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Chapter 38 Strategy Meeting

TL:    Yuki



「 Ummm, Youmu?」


「 Don’t ask……!」


Youmu said quickly and averted her eyes.


「 Eh, but……」

「…………Don’t ask 」


The fact that the demonization is progressing, and the status is increasing, is rather important, right? But for some reason, Youmu’s face was red, and she seemed to be ashamed of herself.


「 You know what? I’m the one who understands demonization the best. And the dangers! If I say it’s okay, then it’s okay!」


 Garum was just as suspicious and looked at Youmu, but she was so stubborn in her insistence. Youmu has more experience as an adventurer than you do in terms of mental health, to begin with, so I think it’s best not to go any further.


「 Fe……Fenrir!? Chibi-chan is!?」


As I was thinking about this, Aya suddenly screamed out in a bewildered voice.


Aya, who may have seen Chibi’s status, looked at Chibi’s face and cracked open her mouth. Chibi, on the other hand, tilted his head and said, 「 Wafu? 」……. Incidentally, Chibi’s skill 【 Kin of Demon Lord 】  has the same hide function as 【 Demon Lord 】. Chibi also has a thorough hiding policy, so there’s no need to worry about being found out.


But I’ve always thought it was just convenient……Why do the Demon Lord skills have this feature? It’s not just convenient, it’s too convenient…… Well, thinking about it doesn’t mean an answer will come to me, or that I can talk to someone about it.


It’s bothering me, but I’ll just keep it in mind. For now, I have to concentrate on the task at hand.


Seeing Aya’s agitation, Garum turned his attention to Chibi.


「 Oh, you’re a real Fenrir, aren’t you? Well, the master’s young lady is a vampire LP Little Princess is a mythical being. However…… even as a juvenile, her status is extremely high… and she doesn’t possess the 【 Experienced Individual 】 skill.  」


He mumbled and looked at me.


「 Ummm…………what is an Experienced Individual?」


At the time, I passed it off as a mood, but I wonder…… is it a pretty important factor.


Youmu seeing my confusion offers me a helping hand.


「 Ah, 【 Experienced Individual 】 for monsters, is equivalent to the title skill 【 Battle-hardened 】, which is given to individuals who have survived through many battles.  The battle-hardened skill is only available to those who have fought others with similar abilities to their own. If you’ve got a lot of money, you’re going to need to be able to pay for it. In addition, battle-hardened warriors have the effect of increasing their status, so battle-hardened individuals are those who simply cannot be measured by their race’s rank. 」

「 So you’re saying she’s the strongest of her kind?」


「…………Well, to put it bluntly, that’s about it.」


Youmu, who explained everything in detail, was a little confused by my excessive argument.


「 I mean, are Fenrirs really that bad of a monster?」


The explanation that I saw in the appraisal gave me the impression that it was not a normal person, but to be honest, I don’t know much about how great it really is. I thought I’d ask what I could, and it was Aya who answered my question.


「 Well, yes, Fenrir is a magical beast that lives mainly in the territory of the demon tribe……As an adult, at least a C grade……You would need a city-sized force per animal. Although they are rarely seen in the land where humans live……If they were running freely without anyone’s control, it would be a matter for the state to act.」


「 Well, the fact that we need a city-sized force to deal with it means that we can’t do anything with less than that. 」


Gii added to that.


Eh, Chibi…… were you such a dangerous monster?


I couldn’t help but look into Chibi’s face……


「 Wafu?」


She only tilted her head in response.


Yeah, yeah, you don’t know anything.


I knew it, but……!



「 Now with that finished, that should be more than enough to get acquainted with each other, right?」


Luka called out to us when we finished discussing our strengths and weaknesses, which could not be determined from the appraisal alone.


「 Yeah, we’re good……So, Luka, what exactly are you going to do? I’d like your opinion first.」

「 Yeah, were fine, I’m not used to this kind of thing either, so I’d like to hear your opinion, Luka.」


Garum answers and asks so that she represents the other side and I represent this side.


The serpent road is treated by a snake, as they say. It is best to learn from those who have preceded us rather than making strange suggestions. Luka responded with a soft smile.


「 Well, the first step is to secure the goblins, which Aya will handle, preferably small fry that don’t belong to the Lord. I want to command it to pledge its allegiance to the Lord with me as a souvenir……How about we call it. If we’re lucky, we’ll find the nest without much effort. 」


The guild master herself should not have to go to such lengths, but it seems that Luka’s intentions are firm. If so, I’ll reward her by doing my job for me.


「 Then, in the second stage, I will search for information on the inside as much as possible and pass it on. If it is determined that annihilation is possible, Leticia-chan, Chibi-chan, and Youmu-chan will enter. When the chaos has reached its peak, Garum will go in alone and try to raid it. Aya-chan and Gii will be outside exterminating the stragglers, and when the other side’s forces are depleted, the internal progress team will join them to hit the Lord……Something like that.」


 I’m a little worried about Garum being by himself…… but looking at his skill set, it makes sense that he would be more comfortable moving on his own.


The point is that Garum’s role is to use us as bait to safely thin out the crowd.


Without knowing the total strength of the enemy, there is always a risk, but it seems like a reasonable strategy.


But the key point is not explained.


「What if……it turns out to be impossible to eradicate?」


By that time, Luka would be in the enemy’s clutches. I’m sure Garum was thinking about the same thing, and he was watching me closely to see how Luka would respond to my words.


Luka, on the other hand, remains aloof and unconcerned.


「 Right, we’ll call it off then. It’s not like I’m suicidal either, so I’ll do my best to escape. Well, even if our predictions are completely wrong, and we draw the worst……I’ve already given instructions to those kids, so they’ll be fine. So you guys just keep going……」


But as if to interrupt him, Garum said, 「 Sorry, but I can’t accept that. I’ll pick you up. That’s the condition 」 he said quietly, but strongly.


Luka, on the other hand, thought about it for a while, but realized that it was useless, sighed, and reluctantly agreed, saying, 「 Well, I guess I have no choice. 」


「 Well, don’t take it too hard, okay? And I’ll be there when you are.……」


We’re coming with you to help.


 ……As I was about to say this, Luka interrupted me and continued.


「 Fufufu, Leticia-chan is so cute. Don’t worry, I haven’t lived long enough to see this as my end.」


She’s patting my head, treating me like a child despite her looking like one, but well, she is indeed way older than me.


「 Besides, I’m pretty good at this, you know?」


Luka said this in a tone of voice that made it hard to tell how much was serious and how much was a joke.


But in the end, I guess I have no choice but to believe.


This world is real no matter how much you want it to be a fantasy.


No matter how game-like the world is, there is no way you can always challenge things in the best possible way since there is no save or load.


Then there’s only one thing to do.


Let’s do what we need to do.


After that, the details were adjusted as each of us gathered our opinions, but the main idea was to build a strategy as Luka had suggested.


Finally, it was time to go.