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Chapter 21 Local Town: Folserras

TL:  Yuki



「Well, my suggestion is this. You see, there is a town close to this place……the name is 【Folserras】 and if you would like to, do you want to go with me? And if you want to enter the town, I don’t think there would be any troubles if you are with me, I think? 」


The effects of the paralytic poison seem to have finally subsided so Youmu stood up and confirm the feeling on her limbs.


「I guess so, even if I stay here like this it would be annoying……that said, it will probably be fine if I only show my face……wait, Ore?」


 Come to think of it, she have been living here for quite some time now, though I find it strange that she was acting in a way that didn’t suit her appearance……that means……


「Ah, sorry if I’m being rude. I am 【Youmu Arcanasia】 but, you could say that before I turned into this, I was good old man, is what you would say? If you ask why I am acting so defenseless like this now, is because I could feel that you are from the same gender as me? Well, if you don’t mind something like that you could just ignore it. 」


 Youmu told me as if she was making fun of herself.


Looking at her again, she has a delicate looking body, long and beautiful silver hair, and a face that would convince anyone if she says that she’s the daughter of a beautiful celebrity, however……what’s inside is an old man.


「This is a horrible scam!!!」


「Well, that’s just how reincarnated people are. Though most of the time, the spirit is also being remodeled to fit the body. You don’t really have to think about it, you know? Anyway, would it be alright if you come along with me to the town for the time being? Ojou-chan」


「Un, I guess, that would a good decision for now?」


Though it might seem like I am taking advantage of a person’s weakness, there are circumstances that couldn’t be helped. After all, it’s better to take advantage of opportunities if it’s available. Now that I think about, I forgot about Chibi. Would it become a difficult story for Chibi……


「Ummm, Chibi will follow what Master decides, or do you still want to ask if which one should Chibi choose? Are monsters alright entering the town, adventurer-san? 」


「It will be fine, there might not be a lot who have the skills but there are those who control demons and most of the times use them as messengers. And since it is not possible for a normal person to use appraisal on the Ojou-chan, she will only be seen as a normal human, at worst you could just tell people that you are her subordinate or familiar.」




 Eh? Chibi-san? Why are you accepting things like this much faster than me?


「Please treat me favorably, Chibi Jou-chan」


「Un! Pleased to meet you too, Youmu! 」


「Oh……does that mean you have a name?」


While sitting down patting Chibi’s head, Youmu turned to me to ask. Her tail is still waving around but it was weaken than usual, she’s probably tired from the battle. Though I don’t think that’s the actual case.


「Oh that’s right, if I want to enter the town then I would need a name……but I don’t remember my old name……that’s right, for the time being, what about calling me【Leticia】?」


The only name I remember is Leticia, and she will probably forgive me if I use her name for the time being.


「Leticia……huh. I don’t know if this is a coincidence……but Leticia is a very old known name.」


「Is that so? Is there something wrong with the name……?」


「No, it’s not really a rare name. It’s just that Leticia is the name of a famous Demon Lord who existed about 1000 years ago, and is infamous both in a good and bad way. Alright……let’s continue the conversation as we move. There is a highway close to this area and it would be much easier to walk from there」


 And so I followed Youmu’s lead. Gradually the trees cleared up and wide plains came into our view. There was a visible highway wide enough for two cars to move. However, though I called it a highway, it was only flattened dirt without paving or cobblestones. 


Although various kinds of knowledge had been brought it by the reincarnators, doing public works would still cost a lot. If not in a city, the image of the countryside would definitely resemble more of the cliché fantasy world troupe.


In any case, about Leticia……she probably was famous both in a good and a bad way.


Come to think of it, I didn’t really know anything about her.


「Hey, what kind of person was the Demon Lord Leticia? 」


「What is she like……well, I’ve only read and heard of her legends in the first place……it’s just that. She was known to have ruled the most territory even among other demon lords and she was also known to have killed the most. Well during her time, it was the age where countries were still small and a lot of wars have been happening compared to the current situation……」


「With her immense power as a Demon Lord……she created a massive empire. It was at that time where small countries felt a sense of crisis and started making several alliances which fought back against her. After several wars, news of her being sealed was spread out, and then she disappeared throughout history after that……」


「It was at that time where several alliances have been founded, which became the foundation of the current powers. Neighboring countries which were part of different alliances were not able to freely go into war anymore, though several clashes were unavoidable, the current situation was far better than before」


「That’s why among various historians, Leticia was considered a rare great conqueror and was viewed as a brutally powerful demon lord, and though she was the target of all hatred during her time, she was still appreciated by many which vastly contributed to the development of the current civilization. In the end, they still can’t really discern if she was doing it for good or for bad」


「That sounds like a really amazing legendーー」


For some reason, Chibi was staring at me with lively sparkling eyes.


