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Chapter 31 Quiet IV Sweet Dreams

TL:    Yuki



【 Side:??? 】




 It was late at night, when the rough drinkers are drunk dead and the prostitutes are asleep.


 The city nestles together in silence, and 【 My 】 time comes.


 How long had it been since I had felt this sensation of my body sinking into the darkness?


 I screwed up at that time. ……


 Yes, I think back to the mistakes I had once made.


 Once I became aware of the gender of my confidence…… I could no longer hold myself back.


 A good friend of mine…… and was the first friend I ever became aware of as a man, now that I think about it. I was forced to recognize the significance of his body and my own.


 As the memories of the past tug at my heartstrings, I struggled to shake off the thoughts……. As a blooming woman, I was certainly attracted to that man.


 That would be a unique problem for me, one who had the unique circumstance of being a reincarnated person.


 No matter how aware I am, I am a woman, and my body grows softer and rounder with age. My mind is no exception. As my body becomes old enough to welcome a man, my mind also begins to prepare to accept him.


 This struggle is frustrating for him…….


 It’s kind of funny from people’s perspective though……


 It would have certainly seemed like a genuine concern……


However, the troubles and struggles of that me, came to an end in an unexpected way.


I am a reincarnated person.


 And unmistakably human.


 But at the same time, I am even a demon.


【 Demoziation 】, with a part of my soul mixed with that of a demon, I was both a human and a non-human.


 If I had been a werewolf, for example, a monster that gained physical strength in exchange for physical transformation, I would not have been so troubled with myself.


I’m sure that I would have enough power for them to rely on me as a source of strength in case of emergency.


 Let’s say it was a brutal soul like a demonic being.


If I did, I would have been prepared to end this life without relying on that power.


However, that part of 【 Me 】 was……a normally harmless one in a sense that it won’t be able avenges those people……and for me, it was also a very sweet temptation.


 I unconsciously flipped up and as my body morphed into that figure.


My hair, which used to be a mix of blue and silver, was dyed with a mysterious cherry color, and a tail peeked out from a little below my waist. On my back sprouted a black misty figure which were my wings made out of magic power.


 Yes, that being been Me……


 【 Youmu and Arcanacia 】  that, the other me, one would call a 【 Succubus 】 the other half of my soul.


Nn, I stretched out my body.


 This was the second time in my not-so-long life that I had taken this form.


 The first was a childhood mistake, a memory of a day of first love that was supposed to have ended sweetly became sourly. On that day, I used dream magic to enter his dream and enjoyed him as much as I wanted.


 How many years had it been since I regretted that and put a lid on that power, never to use it again?


「 Ah, it’s been a while 」


 I chuckle to myself.


 However, this me, Youmu, don’t have two personalities as one would expect.


But also I am an extension of Youmu’s personality, which was not the part that become a succubus.


 So to speak, when I am in this state, I am what I am……in a sense, this could also be firm confirmation of me finally showing acceptance of my current situation.


 I am now standing on the solid memory of being a woman who lived in this world, rather than on the memory of being a half-hearted man.


 It was only exacerbated by the fear of imminent death. At that time, I thought, if only I could accept myself a little more……now, I am finally trying could face this power…….and


*Knock, *knock, *knock……


 The door of the inn was knocked quietly.



「 Um, Youmu-chan, ……hello, is are you still awake? You see…… I can’t really sleep at the moment, so is it alright to sleep with you? Nah, forget about it……haha, I’m probably just annoying her, right? Un 」


 It was Shino’s voice that came from the other side of the door.


 She’s earnest, clumsy, and unsure of herself. …… Still, she never stops trying, and she’s somewhat green and dazzling. That’s probably why I didn’t want to let her die in vain. I’m attracted to this girl, whether it’s because of the part of me that’s left as a man or because I’m attracted to her as a woman, I’m not really sure to be honest.


