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Chapter 20 How the World works

TL:  Yuki



「And, with that ridiculous setting……How am I normally seen by people? As expected, it will be bad if I enter a place with people right? 」


For now I’ll leave it at that and let the person think about it. Even if I don’t think too much about it, I currently have 【This Appearance】 so I am able to interact with the people in front of me. It may be necessary for me to change how I interact someday……I mean, right now I speak in a arrogant manner.


 After thinking for a bit Youmu answers my inquiry.


「First of all, I will you explain how the 【Reincarnated】viewed by people, no ……or should I say 【This World】? Although it’s a roundabout answer, it’s more important to have a common understanding for both of us first. Since you were born in that forest, you don’t have any knowledge about that right?」


「That’s the case, that would really help」


「Chibi wants to know too!」


「Alright, but what I could answer is all about what I know so I don’t know how accurate it will be. It’s only knowledge that I have accumulated after all. Do keep in mind that there may be mistakes or misunderstandings in what I know」


Youmu then stood up and picked a small branch then draw something like a diagram on the ground. How should I say this, it looks kind of complicated?


「Then starting with this【World】, this is a different world than earth where japan is located. I’m just confirming this to you but I think you probably already know after experiencing things like magic and evolution」


「Next would be 1 day is approximately 24 hours, 1 month is 28 days and 1 year is 13 months. The total days of the year are approximately the same and the only difference is the number of months. One of the biggest differences probably is that this world is 3 times the size of the earth. In addition to that, only 1/3 of the whole world do people live in. There are a lot of places where powerful monsters and demons live so the exact details of environments and information about this world that haven’t been confirmed yet……is what I have concluded」


「Not yet confirmed? Is it possible that there’s even more difference? 」


「That is so, In regards to countries, there are various countries of different sizes, various major powers which is allied with their surroundings. Although there’s something like a United Nations, it’s only countries that cooperate with each other. Because of that, the value of information would drastically change depending on which country you are situated, especially if it’s knowledge that is not widely known to the general public. And even if you hear such stories, there might still be more information hidden by the country that it was from.」


 Well having information about your opponent would be valued so it’s only natural for its price to skyrocket depending on how in-depth it is.


That’s the reason why information is really valuable, not only from a monetary standpoint.


In addition to that, in this world where religion has more connections, there would always be conflicting ideologies and adding to that would be tribal conflicts. There are various races in this world like Elves, Dwarves and other Demi-Humans, along with the humans with their own countries and cultures and of course there are certain countries with a mix of all races.


And because of this variety, conflict would also follow.


Not to mention that no matter what discovery a country have, the information about it would barely come out of that country.


「I see……so what about this country, what is it like?」


「Well this is the second largest continent of this world and this country is at its center. 【Linbell】, is the name so remember it. It is a country lead by royalty and its national power is about middle class, and because of its position it became the center of trade and distribution. But that Fenrir ojou-chan might be seen as a beastman, at worst it would be considered as a slave. However……」


 She looks at me with a troubled expression.


After all, there are a lot of problems.


「To be honest, Ojou-chan’s status would be in a more questionable position, but not in a bad manner.」


「……What do you mean by that?」


「That is because you are a 【Reincarnated】, and most reincarnated people are valued in this world, but it’s not really that high of an evaluation either」


「Mu? I was thinking that it may be because they may possess skills that would come in handy, but……is it different from that? 」


Although they are compensated by growth corrections, one might also get special skills that would make them worth a lot, but just like in Youmu’s case they may also possess skills that are difficult to use. Adding to that is that if they possess knowledge from other worlds, their worth would increase a lot.


 However, Youmu laughs depreciatingly and continues.


「First of all, there are very few reincartors that have the knowledge or skills to move the world. Although there are certainly those who have power to be called heroes, there are very few people who would have a genuine attachment to a country especially if they remember most of their memories. Therefore, even if you rely on your skills and abilities, one won’t normally be granted prominent positions and important jobs.」


「As you have seen from status and appraisal, reincarnated people have been appearing in this world for a long time now. The pioneers have already developed most of the world while still leaving it the magical fantasy state. The earliest record was around 1000 years, and they definitely were not afraid to put their knowledge to great use at that time. Well if you have illusions of doing something like that, then I suggest that you should give up on it, and I’m not saying this in a bad way.」


It seems like in this world, Reincarnators are relatively strong, but when it comes to recognition, it’s a bit difficult.


In my case, I have inherited the title and skill of a Demon Lord as soon as I reincarnated, but without the support I probably wouldn’t have been able to fight well enough, is what I understood.


That doesn’t even count the fact the because of my incomplete reincarnation, I barely gain anything to improve my performance.


「Another factor to include is……that there are powerful line of skills called 【Title Skills】 in this world. And they are 【Skills you are born with】…… but skills gained from actually accomplishing something in this world and the way you live. Because of that, though powerful, a reincarnated person is still considered to be within the boundary of normal because it has already become almost a common occurrence. 」


「It depends on how you live」


 How you live……is it.


I possess the title of Demon Lord. Without thinking much about it, this title might have possessed an even heavier impact than I could ever think of.


「That’s why if were thinking about it normally, Ojou-chan’s position would be among the reincarnated people, though I cannot guarantee it complete because as far as I have known, I haven’t encountered one who was reincarnated as a demon」


「Well, it might just be because they are hidden, living in secret, or serves as a hidden weapon of some country or at worst died before actually growing enough to be known. In those cases, majority of them would not have been a major factor. However……I’ll have to appraise you for a bit, ok? 【Appraisal】」


I could feel a sense of incongruity as if cold sweat was crawling down my spine. I completely forgot that if another person use appraisal on you, it would give an uncomfortable feeling.


 Until now, I have been using it freely on opponents that I decide to fight, and if I continue using it blindly then I might end up in an unneeded fight. I’ll have to think about how to properly use it from now on.


「Hmmm, I don’t seem to find any problems with it, though is a Vampire Little Princess really that strong? The Rank didn’t reach C as I have expected, but it also doesn’t seem to be on the level of an average D Rank monster? 」


「Well, you see……I don’t really know exactly how strong I am」


「Hmm, is that so. Well if I compare it to monsters of this area, a monster from the silver wolf type would be around E Rank at best if it’s those that live in the shallow areas of the forest. 」


Now that I think about it, my level has increased a lot from the previous battle, so I’ll check my status along with Chibi’s later.


「I see……【Incomplete Reincarnation】is there, though it’s a degraded state. At the very least, it gives the ability to speak normally unlike normal monsters and demons. 」


「As I have said before, the town is currently in a dire state with the Goblin Lord problem. Adding a Vampire Little Princess to that mix being of antagonized would only increase its burden because it’s also considered as a relatively powerful monster. 」


「For the time being, I will need to inform the town’s guild master regarding the situation and include Ojou-chan to the party leading the subjugation of the Goblin Lord. If you do so, I could at least guarantee Ojou-chan’s position to some extent. ……Well, if it’s convenient then that person won’t probably deny it is what I could predict. 」


After all, gratitude is an important factor when talking about demands. And Youmu continues.


Losing trust is normal if there are no benefits. That is especially the case if the person in question is in a certain position of power. 


I don’t really know much to assess how guild positions work, but I do understand that you can’t be at the top of it without the trust of those under you.


I do have a slight hesitation when it comes to helping people who are too calculative, but this is not a world that you could easily survive by only giving some lip service.