「No, that was Leticia, I am only borrowing her name」


Youmu was watching our reaction with a smile.


「Well, in a way, for a demon who inherits the same line as her, I think it’s a good name. Though it may be an old style name, it’s not really that weird. There are also places and people who derived their name from Leticia all over the world. Though I don’t know if it’s true or not. There was also a legend being passed around here the depts. Of the forest in this place is where Leticia has been sealed. There’s even a legend that trees that bathed and was influenced by her magic power could be found in the forest. 」




I suddenly coughed.


「Hey, what happened!? 一Is there something wrong?」


「Fue, ah no it was nothing……. Speaking of which, even if I look at the leaves, appraisal didn’t really mention about it. Well, it’s like giving a name of a warlord to a child… it is okay if I think of it like that right? That’s why I’ll be called Leticia」


「Well, roughly speaking, it would certainly be something like that.」


「Oh, and also……【Appraisal】 shows certain level of skills, but is the a maximum limit?」


Demon Lord cannot be hidden only to those who have Lvl 10 appraisal skill. Given that Youme, a Reicarnator doesn’t have a high level skill, I find it unlikely that such numbers are not that easy to reach……that’s why I asked her just to confirm.


「Yes, there certainly is, basically level 10 , and the necessary experience to reach it is a considerable amount especially for something like appraisal that don’t have and advanced version. Just reaching level 7 skills would give you the privilege to be hired by at a considerable price especially by major institutions of the country. On the other hand, skills like sword mastery and magic changes to an advanced skill once it reaches level 10 after meeting certain conditions. Though they are easier to level up compared to other skills, they have various derivations from advanced skills, though some exceptions are also included. 」


「I see……」


If that’s the case, then finding anyone in town with level 10 appraisal skill would be exceptionally rare. That means the chance of people finding out about it is also extremely low. If that is the case, then I would only need to explain about myself being reincarnated as a monster, right?


「What’s wrong? Something on your mind」


「Ah, no……It’s just that I still have a long way to go!」


「Ahaha, that sounds promising. Anyway, look, you can see it now」


Without realizing it, it seems like we have walked a considerable amount of distance. I could see a wall lining on the plains and seemingly tall buildings poking out beyond the wall. It really looks like a typical European medieval fantasy town. 




CHibi who saw the town for the first time ran around excited while her tail swings around.


「Now now, you can’t go there on your own, okay~」




When I called out to her, she immediately returned to my side, she’s a good girl after all. Well, I guess it won’t be that bad if she enjoys herself?


「That’s amazingーーー. That’s a really tall wallーーthat is certainly some impressive defenseーーー, and also… a Gorillaーーー」


「Yeah, that’s rightー. That was made to make sure invaders are prevented from entering the city……wait, Gorilla? 」


No, Chibi-san that is not a gorilla? We are not in the forest, you know? More like, aren’t we heading towards a town? When I turned to Youmu, she was acting strangely as if embarrassed about something. That’s right…… though I don’t know what Chibi is thinking about……? The moment when we came closer, we heard a thick loud voice calling us.


「Let me goooo!!!! Youmu was still left behind!!! Who’s going to help her, I will also go, let me through!!!!!!!!!!!!!」


At the gate area, there were around 10 soldier looking people who seem to be trying to hold down a burly man trying to go out and all 10 of them are struggling to hold him down. Even with that, he was still slowly dragging everyone, that’s some amazing power……or more like, did he just say something about Youmu just now?


「Ma, Masterー……」


Youmu in confusion calls out those words.


「That’s why we’re telling you, we won’t let you go alone!!!」


「Shut up!!! Do you people even know who I am!!!!」


「Aren’t you just a lonely bar master!!!!」


「Shut it!! That may be the case right now, but if you look down at me because of that, I’ll crush you right here right now!!!!」


While such arguments are echoing, Youmu who understands the situation couldn’t help but be ashamed of the situation and covers her face in embarrassment.