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TL:  Yuki




The flying slashes sunk into the body of the armored goblin that was also carrying a sword turning into minced meat.


We also aimed at the goblin carrying a cane and were wearing a robe and a goblin with a skull shaped necklace but our attacks were blocked by a goblin with a shield and barely pass through. We did succeed in destroying the shield though. Then again, those ones…… they are also goblins but far different from the usual once we’ve encounter.


So far, we’ve only encountered ones that were using a rusty sword that they who knows where they have picked up, while these ones were well equipped with their own proper equipment.


Are they ones that have a job or special titles……? As I was thinking about that, a notification popped-up inside my head.


[Goblin Knight Defeated, gained 142 Experience Points]


[【Vampire Little Princess】LV  has increased from 6 to 9


Oh, I got a lot of experience point just from one enemy. This have been the biggest amount of experience that I have gained since fighting against the elder wolf.


Though right now, I don’t really feel happy about that.


There are human corpses scattered that seems to have been pierced by arrows.


 ――I was a little too late.


Such thoughts crossed my mind, 「Kuh……Uuh……」 but then I heard a voice leaking from a girl who was groaning on the ground. Oh, good……! It seems like there were still survivors.


Just in case, I’ll check their condition to know if Magic Tree’s Leaves would be able to help.




Name: Youmu Arcanacia


Race: Human


Condition: Paralytic Poison(Medium)


LV : 15/55


HP: 38/45


MP: 40/40


STR: 43


VIT: 37


AGI: 52


MAG: 68


LUK: 45


–Special Skills–


【Reincarnated LV –】【Magic Afinity LV 1】


–Magic Skills–


【Dream Magic LV 2】【Storage LV 2】【Appraisal LV 3】【Status LV 3】


–Normal Skills–


【Sword Mastery LV 5】【Taijutsu LV 3】【Escape LV 3】






I unemotionally leaked a cry. 【Reincarnated】 you say……!?No, well, I also knew that there were other reincarnates as I have heard from Leticia…… but I didn’t expect to encounter with one so soon. And though the status is higher compared to me, my impression to it was that it’s normal. After all, 【Demon Lord】 is definitely an even more special skill even compared to reincarnation, right?


There are also a lot of skills that I’m interested in, but for now I have to focus on the enemy in front of me. Fortunately enough, she still had a lot of HP to spare so I don’t need to give her treatment immediately and is far from any fatal injuries.


I’m more concerned about the paralytic poison though. Was there a goblin that was using poison? Just in case, let’s also appraise the goblins.






Race: Goblin Priest E-


Condition: Normal


LV: 3/20


HP: 25/25


MP: 20/35


STR: 8


VIT: 13


AGI: 25


MAG: 36


LUK: 10


–Magic Skills–


【Healing MagicL V 1】


–Normal Skills–


【Cane Mastery LV 1】【Escape LV 1】




【Goblin Priest】Rank: E-




A goblin that have grown to reach the rank of a priest


Is able to use low tier recovery magic, but other than that ability it’s no different from normal goblins








Race: Goblin Shield User E-


Condition: Normal


LV : 2/20


HP: 40/50


MP: 3/3


STR: 30


VIT: 38


AGI: 10


MAG: 1


LUK: 5


–Resistance Skills–


【Physical Resistance LV 1】


–Normal Skills–


【Shield Mastery LV 1】【Cover LV 2】




【Goblin Shield User】Rank: E-


A goblin that has reached the rank of a shield user


Protects their allies with their strength and durability

Slow and has little to none magic power








Race: Goblin Arc mage E


Condition: Normal


LV: 4/30


HP: 35/35


MP: 25/45


STR: 12


VIT: 16


AGI: 26


MAG: 45


LUK: 10


–Magic Skills–


【Fire MagicLV 2】


–Normal Skills–


【Cane Mastery LV 1】




【Goblin Arc Mage】Rank: E


An excellent goblin that have grown from the rank of mage


They have been known to possess at least 【Second Rank】magic and are considered as a threat even if it is of a lower rank




I did a quick view but I can’t find the one who was using poison, not to mention that the corpses have arrows stabbing them. Was there a bow user among them, or maybe it’s hiding somewhere?


 Then again…… to think that the shield user and skull necklace wearing one are both E-, and the one wearing a robe to be Rank E. Looking at their status, they didn’t have a high level, but they have a decent amount of stats.


