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Chapter 26 El Luca Vermilion

TL:    Yuki


「You may call me the cutie Luca-chan, okay?」


I could see the illusion of stars flying out around her. It was also followed by a wink which was so out of place that it made me feel strange. Is doing something like that also popular in this world?


「You’re overdoing it, unreasonable granny」


Adlas says that to the person in question while having a pale face. Granny……? Even though she only look like a 14 or 15 year old…….


Is she older than how she looks or is she a similar reincarnated as youmu. In any case, I can’t let myself get distracted here. I need to make the other party recognize my existence and take the initiative in this negotiation.


For that reason, if possible before our negotiation, I want to use 【Appraisal】 on the guild master……El Luca but in a hidden way……However appraisal would normally give the person a sense of discomfort. It would be really difficult to sneak a glance without getting caught.


「Oh? Are you worried about my reaction? It’s okay for you to see it」



Because my thoughts were suddenly exposed, it couldn’t be help for me to react strangely.


「After all, Leticia-chan. You will help with the subjugation of the Goblin Lord, right? Then I don’t think it would be that bad for you to know more about me, okay? 」


「We, well……is it really alright to agree so easily like that? There’s also a possibility that I’m just fooling everyone, right? 」


To be honest, I was expecting them to be more stubborn about this and ask a lot of questions to confirm my aims……however, the results went smoothly instead which left me confused.


「Oh, scary. Could it be Leticia-chan is actually going to take this chance to kidnap me and offer me to the Goblin Lord!?」


「Da, da, da, as if I’d do something like that!?」


「Master! Was that the plan after all!!?」


I immediately glared at El Luca who was grinning. Chibi who was surprised by the sudden set-up of the guild master had her ears and tail stood up. You are still too pure to understand this Chibi-san. On the other hand, El Luca who started this awkward situation was just grinning at the chaos she has brewed. 


「Then it should be fine, right? You can’t expect me to read your thoughts and feelings and ask me to prove it. Just letting me meet you, a demon should be more than enough proof don’t you think? What’s left would be to talk about your plans of actions, right? 」


It is true that we can’t prove what we currently want.


That’s why we have no choice but to prove through our actions to gain trust.


Regardless of race or position, a society could only be built when its inhabitants have a certain level of it.


「…………Got it. You’re right, El Luca-san. Right now, I could only prove it through my actions」

「Nn, that’s good. On the other hand, you may call me Luca-chan instead. 」


El Luca ended our conversation with a grin. Youmu who was face palms and Alas could only show a bitter smile. Chibi is still in a shocked state though, but I talk about that later. Leaving aside Chibi’s reactions……why did these two ended up in this reaction? Even though the talks have been settle with an agreement……


 ……No, wait a second.


「Well, with that decided, let’s have you we’ll go with the condition of you appraising me first 」


El Luca enthusiastically recommends what to do next. I knew it, I completely lost the initiative and El Luca took full control of the situation. I was planning to negotiate while having the initiative to also show my dignity to Chibi, while knowing about the crisis situation that I will be facing.


However, the story ended in the direction of me completely cooperating in the current crisis situation.


Eh……did I end up being the one to give a better condition instead? When I looked at Adlas in confusion, he responded with tapping my shoulder and saying 「Don’t mind it, it’s a matter of experience」.


「Fufufu, you are still quite naïve~~」


El Luca who was in a good mood lets out a laugh when she noticed that I finally realized the situation. Ah, I’m sure the expression I’m having right now is like that of a person has messed up in a negotiation. I did plan to participate in the subjugation of the Goblin Lord, so there’s no problem when it came to that, but in terms of negotiations, it’s my complete defeat.


「Don’t be too hard on yourself regarding that. Rather than having conflicts in strange places, don’t you think it’s better to join hands like this, though it’s a little bit forceful? After all, in order to protect your delicate situation, it is essential to follow the guild’s direct instructions and produce great results even before you are allowed to enter this building, right? Vampire Little Princess-san」

「About that……well, I guess that’s also the case」


Since the situation was already reported by Adlas before our meeting, she would have already understood how delicate the situation is. And as result, the story followed according to El Luca’s will, but in a way also became quite beneficial for my immediate purpose, along with a guarantee of my status. Even if it did end up in a strange way to secure my status, I still want to thank the two for putting together a backing story for me.


