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Chapter 25 Guild Master

TL:   Yuki





「Leticia-chan is very strong huh, on the other hand I’m just someone who barely reach F Rank…… Ugh, I shouldn’t lose confidence……」




 Haaaah…… Shino sighs and shrugs her shoulders.




「If I only have a more improved detecting skills, I could have found the goblins first……and everyone, they could have……. Sigh, I could have saved everyone……」




She’s probably thinking that she responsible for what happened. After all, she didn’t expect to lose almost all of her party members on a patrol mission that shouldn’t have been that difficult to do.




Even I’m shuddering just at the thought of losing Chibi without being able to do anything.




They do say that a person could be said to be human when they are able to connect with others. My past memories were not that clear, and although I have only lived with Chibi for a short time, that short amount of time is also the same that I have lived in this world. Will I really be able to stay sane if I ever lose her? I’ve thought of such filled with unease.




And even of I don’t know just how painful it is for Shino.




Yet I could somehow imagine it.




That’s why it should be fine for her to take a break and relax for a bit.




I definitely couldn’t leave her just like that, looking at her who was on the verge of collapse.






「Sorry, it might not be appropriate for me to say this…… But I think humans have the responsibility to live for those who have died to help you survive……is what I would assume, and maybe not just think about what you could have done in that situation……while also learning about your mistakes and continue to move forward knowing what you should improve. 」




「I was always thinking that I might have the power to do something at that time, and something might have changed……I have always been thinking like that. That’s right……as the one who survived, I must keep on moving and this time not to miss the things that I lacked. I must do it for those that I have lost. 」




That’s right, that’s at least how I would want it to be.




And so, with that in mind, I could now at least prepare on what I should do in the unforeseen future.






「Uuhh……Leticia-chan is so kind!!」




I was suddenly hugged by Shino. It’s not as bountiful as Chibi’s but there is still the peculiar softness of woman which felt wonderful. Though being suddenly hugged like this without caution makes me feel as if I was cheating or something.




「Wait, hey, let go……let go I say!!!」




「Waーーthat’s unfair! Chibi wants to join too!!」




From behind, even Chibi joined the hugging session. Hey, wait, Chibi-sam!? Don’t pour oil in this already chaotically blazing flame!? Heey!? I’m going to be squashed! I’m really going to be squashed……! Ahhhhhhh!!!




Moments later, I was rescued by Adlas who finally returned after having a talk with the guild master. By the way, Youmu didn’t help at all thinking that it was none of her business.











「Ehhhh!? Leticia-chan is also a【Reincarnated Person】!? Not to mention a Vampire Little Princess……also, Chibi-chan is a Fenrir……I mean……isn’t that really amazing 」




 Shino makes a crazed reaction in the elevator heading towards the guild master’s room on the 10th floor. She seems to have been called by the guild master too as a survivor of the event. At this time, in order to avoid unnecessary confusions, I decided to briefly explain our circumstances.




 Also, though not sure of the situation, she understand that she was being praised, so she puffs up her chest with pride while saying 「Ehhem~」. It’s more erotic than cute though when Chibi does it. My chest on the other hand… ugh.




By the way, this elevator was made possible by applying the work of several 【Magic Tools】. Magic Tools is a device that can create certain effects just by applying magic power to magical circuits that were applied to the tool, but because I’m not really that familiar with magic nor do I have any memory regarding magic I can’t really explain how it works.






At this time, I have the skill 【Dark Magic】 but don’t really know how to use it, and if possible I would like some knowledge for me to use it……maybe I could would be able to ask for someone to teach me while we’re at it.




「un……well, that’s just how things ended up, I guess? Though in my case, I am an【 Incomplete Reincarnated Person】 so there’s almost no benefits from the reincarnation……so I don’t think it’s that surprising at all, you know? There are a certain number of reincarnated people, and that also includes Youmu. 」




「Hmmmーー, I think if I can go to the 【Royal Capital】 like Youmu-chan, then I might have a chance to meet one too……though I wonder if there is anyone in this city that have full memory intact? Though if there is someone like that, then they might be doing things in a really fast pace that they would easily be noticed. 」




「Is that so……Well I guess Youmu-chan was certainly amazing」




「Hey, are you selling a fight or something……just so you know, not all Reincarnated People do things in a really fast pace,  it would be different in the case that they belong to a high ranking party, but those that want to live normally would often hide those things. There are definitely a number of them hiding while living an average life. 」




Youmu who finally joined our chat adds on the topic.




