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Chapter 24 To The Guild

TL:   Yuki



「Come to think of it, what kind of organization is the Guild? I’ve heard a lot about it from you guys, and I know it’s a big organization because of its own power, but don’t really know anything about it……」


 I can’t really see the specifics as to what it actually is.



「Let’s see, it’s commonly called as Adventurer’s or just simply the Guild. And just as its name implies, it’s basically an organization that manages and handles adventurers. 」


「They are scattered all throughout several countries and mainly receives request from miscellaneous tasks, monster subjugations, bounty hunting, collecting supplies, etc. , mediating it to adventurers. 」


「Because the guild also guarantees the adventurer’s status according to their ability and achievements, it makes it easier for adventurers to move from country to country, and if problematic actions were done, then they are also the ones responsible for cleaning it up 」


I could imagine what it’s like to some extent, but I couldn’t really grasp how massive of an organization it is. It’s a place that I would really like to get along with, but it won’t be strange to have any higher up within it posseting an appraisal Lv10 so it’s really hard for me to decide on what to do.


「By the way, keep in mind that adventurers are fundamentally forbidden to intervene in wars」


「Are? Is that how it is? I thought you were requesting me to accept a request similar to that……」


「You are not, it certainly is within that area of request, however that rule doesn’t apply to you at the moment since you are not an adventurer……there may be troubles for now in regards to entering and exiting towns, but it would be fine if you are recognized to be participating with the guild. There is also the mercenary guild that handles those cases. Well, that doesn’t really matter right now……」


「Also, Jou-chan」


Adlas turned towards me.


「Wha, what is it?」


「We will be meeting the Guild Master with Jou-chan……well, in simple terms, you’ll be meeting with the manager of the Adventurer’s Guild Folserras branch」




「A Great Personーー?」


 As expected……given the situation, it was natural for things to end up this way after all. Given my current situation, I think this is also a good opportunity. There’s no way that I would miss such an opportunity. However, it also doesn’t change the fact that I’m nervous about it.


Chibi probably doesn’t really understand the gravity of the situation, even though she’s also listening about it. Her enthusiasm and ignorance is in a way reliable, I’m quite envious but I don’t really mind it. 


Perhaps realizing my strange tension, Youmu throws me a rescue boat.


「What’s wrong, of course we will be going together. You don’t really have to worry about it that much. I could guarantee that she’s a good person even though she’s in a higher position. Well, she’s a little strange in a way though」


「I agree on that」


Adlas then laughed loudly after agreeing.


「You see, master. Chibi will also be with you! It will be okay, you knowー? 」


「Uuh, thank you Chibi……」


Because Chibi is encouraging me, I also can’t let myself suffer from cold feet here. I should be thinking more about how I could profit from this encounter instead trying to be wary about everything.


It’s doesn’t really matter if we could go or not, but if we don’t do it properly, it will affect my and Chibi’s future actions. The Guild definitely have some power behind them and if we could ally ourselves with it, then we might get a large backing. Fortunately, my status seems high enough to give at least enough persuasive power. I’ll definitely show how manly I am……! Well, I am currently a woman though. 


In any case, I think it would be better to go now before I change my mind.


「Alright, if that’s the case, can I ask you to guide us? Uncle」


「Ou, leave it to me」


And so, our group left Twilight Moon Bar and head to the Guild. It seems to be located just behind the main square past the main street that stretches out from the gate. There are also a lot of taverns and places to hangout for adventurers, something that could be said to be a staple of fantasy worlds, and the variation of food shops to fill someone’s stomach is something that I look forward to.



 When we finally reached the place, I couldn’t help but hang my mouth open in surprise. Chibi besides me let’s out 「Amaーーーzing! SO Hiーーーgh!!」 as she stared at the structure. Far from the adventurer’s guild that I imagined filled with outlaws, the structure in front of me was more of a magical 10 story building in this fantasy world. It’s still not as modernized as modern buildings, but it does give a presence similar to one which is different from the normal structures of this world.


Now that I think about it, when we were walking down the main street, I was too focused on watching the surrounding buildings and completely missed it……Well, even though there were a lot of reincarnated people here with some knowledge, this kind of structure have not really spread out, and there are only few notable big structures with similar designs. 


「Gahahaha, what’d ya think? There are a number of Guild Branches but they are all this ridiculous……there aren’t a lot of flashy buildings compared to this after all. That’s why people who came to cities for the first time would always be surprised by this」


「Un!It’s amazingーーー!! It’s even bigger than the biggest tree in the forestーーー!」


Adlas proudly boasts about the building. Well, he is a resident of this town after all, that’s why he is also proud about the building which has become a part of this town. Chibi who was also excited about it is wagging her tail a lot.