「Well then, I’ll see your abilities for the time being」


For now, I’ll follow with the original plan of using appraisal on her to collect information from her.


「Yes, yes, oh by the way, if you want to ask about the pants I’m wearing, it’s striped pink ok?」

「That’s not something I wanted to hear from you!!?」


I involuntarily retorted. This person is a “lost cause”……I don’t know if this is a fake façade or if she is just trying to put me off guard. However, I somehow understood that she was the type who would come to me with all her might if I ever showed her a chance.


Putting that aside, it’s now time for Appraisal. When you activate Appraisal and look into El Luca, she reacted with a lustful voice saying 「Iyaaaahn!」 ……and with that, I decided to never let Chibi get close to that person. She will definitely become a bad influence……that is something that I’m certainly sure of.


This is the status of El Luca that I was able to confirm after a very messy start.



Name: El Luca Vermilion

Race: Human

Condition: Sealed

LV: 5/5

HP: 32/32

MP: 40/45

STR: 24

VIT: 25

AGI: 32

MAG: 19

LUK: 50

Title Skills

[One who Governs Many Lv2]

Special Skills

[Multi-tasking Lv6] [Prediction Lv5]

Magic Skills

[Status Lv5] [Appraisal Lv4]

Normal Skills

[Taijutsu Lv9] [Shoot Lv9] [Evasion Lv9] [Magic Tool Arts Lv9]



 ……Eh? Why is she so weak? She has status even lower than a Goblin Knight?  Aren’t I way much stronger than her at this moment? Her skills on the other hand don’t show her weakness though which was the highest I have seen so far. Her condition also is sealed……I don’t know what kind of condition that is but it may have something to do with her extremely low status.


She didn’t have a title of Reincarnation which means that she is a proper native of this world……though I’m not sure why Adlas called her granny. Well, there’s no reason not to ask Adlas later, or to talk to the person in question about her age while were out it.


「Right now, as you can see, I could hardly use my full potential for various reasons. Well it’s not like I can’t really fight even for a short time if I really need to……but I would consider that as a really last resort, so it’s not something that I could rely in the end」

「Um, does that have something to do with your condition being sealed?」

「Well that’s part of it, however there are also other things involved with it which I need to omit, that fine right? Also, I’m not going to use Adlas as a force unless the city is directly under attack. The reason is… well, you probably know the about it, don’t you? 」


El Luca glares as she points at Adlas


「Ugh……ah, I understand」


Adlas looks like he has bitten a bitter bug and nods reluctantly in agreement. He was originally a famous adventurer…though on the other hand, something must have happened for him to retire. That might also be the reason for this out of commission notification. 


「And so, can Youmu go instead?」

「……Haaa, don’t treat me as if I’m just a weak little girl, I was almost killed you know, as if I’m just going to cry in my sleep and let that be. There’s no problem with that, I won’t definitely lose next time」


Youmu show her strong will agreeing to return to battle. She seems to be quite motivated, though it was as if she was encouraging herself. El Luca probably also noticed the slight difference, so she added not to overdo it.


「Well then, if that’s the case… Aside from patrols, Leticia-chan and Chibi-chan can move to search for the nests and clear the roads. I will also assign four D-Class adventurers which including Youmu, that would make it a total of 6 people. 」


El Luca counts with her finger and determines the number of strong people she could immediately use. By the way, Shino was not at all counted as a force and her call about herself was immediately cut off. It was mentioned that based on the guild master’s judgment it was not a mistake to think about the previous battle, and the victory would be thin line even if they raided with a reasonable number of E rank, and the other enemy is still continuously growing even now.


No matter what Shino thinks, El Luca won’t likely throw away the lives of people that she was watching over.


「If I remember correctly, the enemy was already strong enough to include an 【Arc Mage】 and a 【Knight】 into their patrol unit. In the worst case scenario, it’s possible that almost everyone in their next race already evolved into a much stronger variant 」


Shino, Adlas, and Youmu could only swallow their breath knowing what the worst would be as speculated by the guild master.