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Chapter 40 Side Story Luka Group 2

TL:    Yuki



【 Side:Aya 】



With a thud, my fist plunges into a Goblin’s face.


Of course, I can’t kill him for the sake of taming him. I just put my fist on the spot where Goblin was going to run into it beforehand……


The counter, as a result, Goblin merely self-destructed under its own power.


I have a mild concussion and my body twitches and shakes a little.


I approached Goblin and poured magic power into him.


Tame is, in essence, the act of connecting one’s own soul to the souls of others with a path made of magical power. By connecting souls to souls with a path, you can communicate, of course, but you can also use simple telekinesis and give instructions.


Of course, due to the nature of the path, you have to have a strong authority over the other side, and on the other hand, you have to set restrictions so that the other side can hardly interfere with you.


It is also said that some Magic Beast users have been forced into servitude by a Magic Beast because they carelessly connected their path with one that had a soul stronger than their own, reversing the master-slave relationship.


I’m a little afraid of that kind of thing, so I don’t keep taming monsters for too long……


However, seeing the relationship between Leticia-chan and Chibi-chan, I think it might be a good idea.


This Goblin has a scary face, but if you look closely, you’ll see that it has a certain charm to it.


『 Gii, Gii?……What is this? What are you doing? 』


While I was thinking about this, my path to the Goblin was connected.


He seemed to be confused by the new sensation, but he seemed to have adapted rather quickly and was dexterously sending me thoughts.


『 I’m Aya. I’m your master. 』


I told him so with a little more forceful thought.


To be honest, I’m not very good at this kind of high-handed attitude, but if I make a bad move here, my ability to enforce it afterwards will be severely weakened. I have no choice but to be resolute in my attitude.


Yes, I’ll do my best.


『 Gii……You’re tough. I get it. I’ll follow you. 』


The Goblin obeyed my words more easily than I expected.


It is said that monsters, magical beasts, and demon tribes all have a tendency to swear allegiance to those who have defeated them or are strong.


This is similar to humans, but it seems that the belief in power held by monsters and demons is much more significant than that of humans.


「 Yeah! Nice to meet you, Gobsuke! 」


『 Gobsuke? 』


When Gobsuke looked at me with a puzzled look, he pondered a bit before asking me a question.


『 Is that a name? 』


「 Un! That’s right! Do you like it? 」


『 No, I didn’t think I’d get a name. All right, I’ll be a Goblin with a name. 』


When Gobsuke nodded his head, the magic inside me flowed into Gobsuke. At the same time, I felt the path connecting me and Gobsuke becoming stronger.


 The act of naming has a special meaning for both the Magic Beast and the person giving the name.


The act of giving a name is a wedge that strengthens the relationship between the two, and the two influence each other more strongly.


This is the reason why magical beasts that are given names grow to be stronger than those of their own kind. However, this is not to say that you can receive this benefit without paying anything.


First, the total amount of magic power of the person who gave the name will be reduced. This reduction is not temporary, but permanent, as it is used to reinforce the path between the recipient and the recipient of the name.


Therefore, an ordinary Magic Beast can only name a few monsters, and since the total amount of magical power is reduced, it is inevitable that one’s own strength will be reduced.


That’s why it is necessary to choose the target of the naming carefully.……


「 Is that okay, Aya-chan, that you gave it a name so easily? 」


I guess she knows the importance of naming them, Luka-san asked me.


「 Hmmm, maybe I should have thought about it a little more properly, but then again, I’ve never given a name before. I thought it would be better to just go ahead and do it. Besides, I can’t fail this time, so it’s better to do what I can! 」


To be honest, I was envious of Leticia-chan and Chibi-chan’s relationship.


「 Hmmm. If that’s the case, I don’t really have anything to say. Then let’s move on to the strategy! Nice to meet you, Gobsuke-chan. 」



『 Nice meet you…… 』


A mixture of confusion, upset and other emotions came from Gobsuke.


Gii was holding his head in his hands, looking as if he’d drawn the short straw. I wonder why?


We’re in the middle of a tailing operation.


After the first step of the operation, Goblin Taming, we split into two groups, Luka-san and Gobsuke, and myself and Gii, Luka-san and the others to contact the Lord’s group, and us to follow them.


「 Haah……Haah…… 」


The only sound in the forest was the damp breathing of Luka-san.


『 Is this really what the operation is about? 』


In the forest, Luka-san crawled on all fours on top of the tied-up body, and proceeded to carry Gobsuke on top of him. The ends of the rope are held in Gobsuke’s hands as reins, and every time he walks and sways, Luka-san’s body is tightened.


「 Oh, the humiliation.……I can’t……I can’t get enough of it…………! 」


I’m not sure why Luka-san’s voice is so seductive. I’m not sure what to make of this, but I’m sure it’s a good idea. ……Luka-san is such an honorable person that she’s willing to sacrifice herself for this mission. ……Gobsuke is also upset that he’s riding on such a Luka-san, even though it’s to lead the mission to success. I’m not sure what to make of it.


『 Un, it’s okay, Gobsuke! Luka-san has sacrificed so much for us! You should be proud of yourself! 』


I’ve been thinking about it for a while. I’m not sure what to do, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.


「 I knew it, but you’re a real jerk. 」




「 What do you mean…… 」


I was about to grab Gii’s shoulders and shake him but I stopped myself……


『 Master! 』


I’m not sure what to make of it.


When I looked, there was a Goblin……a Goblin knight in not-so-shabby armor with a sword in his hand. The fact that it was a Goblin Knight made me and even Gii gasp.


In the event that you’ve got a lot of money to spend, you’ll be able to take advantage of it.


But that’s only if the opponent is single-armed. At the back of the Goblin Knight, there were archers, priests, and mages. This is because the Goblin unit that destroyed Youmu-san’s party was not the most elite, but rather a unit that could be assembled in a reasonable number.


At the very least, this would destroy the best-case scenario that we had overestimated the Lord.


But since Luka-san won’t back down, we can’t back down.


『 Gobsuke, no change in strategy. Stay on it. 』


After receiving my instructions, Gobsuke took the initiative to talk to the knights.


It was a simple conversation between Goblins, but after naming Gobsuke and bonding with him more strongly, I could vaguely recognize what they were saying. This may be an unexpected harvest.


「 Stop. Who are you? What brings you here? 」


The Goblin Knight points his sword at Gobsuke and speaks in an intimidating way. I heard that they don’t attack without question, when it’s of their own kind. This is the first time I’ve ever had to worry about this, and I can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief after proving it to be true. However, the negotiation starts here.


I’ve already told Gobsuke how we’re going to negotiate, but I don’t know how he’ll react.


Guy is getting ready to use his spirit magic just in case.


「 Wait, wait, please. My herd has been devoured by the Silver Wolves! The only survivors are me and this livestock! I’ll give you this livestock, and I want your herd to protect it. 」


This area was originally inhabited by Goblin and Silver Wolf, and there were always problems between the two races. This kind of thing could even be said to be an everyday occurrence anymore.


The Goblin Knight gives it some thought, but in the end, he listens to Gobsuke’s wishes and guides him to the pack. The Goblin Knight thought about it, but in the end he listened to Gobsuke’s wishes and said he would guide him to the flock.


At any rate, the second phase of the mission is progressing smoothly.