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Chapter 39 Side Story Luka Group 1

TL:    Yuki




【 Side:Aya 】


「 Well, we’re all set! Let’s go! Here we go! 」


For some reason, Luka tied herself up with great enthusiasm. But is that the right way to use the rope? I don’t know why her breasts are so tightly bound, and the rope is even threaded through her crotch.


It looks like it’s going to scrape every time I walk. I’m not sure if it’s because of this or because of the redness of her face, and her breathing is a little strange.


When I suggested loosening it up a bit, Luka herself refused, saying, 「 If we don’t do this, my amusement……ehem. We can’t make it look realistic. 」.


She’s always been somewhat of an elusive person, but the fact that she takes the initiative and puts her body on the line in times like these is something I can honestly say I’m interested in.


Some guild masters in the branch have risen through the ranks from receptionists, while others were recruited after famous adventurers retired.


But I know that there are not many people who are willing to put their lives on the line like this, no matter how much of a crisis the town is in.


In a way, it was a natural decision for a person in charge of an organization to make.


But it doesn’t change the fact that Luka-san is a great person. And like Garum-san, Youmu-san, and Gii, she is one of the people I admire and look up to.


On my way out of the city and towards the forest, I casually talk to Gii, who is walking next to me.


「 Hey, Gii……, I wonder if I could be like Luka-san someday. 」


「 Hmm? Yeah, I don’t know what gave you that idea, but if it comes to that, I’m never working with you again. 」




I wonder what Gii doesn’t like about Luka-san. She’s such a nice person…… While thinking about this, we gradually walked away from the street and deeper into the forest.


「 ……Well, whatever it is, if we can’t do something about it, there’s nothing we can do. We were lucky that Leticia and Chibi were there to help us. 」


Gii blurts out such a statement while being wary of his surroundings.


「 Yes, yes! Those two are amazing! I’d like to be able to tame a strong monster like Chibi-chan someday, too! 」


Yes, I remember those girls who are still fresh in my memory, they seem to be the same reincarnated person as Youmu-san. I don’t know anything about the world before they were reincarnated, but it must have been very difficult to be born into this world as a vampire.


That was an encounter that increased my admiration one more time.


But Gii continued with a reluctant look on his face.


「 It might also be a setup from the beginning……Unless, that is, they’re not. 」


「 Oh? Well, I guess you’re a little more skeptical than I thoughtー 」


Before my brain could comprehend Gii’s words, El Luka-san replied in an indulgent voice.


「 What the…? Wait, wait, wait, wait!What do you mean it’s a setup!? Gii, are you suspecting Leticia-chan and Chibi-chan? 」


Leticia-chan and Chibi-chan seemed like such nice girls, and it didn’t look like they were planning anything.


But Gii responded to my confusion with a short, 「 It’s just a possibility 」 and looked at El Luka-san.


「 You can’t get rid of those suspicions either, Luka, so you’ve been forced to come here this time, right? I’m not sure what to make of this. Not to mention a reincarnated person, It’s not like they had any weird skills, but they are still……monsters, a mythical vampire. Status-wise, they’re right on the edge of what we can handle. Even if not on the same level as those of the 【 Imperial Kingdom 】 the both of them should already be around the threat level of being a  【 Target for Subjugation 】 right? 」


Gii’s quiet demeanor silences me.


In the past, the Imperial Kingdom, as Gii calls it, was nearly overthrown by reincarnated people who were born with powerful skills. In the event that you’ve got a lot of money, you would be able to make use of them for a lot of things.


In addition to the fact that the country has always been an exclusionary one, this fact has caused friction in its relations with other countries and it has almost fallen into a state of diplomatic disagreement.


However, there are some people who admire the extreme attitude of the empire.


The impact of a powerful skilled person on a nation is not always positive.


It is said that as much as there are heroic tales of reincarnated people, there are many documents that depict the opposite. And that excessive action will only eliminate the 【 Outsiders 】 who were born through the process of 【Reincarnated 】…… This has been justified under the excuse of not being a good person.


So, if a reincarnated person with powerful skills is discovered at an early age, the country must choose.


Will you raise these reincarnated people to become your country’s fighting force?


Do you want to thwart that reincarnation and pretend it never happened?


Luka-san replied to Gii’s comment with a simple 「 Oh, you’re overthinking about it 」.  Normally, Gii would have said, 「 That’s enough!! 」 But this was not the case today.


「 ……Luka 」


Gii said quietly, looking intently at Luka-san.


「 …………Well, I don’t blame you. 」


Luka-san looked over at Gii with a sigh.


「 It’s not that I didn’t think about what you said. I can’t tell you how fast this Lord is growing, how close we came to losing Youmu-chan. It’s not that I don’t feel it’s intentional that such an extraordinary hand like Leticia-chan’s has come into my life in this situation where I’m completely short of cards.   」


「 But, you know, that’s pretty much how it is when something happens, right? 」


「 The important thing is not to be suspicious of everything, but to do the best you can in each situation, no matter how it turns out, right? 」


Luka-san looked at Gii with an admonishing look and continued.


I know, I know, doubting won’t get us anywhere, we just have to act now. Gii’s tense face loosened up and he picked up the end of the rope hanging from Luka-san’s hand.


「 Luka……You…… 」


And then he strangled Luka-san as hard as he could. Eeeeehhh!!?


「 The best thing to do in each situation is to deal with it haphazardly, you say!!? 」


The ropes tightened around Luka-san, her modest breasts warped as if they were about to burst open, the ropes digging into her crotch, slicing and grinding at her sensitive parts.


「 Huh? Aah! I’m not sure what to say, but I’m sure you’ll understand! Aaahhhhnn~!!! 」


「 Shut up! Don’t moan so deliberately!!! 」


And the situation that Gii said was a 【 hellish picture 】 was completed when he cooled down later.



「 Okay, enough joking around. Let’s move on. 」


Luka-san led the group as if nothing had happened. But still, there was no sign of the high-ranking goblins that Youmu-san and the others had encountered.


Was that the most elite unit of goblins? If that was the case, we could take on the challenge of exterminating the lord with a lot of leeway.


It was while I was walking, thinking about this.


「  Aya, there they are. 」


Gii’s voice trails off and he points to the back of the bushes. There, three goblins are wandering around in search of prey, emitting gibberish.


It’s best to be in a one-on-one situation if possible, since you need to bring the target to its knees in order to tame it, but against goblins, it’s not a problem.


I closed the gap between me and the goblins with a single step, and at the same time, I slammed my fist into the two nearest ones, knocking them down.


Then I set my fist against the last one.


「 Come, let’s start a discussion! 」


Fist to fist!


「 Anytime I see it, your title skills 【 heart-to-heart 】 I always thought that’s not how it’s supposed to be used. 」


「 Hoheee? 」


What is Gii talking about?