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Chapter 17 Untold Stories 2: Despair and Hope

TL: Yuki


【Side: Youmu】


 A flash of light bursts out, and a fireball that is about the size of a person’s head was created passing through her side. After that, the big fireball bursts into scattered flames spreading out after hitting the target area.


【Magic Spell Level 2 Fire Bullet】


When it comes to adventurers, one would be ranked at least E class if they are able to shoot a shoot a compressed fireball that can move at high speed, especially if it’s one that can burst out into a spread shot at the time of impact. The power may not be that strong but the range and area of effect would be rather wide, and that would be enough to demonstrate the level of power the user possess. 


Although it didn’t hit its target, the rear guards were disturbed and their formation was disrupted.


「Oi, don’t move carelessly! Prepare to defend!!」


「Are really saying that now! The fire is, wait noooo! 」


「Why is there an 【Arc Mage】 in shallow areas like this place! Uwaaaah! No way! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! 」


 Tsk, it’s no good! The magician and a healer ran away in the field with scattered fire and smoke. They would become easy targets. I would like to help them, but it’s unlikely possible to do so with our current situation and there’s an archer standing beside my opponent.


I wish I could use my magic in full power in my current situation, but unfortunately the magic skills I possess were not that versatile. It’s pretty much useless in the current situation. As a result of that, it was better for me to try my luck with a sword facing so that the knight class in front of me would be occupied.


Right now, I’m regretting the mission that I took which is to measure the ability of this 【F Class Party】 even though the test was in a relatively shallow area of the forest.


What we encountered that was really unexpected was a platoon of high rank goblins composed of a 【Goblin Arc Mage】, a 【Goblin Pries】, a 【Goblin Shield User】, a 【Goblin Archer 】 and a 【Goblin Knight】.


Even if they are just normal ones without titles, it’s a composition that a group of barely E Class Party won’t be able to fight and to make matters worse, having an 【Ark Mage】 along with it which is an advanced type of magic user and a   【Knight】 made it even more of a problem.


At this scale of a group, even a D Class adventurer party would have trouble facing such composition.




A was able to parry a sword attack aimed at me, but my posture was slightly disrupted because of the force I received.


And at that moment, *whoosh, a swift sound of projectile passed by the slight gap in my defense! An arrow made a dry sound as it penetrates the lungs of the healer. That situation made it really difficult to breathe, let alone chant.




「Blood is, blood is, aaaaahh!?」


It seems like this party is not really used to fighting that yet, as they continue to end up cutting off the lifeline of the party. Speaking about this party, most of its members were already half crazed because of the casualties.


The healer was seriously injured. The mage rarely cast spells because of MP exhaustion. The thief girl who was the newest member of the party couldn’t get up out of fear.


The light armored warrior who was the leader of the party was barely sane, whose attacks were blocked by the shield user as it tried to face off with the Arc Mage so he’s pretty much useless at this point.


 ――――Complete Annihilation.


Such thought passed through my head.


It’s not only based on intuition but also derived from current situation. If we continued fighting this way, it will only end up becoming a reality.


 ――――Can I escape alone?


For a moment, such thought also passed my mind.


It might be a little too frivolous, but it would rather make more sense in this case. This ended up turning into an unavoidable battle that was recklessly handled. It would be more of a constructive dream if an actual prince on a white horse passed by to save from our crisis out of his own good will.


Well, it’s not an absolutely impossible condition, but the current situation changes to impossibility. 




All I could do is rely on my own as I strengthen my grip to my sword.


The evolutions of the goblins were much higher than what the guild have expected. If this platoon is an elite group then there is still hope that things could be taken care of, but if this group is only part of their reconnaissance team, then there will be a big power difference.


 But still……at worst, it would also be possible that they have grown to a point where they can form multiple platoons of this level.


There was once a story that a small country ignored such growth and evolution of goblins and ended up getting destroyed. This is not a fantasy but a real situation, and it is said that the humans of such country were treated as pets by the goblins that conquered them.


I don’t think that it’s too late in our current situation, but if we invaded them carelessly, then we would end up losing the defenses of our city. If that happens, then a similar fate would be reproduced once more in our town.


