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Chapter 23 Disaster Designated Species

TL:   Yuki






 The interior of Twilight Moon Bar was lined with tables and chairs side by side on a wooden floor.


At the back area was a counter with a door to the kitchen and next to it were lined up alcoholic drink bottles. Because Adlas was absent right now, there was no one around, but I could imagine it being filled with people at dinner time.


「Now then, there should be a lot of things to talk about, but for now I’ll prepare a meal. If you have any request, I’’ do my best to make up something with it as reference, it’s also part of business after all. Though I don’t want you to expect too much from my repertoire, okay? 」


「Food……! Well, I not really too keen on what the dish will be, I’ll leave up to you」


「Chibi want meatーーー」


「Gahaha, Chibi Jou-chan’s preference sure is easy to understand. Alright, I’ll think of something 」


 Returning to the Kitchen, Adlas cuts a block of meat and placed it on an iron plate, he then sprinkled it with strong savory condiments and spices on it and fried it vigorously.


 The way people eat meat may be the same in a way even if it’s in a different world, let alone the region……


 That smells good, though the Alp Fruit also smelled great, the scent of a cooked dish is on a different level. Now that I think about it, what is the current status of the food culture of this world?


「Ah, you might be thinking about food right now. Well there are various recipes that have been brought up by many reincarnated people and have been combined with local delicacies creating original dishes, and when it comes to staple food then it’s mostly bread than rice 」


「Well, this will be you first meal in this world right? Be sure to savor it as you eat, ok? In any case, it might not be that inspiring because of the food is cooked by a gorilla like person instead of prepared by a cute girl 」


Youmu makes fun of the man cooking while watching me who stood up drooling.




「Seriously, why are you so loose mouthed, you……anyway here ojou-chan, now be careful not to burn your tongue, ok?」


 Adlas lined up plates of thick steaks in front of us just after Youmu warned us. Although it has a bit of a beasty smell, butt a nice aroma of spices spreading to cover the scent.


After a taste, I immediately ate the meat vigorously. Not caring about what animal the meat was from, it’s the first time for me to actually consume some protein and thinking about something like that is not necessary at the moment. Chibi was also in the same way focusing her attention on the meat in front of her.


It should also be noted that chibi was directly biting the meal on the plate with her mouth, which I inevitably stopped and taught her how to properly hold and use her utensils.


「Puah~……that was delicious」


「That was really delicious, Master.」


 I tapped my bloated stomach after filling it to the limit. When speaking about the food, this is certainly satisfactory.


「Gahahaha, are you alright with only that much food. Are you trying to go on a diet, or are trying to slow down to show off to some kids that you have self-restraint? 」


Adlas says as he looked at Youmu who was eating meat with bread in a pan next to him admonishing her about the timid meal she was having.


「Shut up, unlike the kids, I don’t want to grow vertically instead of horizontally 」


「Haaa, who’s the slender woman you are talking about, weren’t you not really concerned about such things until now? Having a little more meat on your skin wouldn’t be bad for you, you know? 」


「I don’t really know what you are thinking about, but are you trying to make an enemy out of every women? Old Man 」


 It’s easy to see that even though they disagree with each other, they are certainly close enough to banter normally. However, their bantering didn’t last long with Adlas saying 「Now then」 as he faced me in a calm demeanor.


「First of all Ojou-chan……I’m going to ask you a few things for confirmation. Regardless of what race you are, can you declare truthfully that you will be on our side regarding this matter, right? 」


As Adlas asked, he looked straight into my eyes. It was as if he wants to observe my every move to confirm my answer. If I dare say something that I’m not serious about then he will definitely see through it. That’s why I also have to respond honestly.


「Yes, that’s what I plan to. Though to be honest, I don’t really know how useful I would be in this endeavor. But I’ll do whatever I can do. However, if I find the situation impossible for us to continue, I and Chibi won’t definitely involve ourselves on a reckless fight. 」


I stroked Chibi’s head as I say that, and then looked straight back at Adlas’ eyes. Chibi who doesn’t really understand the situation on responded with a happy 「Wafu~」.


「Oh, that’s a good response. We do need Jou-chan’s help to protect the city. Though in a way, betting to protect it with your life would also be too good to be true, right? Well, when it comes to strength comparison, then jou-chan would already be on the same level as an average Goblin Lord 」


Adlas was laughing in his response as usual. Now that I think about it, my level also improved a lot from the previous battle. It should be just the right time to check my status. I’ll also check Chibi’s status while I’m at it.




