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Chapter 29 Magic and Sorcery

TL:    Yuki





 On the way home on a moonlit night, Chibi was excited to see the street lights in the square and the main street. She was spinning around and jumping up and down, and when I look at her like this, it reminds me that she is really just a child.


Though her large swinging breasts tend to make one forget about it……


 I almost said aloud, “Don’t get too excited,” to her, but it should be fine to let her be every now and then.


 Shino was staring at Chibi in a daze. Well, I suppose it’s understandable, after all too much has happened for her in the past day.


On top of that, there was also about El Luka’s decoy strategy.


 It won’t be easy to sort out your mind after all that.


 It is not easy to find an answer to those questions……adding the feeling of helplessness was making it really frustrating.


  As I was thinking about that, Youmu tapped Shino on the shoulder.


「Ah, Youmu-chan……? Sorry, were you calling me? I was spacing out a bit. Ummm……」


Shino hurriedly tried to make up for it, but she couldn’t find the right words, and smiled awkwardly at Youmu.


 However, Youmu continued without answering Shino’s words.


「Shino, it’s alright to do whatever you want to」




Shino became even more confused. Even I was also a little confused. I thought Youmu would be just as angry with El Luka as what happened with Adlas……


「And I know you feel responsible for them, And you don’t want to be the only one cowering in a safe zone.……I get that」


「If you’re willing to risk your life and your dignity to help in any way you can, I can’t help but smile at your determination, so I am not going to stop you. However, I’ll also be in the front lines, risking my life. That’s all there is to it」


「You do what you want, I’ll even risk my life to help you along.」


 Ooh, you’re showing your dignity as an older man……Youmu. The older one gets, the wiser they become……I have to say that this area is a good thing. When Shino heard those words though, she looked as though she was really troubled about it.


「But that……! I can’t involve a girl younger than me in my selfishness!?」




 After that, I took another look at Youmu’s expression. 



「I won’t be able to protect you……!」


 She was holding herself back in tears.


「Shut it! Leave it at that!」


「I have already told you, time and time again that I am a reincarnated person! Come and have a drink with me ! Let’s go hang out! The best thing to do in situations like this is to drink yourself to sleep!」


「Hey, wait! Don’t start drinking until you get a little older……」


「That’s what I’ve been telling you, I am already an adult!!」


 Youmu forcefully takes Shino with her. Well, from the looks of it, I think she will be in good hands.




 Now then, let’s also think about what I would be able to do.


 Fortunately, El Luka has received 10 gold and silver coins and 50 copper and coins as deposits and reserves. Although the concept of paper money has been handed down, it has not reached the stage of practical use except in a few large countries. It is also only used by a few nations and their allies.


 As a result, gold and silver coins are more widely used, as they transcend national boundaries and can be converted to the value of gold or silver itself, even if the nation collapses.


 When converted into Japanese yen, gold coins are 100,000 yen, silver coins are 10,000 yen, copper coins are 1,000 yen, and coins below that are 10 to 100 yen. It’s a pretty straightforward conversion, but I guess the circumstances of past incarnations may have something to do with it.


 However, this means that El Luka gave us 1,155,000 yen worth of money. I’ve heard that even this much is still a bit inadequate for preparing tools and armor.……yet it is still a lot of money that one doesn’t get a chance to carry around very often.


 I’m going to put it away in my  【Storage】 just in case I have a chance to lose it.


「Oh, you can use storage too, girl」


 Adlas looks at me with interest. Eh? I thought that storage was a magic that anyone could use, like status or appraisal, but is it not?


「Eh? Are storage users rare?」


「Hmmm… you’re still getting used to this world, aren’t you? Storage is a combined magic of time and space. The number of people who can handle it is much smaller than those who can handle a single attribute. I guess, you could indeed note it as rare……and it’s not like they’re just popping up all over the place.」


「I see……I have been instinctively using it, but it’s quite difficult for others……hey, uncle, do you know anyone who knows a lot about magic? 」


 We don’t know how dangerous a goblin nest can be. But, that’s why it wouldn’t hurt to do whatever you can.


「Fumu……If you want to be taught a higher-order technique, it’s not going to happen right away.  If you want to learn the higher ranks of the arts, it’s also not going to be easy. If it’s something simple though, I can teach you a few of them, but more than that, it’s late, let’s just go home for now, okay? You haven’t decided where you’re staying, have you? I’ll rent you a room at my place. I run a cheap inn, too」


「Really!? I’ll take your offer then.……!」


I decided to accept Adlas’ offer right away.


 I’ve heard a lot of words like “rank” and “technique,” but that’s exactly what I’m looking for is beginner knowledge. And if they were willing to lend me a place to stay, I had no reason to refuse. We made our way back to Twilight‌ ‌Moon‌ ‌Bar‌.



After finishing dinner at the Twilight Moon Bar, it was time to study magic.


 Adlas took out some rolled up parchment …… scrolls from the warehouse, and spread them out.


「So how much do you know about magic and witchcraft, young lady? In general, monsters and demons use their intuition without being told,  in your case however……it is a little more unique, isn’t it, young lady?」


「Ah, about that……well, it can’t be helped……」


I shrugged my shoulders in reply. I mean, I’ve never heard of that part……Is it possible that Chibi can use it though? So I turned my sight to Chibi, and she was looking at the scrolls, curious about what it said.


「I think you would be able to use Dark Magic better than the rest? I didn’t see any signs of growth though. What about it Chibi-chan, what do you think?」


When Adlas asked Chibi about it, she grumbled 「Uーーmm」and then cheerfully answered……「I could undestand it somehowーー」. It’s basically a bit hard for Chibi but she would be able to do it.


「I see, I see……that means, the young lady can at least learn about the basics. So we will start with that」


「I leave it to you……!」


「Well then……let’s see……first let’s start with 【Magic Skills】 and 【Magic Formula】. A magic skill is, in essence, how much MP you can convert at one time into energy that matches your attributes, and how efficiently you can channel it into a magic formula. And then there’s the formula, which has a variety of applications and effects by efficiently channeling the energy of its attributes in the activation. In simple terms, it’s like fire or water turned into arrows, or compressed and then released」


Maybe it’s like the relationship between electricity and circuits. Electricity is powerful enough on its own, but it can also be channeled into circuits and used to drive mechanisms to do all sorts of things.


 So the reason I failed at dark magic was because I merely leaked electricity.


「And as for the formula, well, that’s the tricky part.……that in itself is the heart of Magic」


「Is 【Magic Formula】 respectively in line with  【Court Rank】which is derived from first as the lowest and tenth as the highest.  This is then divided by the complexity of the formula, the amount and rarity of the attributes required, and the amount of magic power needed to activate it.」


「Basically, if you can use the second rank, you’re a full-fledged expert, and if you can use the third rank, you’re a master. Well, I guess we’ll just have to start with the first rank techniques for now.」


「I see……by the way, around what is the highest you could use, Uncle?」


 I’m a little more interested in Adlas, who informed  me more than I had expected. He looks like someone with a combat specialized style in swinging a big axe, but apparently, appearances can be deceiving.


「Oh, I can use the second rank and a little bit of the third rank, it’s an old skill I haven’t used lately. And then about these scrolls. It’s like a blueprint for a magic formula, if you touch it and let the magic flow as the scroll indicates, you can use the magic.」


「Then if it’s Dark……【Magic Arrow】【Magic Wall】【Magic Release】……I think that’s about it」


After I said so, he offered me the corresponding scrolls.