Someone needs to escape, tell everyone to improve the town’s defenses, and then have at least a group of several C and D class adventurers from the guild to form raiding parties.


If a D Class adventurer survives this situation at the expense of an F Class party, it should be a much better option it’s thinking about the town’s protection from the possibility of a goblin invasion that will probably arrive soon.


I pushed back the Knight to the best of my ability and do my best to step back.


Right then I kicked off the thief who was still stunned.


「Uwah!? Yo, Youmu-chan why did you!?」


Despite raising a pained voice, the thief……Shino (was it?) was able to return to sanity and managed to stand up as she felt relieved for a moment. Although this one had a timid character, she seems to possess the most potential growth in this party, and I know she will grow to become a great adventurer someday.


「I’ll try to earn you some time so run, leave, escape and let the town know about the current situation. The growth of goblins has been faster than we have expected. Inform them to strengthen the defenses and a subjugation unit must be immediately formed! 」


「Ueh? Bu…… but……!!」


 Sigh, I know that what I’m doing is something stupid. Me escaping would probably be the best both for myself and for the town.


 ――――Still, despite that.


I can’t convince myself to let a young girl die before such an old man like me, is what I would tell myself. 


I know that this way of dying is stupid, but, I also can’t live my life leaving someone else to die for me. 


I am indeed such a fool.


Well, after all, men are creatures that live that way.


「That’s no good!! I don’t want a L I T T L E G I R L to be left behind!! Youmu-chan, let’s escape together!?」




「As I have been telling you all!? I may look like this right now, but I am a reincarnated person! I have been living twice that time that you have. This is not the time to think of something like that! It will be fine! I won’t fall down that easily! That’s why if you have time to suggest that then instead go immediately and call for backup! 」


I try to voice out myself as much as possible. However, just as Shino have said, I have the body of a child despite being 16 years old already and my development haven’t been that great. After blocking another sword strike, Shino finally answered 「Y, yes」 and rushed to escape.


The archer immediately shoots Shino who was running away. She was slightly grazed but there was no problem to her.


「Now then……How long will I have to deal with you guys……」


At the edge of my sight, I could see the party leader being burned by a fireball that was launched by the Arc Mage. Even if the healer was up, it will be extremely unlikely that he will be saved after the amount of blood he has lost. The Arc Mage seems to be giving instruction, and it tried firing again. It would have been instant death if I was hit in the head, and the only thing good about it is that I wouldn’t have suffered.


 Sigh, wouldn’t I have done much better if I developed that certain S K I L L properly. If I survive this mess, then I will definitely develop that skill I received during my reincarnation. Well, it’s a little too late to regrets, but its human nature to still think that way.


Shaking off the unpleasant feelings of thinking about that situation, I rushed towards the archer who was preparing for another attack.


After all, if there was anyone that could hinder Shino’s escape who was wearing light clothing then it would be the archer.


I only have to stop this one with everything I’ve got.


 But then……


I heard the sound of a plop. I then found her lying on the ground. My field of view turned around as I heard the sound…… I then realized that poison was probably used on that arrow. It doesn’t seem to be lethal but her body became completely immobilized. 


If they are even using such tactics, then there are definitely goblin alchemists in the nest. Were they reserving it for emergency use? I am not poisoned, but my physical strength is also running out……this is bad, and there’s no telling what goblins would do if they capture females of other races……however, it doesn’t change the fact that it will become a terrible experience.




I couldn’t hide my feeling as a 16 year old little girl despite my soul not being one.


I didn’t have any regrets in trying to save shino.


However, didn’t expect that to happen but I still hoped that help would come.


But, such illusions don’t normally become a reality.


Probably understanding how I feel, the Goblin Knight leaned close towards me with its ugly distorted grin making a 「Gyagigigi!!」noise. Ah, damn it……is this how I will end up. And yes, I was about to give up.


「Chibi! Now!!!」


A pretty girlish voice was heard that something you wouldn’t find in a place like this.


Immediately after that, a storm of flying slashes rained and the Goblin Knight in front of me was immediately turned into minced meat.