Name: -= This Data Have Been Lost -=


Race: Vampire Little Princess D


Condition: Normal


LV: 11/25


HP: 102/102


MP: 130/136


STR: 109


VIT: 91


AGI: 94


MAG: 142


LUK: 75


Accumulated Experience: 554


-=Title Skills-=


【Demon Lord Lv-=】


-=Special Skills-=


【Incomplete Reincarnation Lv-=】【Blessings of the Vampire Princess Lv2】


【Automatic MP Recovery Lv1】


-=Resistance Skills-=


【Sunlight Resistance Lv-=】【Physical Resistance Lv2】


-=Magic Skills-=


【Status Lv3】【Appraisal Lv3】【Storage LV3】【Blood Armament Lv2】


【Kinship Lv2】【Dark MagicLv1】【Float Lv1】


-=Normal Skills-=


【Sword Mastery Lv4】【Escape Lv2】【Throwing Lv5】【Evasion LV1】【Shoot LV1】


-=Borrowed Skills-=


【Moon Wolf Claw LV2】






Name: Chibi


Race: Fenrir -Juvenile- D


Condition: Kinship


LV: 11/20


HP: 91/91


MP: 64/64


STR: 81


VIT: 72


AGI: 142


MAG: 77


LUK: 43


Accumulated Experience: 576


-=Title Skills-=


【Kin of Demon Lord Lv-=】


ーーSpecial Skillsーー


【Humanization Lv2】


-=Resistance Skills-=


【Darkness Resistance Lv2】【Physical Resistance Lv1】


-=Magic Skills-=


【Moon MagicLv1】【Dark MagicLv1】


-=Normal Skills-=


【Moon Wolf Fang Lv2】【Moon Wolf Claw Lv2】【Evasion Lv2】




 Ooooh……As expected of a Rank D. Even when I compare it to an E Rank of the same level, there’s a big difference to everything. Most of my Status is on the upper half of two digits while my Magic and Chibi’s Agility are almost 150. A Goblin’s status barely reached 2 digits and even a Goblin Ark Mage doesn’t go over 50. It sure makes me feel nostalgic about the time were I even consider them as opponents that I should not fight at one point.


「However, that is only if we consider the opponent to be a 【Normal】 Goblin Lord, right?」


 Youmu also answered back with a slightly harsh look.


 Adlas answered with a 「yeah」, then gritted his teeth.


「How are Goblin Lords in a normal condition?」


Adlas strokes his beard thinking about my inquiriy and then answered.


「How do I say this, well a Goblin Lord’s danger can be estimated from different perspectives. If it’s in terms of actual fighting ability, it should be around high E Rank and above depending on the level. Even at F Rank, there would be monsters that are labeled as 【Designated Individual】like that doggy over there, right? 」


 【Designated Individual】……you say. It’s a word that I don’t really understand the meaning, but I’ll leave it at that for now. I’ll ask Youmu about that at a later time.


「The point is, what people fear about the Goblin Lord is not it’s rank. When a Goblin Lord is born, swarms of goblins group together and accelerating their population grown which in turn also increase the threat level. You did encounter them before, right? How those goblins evolved to suit various roles. Something like that should not normally happen, because it would need a talented goblin to evolve into those ranks」


It’s certainly true that I noticed the population of monsters in the forest dropping in exchange to the rise of goblin encounters. Even if that was the case, it would need specialized environments for them to evolve.


「And such matters would be a different story if a Goblin Lord was included in the scenario. I don’t really know the details about it, but a Goblin Lord would have the power to strengthen and nurture its group. That’s where classes rise like mages, warriors, shield users and priest specialized and the number of individuals would depend on the power of the Lord」


「If we live them alone for a while, they will continue to grow and evolve to the point where they could even fight against adventurers on their own. If it reaches that point, then it would considerably hard to stop. That’s why it is always advised to immediately annihilate them in the case of detecting several high ranking individuals……after all, there was one country who left it alone and ended up getting destroyed because they couldn’t stop them anymore」


「And there’s also the 【Disaster Designated Species】, to which the very existence of that species alone is enough to bring fear to everyone, knowing that it could bring 【Disaster】 that also became the worst honor that an existence could be identified as. Just like in your case, Ojou-chan」


Adlas sighed as he pointed out those words at me. As expected, the 【Disaster Designated Species】 was far more serious of a title than what I have expected.


「Ah, after all……will I also be targeted for subjugation?」


I couldn’t help but feel cold sweat flow down my spine. I did prepare myself, and though the Goblin Lord was bad, it seems like I am a much more dangerous existence compared to that. In other words, my very existence was a far more broken character than I have expected……no I shouldn’t that right now.


「Well, for better or worse, Ojou-chan is a 【Disaster Designate Species】. At present, there’s no way that the guild would want to fight against two of almost the same level of power on their own. That would be true especially if it was spread out in this town. However, since the goblin side doesn’t even bother to communicate let alone try, while the vampire jou-chan wants to cooperate, even a child would understand what to decide in this situation and who they would want to get along with」


「I’ll be the bridge to create a connection for that to happen. And with that……」


Adlas came closer to me and whispered.


「Even if I use force to make you comply, you’ll only need to knock me out and escape, right? Ojou-chan」


Ah, he did realize it.