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Chapter 37 Ability

TL:    Yuki



「 Seriously, I don’t care what happens to you.」

Garm complains while holding his head. There was a familiarity in his expression, and perhaps this was a common occurrence. Luka herself replied with, 「 I know, I know 」.

「 Oh, and I know I missed the timing, but……」

I haven’t introduced Chibi yet. I’ve heard that she’s not someone you can let your guard down with, so we have to make sure to share information with her.

「 Chibi is Chibi! I’m a servant of my Master.」

As if this thought had been conveyed to him, Chibi cheerfully announced. If you’re not Chibi, the content is not exactly what you would expect. However, it’s true that Chibi is under my control, so it can’t be helped……

「 Chibi-chan, you’re Leticia-chan’s follower, so you’re not a monster, but a magical beast that can humanize? That’s great! Hey, can I take a look at your…… status? 」

Aya was looking at Chibi curiously. She was a Magic Beast, so it was no surprise that she was interested in Chibi. Chibi looks at me, asking if it’s alright, and I agreed with the condition that I also appraise them.

It wouldn’t hurt to know what each other can do. I’m also curious to know how strong a D-class adventurer is.

Garum also replied that it was alright.

For some reason, Youmu was flustered by this situation. Is there something wrong? She tried to say something, but gave up and dropped her shoulders. The other members of the group responded as if it was natural.

I’m not sure what to make of it though. But well, It’s a good time to check out Youmu, since Chibi said that Youmu is getting stronger.

For now, let’s start with Garum, the leader of the other group.


Name: Garum

Race: Human

Condition: Normal

LV: 17/80

HP: 97/97

MP: 10/10

STR: 92

END: 83

AGI: 65

MAG: 5

LUK: 82

-=Special Skills=

[Bad Luck LV-] [Gain LV-]

-=Magic Skills-=

【 Status LV2 】【 Appraisal LV2 】

-=Resistance Skills-=

【 Poison Resistance LV2 】

-=Normal Skills-=

【Swordsmanship LV8】【 Taijutsu LV9 】【 Evasion LV8 】【 Thought Guidance LV5 】

【 Defense LV6 】【 Hidden Weapons LV8】【 Presence Blocking LV3】


Ooh, he’s as strong as I expected. It’s also as if all the magic-related statuses and skills have been erased, and the statuses have been allocated entirely to physical. The skills that he possesses are all high performance, and there are some skills that I have never seen before.

I looked it up……


Special Skills 【 Bad Luck 】


A person born with luck that greatly increases only at bad times.

The better things go, the more their luck becomes negative.


・ The more disadvantaged you are, the more your luck status will increase.



Normal Skills 【 Thought Guidance 】


By observing your opponent’s reactions carefully, and by creating falsehoods and pauses in everything you do, you can guide your opponent’s thoughts to what you want them to think.


・ Increases the success rate of feints. Effects are dependent on skill level.



Normal Skills 【 Presence Blocking 】


A technique for suppressing the presence of oneself and making it difficult for others to detect.


・ Increases the success rate of surprise attacks. Effects are dependent on skill level.


It’s a rather shady bunch of effects, but they’re all excellent for combat.

I’m sure I’m better than Youmu when I first met him, and I’m probably better than him in terms of status, but from a technical standpoint, I’m sure that I can’t let my guard down against him. I can understand why the Elder Wolf was relentlessly targeting Chibi at that time so as not to make an enemy of the guild because of people like him, I could at least understand that the Elder Wolf and I were no match for him back then.

I shivered a little, but then turned my attention to Gii.


Name: Gii

Race: Quarter Elf

Condition: Normal

LV: 17/65

HP: 32/32

MP: 101/101

STR: 17

END: 36

AGI: 85

MAG: 89

LUK: 42

-=Special Skills-=

【 Spirit Language LV3】

-=Resistance Skills-=

【 Spiritual Magic Resistance LV3 】

-=Magic Skills-=

【 Status LV3 】【 Appraisal LV3 】【 Storage LV4 】

【 Spirit Magic LV3 】【 Tree Magic LV2 】【 Wind Magic LV4 】

-=Normal Skills-=

【 Flexibility LV5 】【 Evasion LV4 】【 Wand Technique LV2 】【 Presence Detection LV1 】


He’s the complete reverse to Garum, who was really sturdy like a tank.He’s endurance is almost paper.

In exchange, though, he is focused on both magic and agility along with the skill 【 Flexibility 】 making it difficult for an ordinary opponent to get close, let alone hit him with an attack.

What I’m most interested in though is the skill to command and control spirits……


Special Skills 【 Spirit Language 】


A skill to be able to communicate and exchange words with spirits.

Those who possess this skill that is able to borrow the power of the spirits and manipulate a number of manifestations.


・ Communicate with spirits. Effects depend on your skill level.


……that’s what it says.

Though I could read the description, I don’t really have any idea on how would I use it. It seems like a type of magic that borrows the power of spirits, but won’t be effective on those that also interact with spirits.

He is an expert in magic and a key member of the rearguard, which is probably one of the reasons why he is teamed up with Garum, as their strengths and weaknesses mesh well together.

In any case, he is also a senior magician. If I get the chance, I would also like to learn a lot from him.

He then turned his attention to Aya, the last of the trio.


Name: Aya

Race: Human

Condition: Normal

LV: 14/75

HP : 52/52

MP : 31/31

STR: 62

END: 43

AGI: 64

MAG: 52

LUK: 25

-=Title Skills-=

【 Heart to Heart Communication LV1】

-=Special Skills-=

【 Taming LV2 】

-=Magic Skills-=

【 Status LV3 】【 Appraisal LV3 】

-=Normal Skills-=

【 Taijutsu LV6 】【 Whip Technique LV2 】【 Evasion LV3 】


Judging from her status, it’s more like she relies more on the two and and probably supports both side.

Of course, the status is higher than normal people, but also not outstanding in any way. My overall impression is that they are competent, but still on an average level. I am surprised by the high level of physical skills, though.

However, it’s the second person that I have encountered with Title Skills, other than Luka. I’d like to know the Effects for reference.


Title Skills 【 Heart to Heart Communication LV1 】


A skill for those who can interact with others beyond the barriers between races.

Can communicate with those who are originally unable to communicate with, and develop a bond with them.


・ This effect depends on your skill level.

・ Special Skills 【 Taming 】 is also acquired and increased in effects


It’s not as good as the Demon Lord, but it’s still a very useful skill. In particular, the benefit of understanding language is big. With that, one would be able to properly communicate on what they need to do.

After being healed by Aya’s status, I took a peek at Youmu’s status, which seemed awkward.


Name: Youmu Arcanacia

Race: Human

Condition: Normal

LV: 15/55

HP: 48/48

MP: 55/55

STR: 43

END: 52

AGI: 57

MAG: 78

LUK: 45

-=Special Skills-=

【 Reincarnated Lv-】 【 Demonization LV2 】

-=Magic Skills-=

【 Dream Magic LV3 】【 Storage LV2 】【 Appraisal LV3 】【 Status LV3 】

-=Normal Skills-=

【 Swordsmanship LV5 】【 Taijutsu Lv3 】【 Evasion Lv3 】


……Unless I’m imagining it, I think the status has increased by about 40 in total.

What’s more, I feel like my demonization and dream magic levels are going up by one each.……

Eh, how, what exactly happened?