 I manipulated the magic power on my hair to return it to its usual color. The feathers on my back were scattered and meld into the darkness, and the tail is hidden inside my skirt.


「 It’s fine, I’m awake. Come on in 」


 Shortly, I stopped and called out to her when she was about to leave.


「 Ah! Yes! 」


 Shino opened the door happily and came in wearing a cute nightgown and hugging a pillow.


「 Ehehe, sorry for the bother, Youmu-chan. I’m sorry for barging in on you so suddenly…… I couldn’t sleep thinking about things……not only that, but even though I’m the older sister, I’m just pathetic 」


 Shino smiles apologetically. She’s almost two years older than me, so it’s natural that she would say that, and since the knowledge of reincarnation itself is not that common, her reaction is very common. It’s a little frustrating, and it felt like being mean.


「 It couldn’t be helped, after all that has happened. In fact, it’s no wonder that why you would be so depressed and couldn’t recover, it should be something to be proud of, you know? For now, come over here 」


And so, I invite her to close to me as I sat down on the bed.


「 Don’t mind if I crash in then! Or rather……eh? Youmu-chan, aren’t you a little too girly than usual……? 」


「 I’m also a girl, remember? Isn’t that obvious? 」


「 Tha, that’s true…… alright……ehehe, well nevermind that 」


 Shino was a bit suspicious about something, but sat into the same bed as me anyway.


Then I turned off the light and laid my body down, and we are now side by side on the bed. I chose a reasonably good hotel, so the bed was not too small for two small women to sleep in.


t even so, Shino leaned in closer and closer.


「 I’m sorry …… for all the time you’ve spent with me……. I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do.…… Youmu-chan said I could do whatever I wanted……in the first place, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do or what I want to do. ……」


「 It’s true that I want to avenge everyone. But I don’t have that kind of power, and as …… Luca-san said, I won’t be able to do anything without risking something. At the time, I was so upset and desperate that I said I would be willing to do anything…… However, the calmer I get, the scarier the thought has become…… Truly though, I am just glad to be able to survive…… somewhere, inside me probably thought so 」


「 I’m such a no good girl …… that I’m always half-hearted through everything. 」


 I hugged Shino’s body because it looked like she was about to fall apart.


「 Shino is strong 」


「………… Eh? 」


「 Even now, I’m still frustrated, glaring at the weakness of mine that I want to escape from, without any excuse to do so. I always try to make any excuse I could and get away with it. I’m still trying to face it properly. 」


 I mean it when I said that.


 Of course, I also meant to encourage her, but I know that not many people can do that easily.


 If I had been in Shino’s shoes, I don’t know if I would have been able to face my weakness like she did.


「 I…… but…… that is……」


「 I’ll respect whatever answer …… Shino chooses. I know that you want to fight with me. But I don’t want you to give me a blanket response 」


「 Un…… Ehehe, It’s like you’re the big sister to me right now  」


 Shino smiles shyly and hugs me back.


「 Oh my, if you do such a cute thing, you’ll get eaten by this  sister of your, you know? 」


「 Fuee……Youmu-chan, I didn’t know that you laso acted this way……? Bu, but…… if it’s Youmu-chan, thenーーI, I won’t mind? 」


 Perhaps it was because I said it jokingly, but Shino replied in a somewhat playful manner. Oh, but it’s not that easy……


「 Fufufu, so you are giving me you consent, don’t you? Then, shall we go further? I’ll make sure that you’ll have good dreams today 」


「 Un……thank you, Youmu-chan 」


 And so, we both went to sleep.


 And as a side note, I have a particularly strong dream-derived power as a Succubus. It is very easy for me to enter the dreams of little girls who are sleeping defenselessly.


 Well then, since I’ve got your permission, let’s have a little fun.



 The next morning, Shino rushed back to her room to change her clothes, hiding her lower half while her face turned red.


「…………I’ve messed up 」


 I could only watch with my head in my hands as I watched her leave the room.