She did say that this is a bit of a delicate topic for those who have only partially recovered their memories. I have to be careful about this in the future.




Adlas couldn’t help but laugh as he listens to our exchange.




「Anyway, Old man. What kind of person is the Guild Master here? For some reason, I forgot to ask what kind of person it was after all……will it be a scary person just as I imagine it to be?」




Thinking about the image of the bar where adventurers crowd, I could only imagine a rough person being able to handle those people everyday……it’s kind of like a natural perception that I could think of at this situation. Most of them probably aim to become free or famous one day, so there are a lot of them with scary looks and battle scars on display.




For a person to rule over such a rough bunch, it won’t be strange for the one at the top to at least have a considerable ability putting them all together in one place. However in response to my question, Old Man Adlas tilted his head to the side as if he was troubled on how to answer my question.






「Well, in a way……it’s kind of difficult to explain. Well, it’s certainly a good and reliable person……but my instincts also wants to refuse calling that person good or responsible. Well in the old days, I did hear that the person was a well-known adventurer, but I haven’t really seen the person fight, and this is also my first time directly meeting the person in question. 」




「Uh, ummm……I will be looking forward to it, but I also don’t know if I should 」






A mechanical ping sound was then heard. It seems like we have finally arrived at the 10th floor. I’m a little uneasy, but……that’s only normal in this case. Let’s make it a strong first impression while following the flow. It will be okay, I’m a Vampire Little Princess, I need to show the dignity of a disaster designated species!















 …………Uwah, I want to roll myself on the floor and hide.




The 10th floor was the Guild Master’s Quarters, and when we got off the elevator we then passed through a small corridor that leads to a door. As soon as a door was knocked, we heard a young woman’s voice saying 「You may enter」. And finally when we opened the door, we were definitely greeted by a strange sight.




There were a lot of gorgeous furnishings, a splendid carpet and at the inside……a petite red haired woman who was sitting comfortably on what seems to be her office desk which seems to be very expensive. ……And the good part was only until there. Is that person in the appearance of a little girl, the guild master? No, her appearance was not really that big of an issue this time.




The problem was……






「「「「「「Welcome back, young lady」」」」」」




 By sets of three handsome men lined up on the left, right across the door, greeting us while wearing what seem to be butler’s clothes. ……What is this, a butler cafe? Moreover, the it was not just the orthodox handsome guy a lot of variations were included like a shota, a bitter old man, even a bishi, a kemomimi and a stylish dandy. Is she trying to start an otome game of some sort!?




The red haired girl then called Adlas as she watches me who was frozen from shock.




By the way, Shino reacted with glittering eyes but Youmu was holding her head as if in pain like Adlas. Chibi was facinated by the rare things that she first saw in the room. Well, I guess she is still too young to appreciate the beauty of good looking guys.






「Well, well, the reaction was much weaker than I expected」




「That’s why I informed you not to do it a while ago……seriously」




「Should I change it into maids instead……? Which do you think would be good, the innocent type or the naughty type?」




「That’s not what we came here to see!!!」 






Adlas couldn’t but react into a tsukomi while holding his head in pain. Ah, well, I was a little interested in the naughty maid, but……no, I can’t let my desires come out here and I don’t want Chibi to be exposed to something like that.




「Sigh, fine I’ll set it aside for now. I was only thinking that it would make everyone feel pleased, but well I’ll leave that for later, alright everyone ~dismissed! 」




With a clap, the handsome men immediately dispersed. Shino look deeply disappointed about that though. It seems like a switch was flipped within her with her eyes sparkling as she watch a while ago after all……she seems like a late bloomer after all. I don’t know if I should see that in a good way or a bad way though.




「Now then……」




After the handsome men left the room, the red haired girl focused her attention on me and left her chair to come closer.






「Welcome to my Guild Branch. I am 【El Luca Vermilion】 the guild master of this branch. 」