If alone, they won’t be that much of threat, however because each one compliments the others, the attack power they could possess was at a much higher threat level compared to their rank. In a way, this is why goblin evolution is considerably different compared to normal monsters. They have a more human based lineup compared to normal monsters.


But, goblins are not the only ones who could rely on such strategy.


「Chibi, watch for the one with the robe in the back! That one is a magician! There should also be an archer nearby……can you look for it?」


「Un, it will beーfineーー」


After her confirmation, Chibi ran towards the battlefield like a black flash. After that, not only the Shield User but also the Ark Mage who was watching lost sight of her. As expected of someone with almost 100 Agility.


Now then, I can’t lose the showdown here either. I immediately dashed towards the Arc Mage, summon a Blood Armament and slashed.


Seeing the Arc Mage suddenly sliced in half, the shield user tried to retaliate by throwing it’s shield and attempted to slash me with all it’s might, but I easily countered. It may have been close in Rank to the elder wolf, but that one was much scarier to deal with compared to these ones that doesn’t really prepare well in combat. 


As the sword of the shield user approached, a weapon made out of blood was ejected in my open palm facing it and was easily penetrated.


The priest seeing it’s comrades get obliterated immediately tried to escape, but a slashing sound followed it and was sliced by Chibi’s Moon Wolf Claws. Looking at the direction where the attack came, I could see Chibi standing beside a tree with the body of a dead goblin hanging on it and her tail was wagging a lot which is her expression of wanting to be praised.


Though I was distracted by her Moon Wolf Claw, I noticed that she probably used 【Moon Wolf Fang】 because of the bloody corpse in her mouth which I wanted her to let go I can rinse her mouth immediately. Will you do it as soon as possible?


[Goblin Arc Mage Defeated, gained 102 Experience Points]


[Goblin Shield User Defeated, gained 80 Experience Points]


[Goblin Archer Defeated, gained 65 Experience Points]


[Goblin Priest Defeated, gained 62 Experience Points]


[【Vampire Little Princess】LV  has increased from 9 to 11


[The Normal Skill 【Evasion  Lv1】 was acquired]


[The Normal Skill 【Shooting Lv1】 was acquired]


The experience points that I received was immediately announce after the battle. There are also new skills added. Evasion was probably because of me dodging the shield user’s attacks and shooting was when I shot out a sword from my hand. Just as I have expected, the acquisition and improvement of skills is faster when I am using it in an actual battle.


When it comes to experience, the strongest one was definitely the Goblin Knight. My estimated rank for that would be around E+. It was definitely a big shock for the opponents to have their strongest be eliminated first from a surprise attack. It might have turned into a troublesome battle if their formation was complete. Half of my level increase was also because of that attack. That’s why if the chance my advice is that if I ever encounter a fight similar to that group again, I should never let my guard down.


That is for the future though, for now there’s this…… how should I confront this situation.


「Hafuuu~~ awawa, mashta~~ I haff hefurn~~I fouff ha fargefー」


It’s the usual expressionless(She is now in Dog Form) Chibi, with her prey (Goblin Archer) which she carried with her mouth. This is that right, the one where a dog carries prey they killed to their master? No wait, isn’t that the habit of a cat!? The goblin with white eyes whose blood was dripping was still being bitten by her.






「Before petting you, would you first open your mouth」





After spitting out the goblin, I immediately rinsed Chibi’s mouth with Magic Water. Though it’s kind of a waste using Magic Water which could replenish MP this way, hygiene is far more important than that.


I also replenished our HP and MP because even if we did level up, only the max limit was increased and our current HP stayed the same as before level up. Before this battle, I should have also recovered our level difference in order to be fully prepared for the battle, but we may have not arrived in time if we did so, that’s why it will become a reminder for the future.


By the way, if HP dropped considerably without noticeable damages, the body will feel tired and groggy. In such a case, the effect of the Magic Leaves would work more efficiently if it was consumed even without pasting it, but it’s not delicious. I wouldn’t say that the taste was bad, but it is on the higher levels of not appetizing. 


Ah, Chibi who was staring at me had a look as if it was the end of the world. I’ll give you an Alp Fruit later so please do your best and endure it for now.


Alright, with this let’s assume that the post processing is almost finished.


Next would be about this girl who also possesses the skill 【Reincanated】. Right now, she had probably fainted, but after feeding her some Magic Tree Leaves, her condition have already improved. Her breathing has stabilized so she will probably fully recover soon.


And so I have two options right in front of me being presented.


That is if I should get myself involved with her or not.