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Chapter 28 Preparation for a Bet

TL:    Yuki



If the Goblin Lord did evolve then it’s threat level would greatly increase, probably even exceeding a C Level Threat. The Goblin Executives would also reach around the ranks of low C threat……if we also consider the inferior forces under them alone would be quite a threat…


Even at the level of foot soldiers with the power of around E, they would be more organized and trained with tactical knowledge as an army if they were trained……and if that were to attack, their numbers alone would turn it into a war of aggression. 


However, it still can’t be compared enough to the goblin king who conquered a country which they suspected to be on a demon king class…well, comparing it on that level would probably be a bad comparison.


Still, a probability will be a probability no matter how low it is. And that’s why it cannot be overlooked.


「Now that I think about it, I’m curious…… how are 【Ranks】 actually being decided? 」


I do know that it’s an indicator of strength……but I’m not really sure as to how it is evaluated. It should be a good time to ask since I have the chance.


「Oh about that huh, first of all Rank is……let’s see, the individual strength of monsters and demons……though I think you already have a fair grasp about that, right? However, not only is there the individual threat level but also the overall damage it could inflict, which amounts to the total destruction it could create. By the way, I am a C-Cup. It’s neither big nor small so don’t you think it’s just the right size for breasts? 」


El Luca suddenly slips that info in as if it was natural.


「Hey who are you calling small breasted, wait how did the conversation ended up that way」


Youmu reacted with a bitter look. Well, she’s probably used to this by now, though reluctantly……


「Oh, that’s cool……So, what’s the total indicator of their strength……」


「Alright, first would be G Rank. At this level, humans would be able to eliminate them easily without much trouble. But, monsters that are under this are mostly juveniles or are acting in groups……and just because they seem weak doesn’t mean you have to let your guard down against them. Though they are pretty weak if fought on a one-on-one battle without external factors involved.」


Certainly, when I first met Chibi, she was only a G-Rank.


「Next would be F, and that’s where =things start to change since they are most generally adults around that rank… and that alone greatly changes the difficulties fighting against them. If you are not armed enough, or have actual tactics on how to face them, then it would be really dangerous. 」


My first rank is also around that. It also includes the Goblins that are wandering the area. Well, with the exception of me, goblins on their own were not that much of a threat for most people other than those that are not really experienced in fighting. Even a fledgling adventurer would be able to face them though it would still be the borderline if one could really fight or not.


「……and then E Rank. Many around that rank would be close or on the level of a trained soldier. Though not on the level of soldiers from the capital but only around the level of average local soldiers at most」


Goblins that have certain jobs were around this level. They would seem to be accustomed to battles and don’t just fight on their own but would cooperate with others on their levels. You could also say that they have proper professions making it hard to fight them alone. 


「Now, now, the real problem starts from here. D Rank raises the danger level by a lot at once. Goblins around D Rank……especially if it is a Lord is a real threat, that could even destroy a 【Small Town】even if it doesn’t seem to be that strong. It would need a number of people facing one and won’t normally be faced by people on their own」


 Here is a local average town: And in Flacerras, there seems to be people who could face dangers of that rank on their own……Overall though, it’s only a few individuals that could actually manage that much of a treat. That also serves as a vantage point to differentiate adventurers who could reach higher and those that only could reach certain levels of strength. Youmu is apparently around that level as well.


「As for the ranks further above, Would be C Rank for 【Average Town/City】, B Rank for 【Large Fortress】, A Rank for a 【Small Country】, and S Rank for 【Large Nations】……and there would even be those above that acknowledged as 【Exceptions】……which is something you wouldn’t normally encounter. The most common would be C Ranks to which are encountered by moist people, but……finding a threat of that level alone would normally make a country mobilize」


El Luca also added the fact that though rarely seen, there are individuals also exceeding such powers, and countries hosting such strong powerhouses won’t usually ask for support from other nations.。


That meant at face value, but it is still a fact that there are individuals strong enough to overturn a country on their own.


Though even with that in mind, the most that one could expect to find from each city as their highest potential would only be around D Ranks……


However, just as I have felt, the strength levels of individuals in this world is definitely far too different from the place I originally came from. I am wondering though, if an individual with unstoppable strength would be overcome by fighting in large numbers. If it’s this case, then it would definitely involve a lot of tactics, strategies and also finding a proper way to deal with them.



 After that topic, we continued our discussions along with the opinions of Youmu and Adlas as we planned various operations.


