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Chapter 27 Quiet 3 What Lurks Underneath

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 And El Luca also added that


「By the way, though I don’t know if it’s possible……in the worst case scenario, even in the short period of time that it would seem impossible. If a Goblin Lord has indeed evolved……then our chance of winning would be really slim」





【side:? ? ? 】


 Deep underground, a world closed by the darkness of the abyss. Lit only with fire magic, the place was littered by a number of training items taken from humans, and a sturdy looking castle was also built.


Sitting in a grandiose throne within the depths of that castle was their【King】 who was surrounded by human females that they have captured and enslaved. After I reported the necessary matters to the king, I went to patrol the vast burrow again.


The passage was intricate, extending upwards and downwards, and looking similar to a dungeon.


However, it was not like this from the beginning.


It was a much smaller, shallower place months ago……


 It was only a burrow of the far less intelligent ones.


 Yes, that was before a great king was born… that is.


It happened on the day a certain 【Goblin Arc Wizard】 who came from a foreign country came and talked to our chieftain……


And as he predicted, the day the 13th son of the chief was born as a Goblin Lord……




That Goblin Arc Wizard……Following what he advised, the King killed the Arc Wizard……


 It was then that the king evolved into a 【Goblin Overlord】……




We will never forget it.


The body of a monster called goblins is not that much different from a human child. Only adding the fact that it’s brutal in nature and low in intelligence and even if they are organized enough, they still couldn’t think about the bigger picture of things.


I could only think of us as a flock of unintelligent beasts until that day.


At that time, we were not so much of a threat to humans that they were left aside and not destroyed. But all of that was in the past. This body of mine has already reached a legendary level of a 【Goblin Black Knight】 serving as an aide to our King.


My physique, strength, endurance, and power are unmatched compared to other goblins…… We can devote this power to the king so that we can even immerse ourselves in a certain sense of versatility… How else would I express this feeling other than calling it bliss. No, I’m certain that this is not yet the peak of it. I must strive further to hone our strengths and become a sharpened sword joining in our Kings battles.


It is our job to become even stronger and devote all out powers to our king.


While I was indulging myself in such thoughts, I could hear the sound of swords hitting each other from the upper layers echoing. It was training between warriors which was also proposed by the Arc Wizard, it was a method of gaining experience without needing to kill each other.


If they are warriors, they just need to beat each other to their limits. 


If it’s monks and healers, then have them treat severe wounds and poisons.


When it comes to magicians, they need to increase their knowledge and techniques.


If it’s archers, then they need to improve their accuracy and precision.


 Studies about the  【Soul】 have also made us reach a higher level of   【Existence】.


 Goblins who have studied and evolve through this knowledge have reach the title of an 【Arc】 which is only crowned among the isolated talents who have improved more than anyone else.


This burrow, no……there is no weak soldier in here who can’t at least have a role in this castle. Those that are deemed weak and lack such talents are handed over as 【Production Workers】 especially the ones who are having difficulties gaining experience. Those are ones that if you send to a human city, they won’t even be able to fight even if properly armed. 


Despite that, it is still true that humans are not to be underestimated.


In human countries, especially in their capitals, there are those strong enough to even treat us as if we were like scraps of paper.


There was a story of a Goblin King conquering a country, but it was only because the humans were careless. They were simply 【Lucky】 to be ignored for a long time and were given time to evolve enough to fight, not to mention the delayed support from the human side.


That’s why our King has decided to stay deep underground building up his powers while following the teachings of the Arc Wizard.


However……that time is about to end.


A group of Knights was sent to scout the humans composed of the relatively weaker soldiers among us. The humans who probably misunderstood the level of threat sent adventurers who were overflowing in the city. If it’s only at the level of those, then we could defeat them easily turning them into experience points. If we do this properly, then we might be able to conquer that place and evolve into an even higher being.


「Now then, I should watch over the training」


I don’t know when our invasion will begin. But we need to continue training even a little as that time closes in……There was also that big sword hat a Goblin Blacksmith created. It was also at that time……


「Yo, training again? As hardworking as usual aren’t you, Daz」


I was called by a female goblin with pink hair and beautiful voice. That clothes she was wearing was more close to underwear while covering her whole body with a coat……her, no more specifically her group both male and females wear the same outfit… Judging by their looks, they are definitely among the high ranking group, and the person at their top is this woman who has an appearance much closer to humans, and because of her outfit, it was a troubling sight to look at.


This woman is Liz, a 【Goblin Arc Shooter】, and although young as she may be, she is a very powerful person who has climbed that ranks even higher than me. She was granted a 【Name】 by our king the same as me. Unfortunately though, she has too much of a free spirit that she doesn’t have much awareness of being an executive. 


「Still as rude as always. A knight’s duty is to protect the King and his people, so isn’t it natural for me to hone this power? Rather, why don’t you first evaluate yourself and stop with this shameless appearance. Having such a behaviour would just make you look similar to those livestock we are keeping, or maybe you would want to be with them」


「Ah, mou, Daz, you’re as strict as usual! And besides this outfit is indeed erotic! Besides, that is what I want it to be? What? Could it be, do you want to pair up with me? 」


「……!! As if, who would even want to do it with you!!」


「Is that so, then don’t care about it and leave it be!」


 If it was those livestock, then it would be easier for me to deal with understanding their situation compared to this ill natured woman. However, ability wise, I couldn’t help but put my trust in this woman.


「So, how did it go? Were those knights able to make a good distraction? 」


Liz was instructed to watch over the knights that were sent out to scout and also become a distraction. Even if she’s far away, she would be able to watch their actions with her 【Hawk Eyes】 and it would not be difficult for her to grasp the situation.


「Hm, they did good……they were able to destroy a party of adventurers until they encountered two monsters that happened to pass by. The party was probably around F Class but they were led by a Lower D Class, so at least the information should be more or less transmitted? 」


Liz shrugged with a light smile on her face.


But other monsters huh……Is it those annoying wolves that were blindly following their Elder Wolf leader. However as she told me more about the details, I was more or less confused as to what they were……


「A monster and a Wolf together……? 」


I asked Liz for more details, but her answer also turned more vague.


「Hmmm, maybe it’s a different group? One is an undead type, those that are supposed to only be active at night but it was moving normally even during the day, so it might either be a high ranking one or a peculiar type. The wolf itself was also strange, with a glistening black coat and not to mention that it could properly humanize. And speaking of the silver wolves, it seems like the flock seems to be avoiding that undead」


「Well, I don’t really know the exact details because I am only using my   【Observation Sight to look at them】. What’s strange though is that they probably rank only around D. It also communicated with the D Class adventurer and they didn’t kill each other. More like I could feel that it the undead acted more human」


「I see……」


That was indeed an unexpected situation……however, if it’s only around D Rank, even at the higher ranks, it won’t be that much trouble to us. If they are ambushed by the group commanded by Liz then they should be able to take care of it. I can’t imagine them having a much stronger reserve force after all.


Anyway, it seems like the sword have finally been thrown.


「From now on, order the units out there to be careful, and not to engage if you find them again. They would just give them experience points. Make sure to prepare enough people to erase them if necessary」


「Yes, yes, I’m on it」


Liz was still being the playful woman that she is, waved her hand as she left. I need to make sure that this operation is successful. I need to work hard to ensure that it will happen.


I left the place where I was and then headed towards the training grounds.