an auxiliary skill? Normal goblins are only around F Rank, but what would happen if they receive the correction of the Demon King skill. I put that thought out of my mind and decided to focus and be more careful instead. 


 ――――and, just as I was thinking about that.


 *Gakin! I heard the sound of metals clashing which I have never heard before since I started living in this forest. Awawa, I could hear the sound of people screaming and explosions too. What is that!? What is happening!?




「There! There are a lot of goblins there. I could also smell a lot of other scents! 」


A lot of goblin and other scents you say……there’s probably a group battle between goblins and other groups. Though I could already guess what the other group will be like……


A group of Humans.


 They would be the only ones who would use metal products other than goblins in this area after all. Not unless it’s a turf war between goblins which would also have the same metal to metal combat. That’s why the only other candidate in such case would be……Humans. That’s how I ended up with that conclusion.


There are also the impatient sounding cries of 「Uwaaaa!!」and「Iyaaaaa!!」 that I’ve heard from the ones that were probably trying to escape. It seems like the goblins were winning the battle.


My heart was beating really fast. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m anxious or excited or maybe both. 


Right now I’m asking myself, do I really need to help them?


After all, I am a 【Demon Lord】 also a 【Disaster Designated Species】……! If a Dark Wolf alone became a target of subjugation on encounter, how would they react to one even more dangerous than that, will I become their target next?




Chibi was worriedly looking at me, probably waiting for my reaction.


Ah, that’s right. My main priority would always be myself and Chibi first. Helping strangers would be after if I find the situation not dangerous for both myself and Chibi……


「What’s wrong? Are we going to help? 」




For a moment, I didn’t understand why Chibi had asked such a thing.


「You’re going to help them, don’t you? Master」


「…………! About that……」


「Chibi you see. Know it? You can’t just abandon someone in need in front of you, right? Chibi you see, when Chibi was attacked by a goblin, I was scared knowing that no one would help me. But, at that time, Master came to help. Also, despite not knowing about Chibi, I was still helped. That’s why, when Chibi grow up, Chibi also want to help those in need if she could. 」


「That’s why, Chibi will also fight.」


Chibi appeals to me without any hesitation in her eyes.


 Sigh……I’m not really a person that Chibi thinks I’m supposed to be.


I didn’t really think of helping Chibi in particular after all.


 ――――But still.


Chibi believes in me.


At the very least, I don’t want her to be disappointed about me.


「Chibi! Wait for my signal, and be sure to fire a 【Moon Wolf Claw】 from a place that they won’t see you! 」




Leaving Chibi who was waiting for my signal, I charged towards the Goblins. There was black smoke fuming all over the place, and the sounds of metal clashing were gradually decreasing.




 They were probably licking their tongues thinking that another prey came for them because I could also hear their distorted laughter. As if I’d be what they were expecting.


After all, having too much pride is a fatal mistake.


「Chibi! Now!!!」


 Upon finding the goblins that were snickering at us, Chibi and I both fired our Moon Wolf Claws.