「Well, I have already contacted the capital for backup just in case, but I feel like everything will be happening sooner than expected. I will be starting a scouting operation to search for the nest tomorrow around noon. I don’t know if the guild will be ready at that time, but can you come to the guild again tomorrow? 」


 El Luca requested with a smile.


In conclusion, we all have agreed that a dangerous force is indeed at hand, but the situation is still at the discretion of the country, but if left as it is, the danger would only increase.And then, as if deciding about something and making up her mind, Shino called out to El Luca.




There weren’t any specific instructions given to Shino other than accompanying us. She was only here to confirm about the attack, but other than that she was not really counted as an additional force for us.


「If you want to be a goblin’s plaything or sex slave……or livestock, I won’t stop you but are you sure? In the current situation, I can’t deny that possible outcome for you」




Shino froze hearing the unexpected reply from the guild master.


「Hey now, you can’t just blurt out something scary like that to her, you know? 」


I involuntarily retorted. I do understand what El Luca was trying to say though, and her point is certainly correct. Strategically speaking, Shino’s presence as an additional force is by nonexistent, at worst she’d just drag the whole group down. But, Isn’t it a little too harsh to blatantly word it out that way……? 


「Ah, Au……I, It’s okay. Leticia-chan……I know too that I won’t be much of a help. After all, I’m sorry for saying something strange……sorry」


Shino slowly backed off after saying so.


I could definitely see frustration in her eyes as if tears were about to fall off at any moment.


El Luca then continues while observing the situation. 


「Hmmm, well what I’m telling you is a little different though. I’m not really saying that you would be useless, you know? 」


「Eh? But, what you just said……」


El Luca grinned as if her words purposely misunderstood.


「Yes, as a matter of fact, having sexual experience or a sex slave would be quite useful in this situation……though are you really willing to take that path? Honestly, we don’t really need numbers if we are talking about forces we need to use……this is a certain fact which you could probably understand. Though I also don’t want you to just end up in frustration not being able to help so I would also take good care of you. 」


「If you really want to prove yourself here, then you would need to bet with everything including your very existence. Do you have the will to do that? 」


「……Oi, Luka. Are you thinking of using her as a Decoy…」


Adlas who was certainly angry asks El Luca to confirm if that is certainly her aim. He’s scary, and I knew that he was strong to begin with……but this is the first time for me seeing someone so intimidating……? 


「Oh, it seems like you got the gist of it? That is somewhat right indeed. Though the plan I am looking at is for her to tame a suitably strong goblin and infiltrate by making become something like a present for their lord. Of course complete with tools and magic necessary for infiltration. We also need to make sure that it doesn’t look suspicious that the enemy might find out about it. And if it did fail, we might need to abandon it all together depending on the situation」


「And if the worst did happen, having at least some experience may help her, and even if she end up as one of their livestock then we would still come to rescue her」


「So, are you prepared to do all of that? 」


 What El Luca said was quite a detailed profound plan with a lot of considerations included that it made me doubt my ears. Adlas who barely followed also did his best to swallow the contents. And certainly the contents were something really harsh that a normal human would definitely despise.


However, it couldn’t be helped that the situation required it. 


Shino thought hard about it, since she cannot directly help, she is considering the offer just to be able to do anything that she could be of use and El Luca who understands her emotions let her choose.


WOuld you accept the bet, or decline is something she has to decide on her own.


At the very least, if Shino rejected the idea, then El Luca would probably just plan something else with Youmu and Aldlas in tow. She is definitely skilled enough to do it.


To Adlas though, it seems like he would not really stop the volunteers from doing so if they really want to. In the first place, if she did really hate the idea then she just had to refuse it.


It was at this point that I could tell that El Luca is not by any means as naive and airheaded as she usually shows and behaves.


「Something like that……! Even I……!」


「Alright, that’s enough」


El Luca stopped Shino before she could finish her words after getting dragged in her momentum.


「This is not something that you can just decide on the spot you know? For the time being, you have until tomorrow noon to think about it. Come back here on time, so go on and get some rest for now. Then Adlas, can I leave that to you? 」


「……Tsk, seriously, if you really cared about such things then why make such decisions from the start」


「Oh, but that is not the case though. After all, I did give everyone the freedom to refuse. Aren’t you just being arrogant or overprotecting in this case? 」


「Well then everyone, that all for today so go and take a rest」


 After El Luca declared so, our group also disbanded for the day.