「Well, there are many Guild Masters who like flashy things after all. However, what’s inside is the same which is a bar at the first floor, the reception desks are on the second floor, and the materials exchange on the third floor. The fourth and up are also receptions where the general public can’t go. It ended up this way mostly because they couldn’t prepare a big plot of land. 」


Youmu supplements with more information.


「Then first let’s go to the third where there’s a device that we could use. 」


「Don’t worry, they won’t be selling anything suspicious to you in a place like this. 」


Youmu continued moving without being bothered, it seems like she was already used to this. I could already see the sky turning orange so it would be evening soon, so we should finish all of this early.


「Alright Chibe! Be sure to stay quiet while were inside, ok?」


「Yesー! Chibi will stay quiet!」


Yoshi, Yoshi, that a good girl. If we have some extra time later, I’ll buy you some snack like a jerky or something. ……Though I don’t have any money right now。The Alp Fruit seems to be a high priced rare ingredient so I might be able to sell it later? I wonder……I’ll think about that later. I continued to follow behind Youmu and Adlas as they set foot inside the guild.



 The moment I entered, I was overwhelmed by the noise and vitality of the people around. It was a place filled with a lot of men, a crowded bar twice the size of Twilight Moon Bar. It was just a few hours past lunch time, but it seems like the vigor in here doesn’t seem to drop.


 About one-third of adventurer-like men and women in Guild have friendly chat with Youmu and Adlas while the rest who were observing us were having strange and startled expressions. Were they probably thinking why is there a child like me in such a place? Looking closely though, that didn’t seem to be the case. Most of the stares were aimed at Chibi because of her more emphasized body structure. Kuh, it’s not like I’m disappointed or anything, you know!


「Hora, hora, this is not a show. Everyone return to what you’re all doing now」


Adlas who noticed what was happening immediately blocks eye contact of the adventurers and have them scatter their gaze. Chibi is completely ignorant about it, but as her master I should teach her not to ignore this kind of attention. Though I also have to emulate it if needed……


 Along the way, Adlas told us that he would speak with the Guild Master first and moved ahead of us to the second floor. I will definitely protect Chibi’s innocent chest from public eyes…… 


And then while I was thinking about that.


「YoooーーーMuuuu Chaaーーーーーnn!!」


A Dark Haired girl called out to her with a loud voice. She was wearing a black miniskirt, a pair of gloves and boots, and her inner clothes resembled a swimsuit. She looks like a slut… She had neat and lovely face, but too much skin exposure is ruining her image, she looks like a flirty woman shouting out from the calling out Youmu’s name.


「Shi, Shino!?」


「Eh, Youmu are you acquainted with that person?」


With that slutty looking woman.


「Well, we are acqua……guha!!!?」


As she was about to answer, Youmu received a full tackle from Shino. The Slu- I mean Shino hugged Youmu who almost fell down then she started crying「I’m soooo glad~~~~~~Mou, Youmu-chan, I thought it was already too late, ugh~~~Uwa~~~~h」.


Apparently, this Slu- woman…… was one of the members that survived which Youmu asked to head back to the guild first to ask for help.


「Ah, mou, let go already!! This is embarrassing!! Oi, Leticia, can you help me get her off me a little」


Youme struggle to push Shino away, but Shino didn’t want to let go at all. Well, in that situation, she would of course worry a lot about Youmu. I think it would be more humanly acceptable to leave this situation as is.


「……Oi, you are thinking that it would be fine to leave it like this right?」


Oops, she understood my thoughts.


「Ah, um, Youmu seems to be trouble getting stuck together, is it fine to leave them be?」


Sigh, I guess it couldn’t be helped, and if I leave it be then it will just hinder us later. With that thought, I tapped Shino’s shoulders and told her to separate.


「Fuee? Ah! Sorry Youmu-chan! Mou, if possible I would have wanted to stay……longer. Eh? By the way, who are you? 」


Shino finally noticed the situation and released Youmu. Still, to ask who I am soon after? You……I wonder how I should answer her. It may be unavoidable at the moment but I can’t really think of a better way to explain my current position in one word to her. 


「Ah, she is Leticia. She helped me when things have gotten a little worse after you escaped. She may look like that, but she’s many times much stronger than me, you know? 」


「Eh, is that so!?」


Surprised by Youmu’s answer Shino stares at me with suspicion in her eyes.