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Chapter 43 Black Knight

TL:    Yuki




“Let’s go, Chibi, Youmu!”


I shouted, and we quickly packed up on the two Goblin Knights guarding the entrance to the nest.


“Gee! Giiiiiiiiii!”


One of the Goblin Knights notices this and turns to look at us, readying his weapon, but it’s too late. At the same time as I created the blood weapon Knife, I also put a fraction of magic power into my body enhancement ring. The power surged from my body, and with a single step, I was able to close in on the Goblin Knight and cut down his armor with a single blow.


This is the first time I’ve used it in practice, but it’s quite comfortable to use. With it, I think I can deal with opponents of the same rank with a certain amount of leeway.


As soon as I cut down the Goblin Knight, the other Goblin Knight also fell into the blood.


Chibi’s moon wolf claws tore the Goblin Knight into pieces. I’m uncertain if it’s because it’s originally Chibi’s skill, but it seems that Chibi is a few steps ahead of me in handling it.


[ You have defeated Goblin Knight and gained 142 experience points.]


[{Vampire Princess} lvl has increased from 11 to 12.]


Now that I’m up to speed, it looks like Goblin Knights are pretty tasty opponents in this level range. As long as we don’t even know how dangerous they are inside, it’s nice that we can raise our level even a little.


“Totally… You’re still as unbelievably strong as ever.”


Youmu came up to us a little later with a half-amused look on her face.I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I guess the growth compensation from the {Demon Lord} is pretty significant. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but I guess the growth compensation from the {Demon Lord} skill is pretty significant. According to Youmu, my power is already pretty high among the D ranks.


Of course, I can’t afford to be secretive about it, but if I continue to grow at this rate, it will eventually become impossible to hide.


What will I do then?


Will I tell her? Or will I just disappear before that happens?


“Well, it seems that the Vampire Little Princess race is strong to begin with…  I guess?”


For now, I’ll answer vaguely. Youmu did not say this with any intentions, and you cannot stir up a conversation here. We descended into the Goblin’s den while feeling a twinge of pain deep in our hearts.



“Is this guy a bad joke or something…?”


Youmu unintentionally let out those words in the passage of the den.


The Goblin’s den was paved with bricks for the floor and walls, and magical lights were lit at intervals of several meters. It wasn’t much of a boon for me and Chibi, who had good night vision, but I was honestly grateful that Youmu didn’t have to take one of my arms to hold the torch…


“What’s wrong?”


I looked into Youmu’s face, wondering what the problem was.


“What do you mean, what’s wrong…? Oh, you don’t know the common sense of this world that well, do you? Usually, Goblin nests are natural caves at best, and at worst, burrows that they dug themselves. There’s no way they could prepare bricks or even a magic lamp if they weren’t this big. Even if it’s a Lord’s nest.”


“Then this is…?”


Even if I can’t think with that common sense, this nest is actually paved with bricks and lit with magic lights.


“If you think about it in the most convenient way, for some reason, the Goblin Lord has taken up residence in an abandoned military base that has not been documented or recorded.”


Even as she said this, Youmu’s face spoke eloquently of the impossibility of such a thing.


“So what if we think it’s normal?”


“It means that the Lord of this hive is the kind of guy who hides his actual strength and steadily prepares for an invasion, before he’s evolved or not. It’s probably that the guild was reasonably well-prepared when they were concerned about the Lord’s outbreak, and if they had just left it to the numbers and attacked the nest, they would have been beaten back, and the city would have been destroyed in a stampede.”


“Well, I guess Luka made the right decision. This place can even be called a dungeon now.”


Youmu’s voice was a little shaky as she said this. It’s not an overstatement to say that there are many ways to get back at them. I can feel the seriousness in her voice. There is no lie in those words, but that is why there is one thing I don’t understand.


“If that’s the case, why is it so poorly protected?”


After a few minutes of walking through the passage of the den, we encountered some Goblins and had a battle, but we didn’t run into a horde of Goblins. I wondered if they had already invaded the city, but no such reports had been received. Then where the hell…? I wondered where the Goblins had gone.


I walked on for a while longer, thinking about this. After walking for a while, we came to a large plaza.


From the plaza, several paths branch off and extend in many directions.This might be the central square in Follceras.  If this is the case, then the large and splendidly paved road is the one that leads to the Lord’s base…


That’s when I started to think about it.


” Master! Uwah!”


“Eh? Uwah!!!?”


As soon as Chibi shouted that, as if she sensed something, she grabbed me by the arm and forcefully pulled me towards her.


At the same time, I heard a crack in the ceiling. The cracks spread quickly, causing the ceiling to collapse and trigger a landslide. If not for Chibi’s help, I would have been crushed by the earth and sand.


… If it hadn’t been for that, there would have been no need to be in such a hurry.


As long as I didn’t die instantly, it wouldn’t be too difficult for me to recover.


The problem started there.


The earth echoed with a thud, a crack appeared in the ceiling, and a Goblin appeared from there. I could feel the surrounding atmosphere grow heavy just from that.


It was wrapped in jet-black armor, and although it looked a bit small compared to a big man like Adlas, it was twice as tall as a knight who was about the height of a child. And what was surprising was the creature in his hands.


He was holding a large, black-painted sword as tall as he was, and holding it lightly.


I quickly cast {appraisal} on the other party as soon as I could.


Name: Daz


Race: Goblin Black Knight C-


Status: Normal


Level: 14/30


HP: 280/280


MP: 140/150


Strength: 223


Endurance: 190


Agility: 132


Magic: 85


Luck: 42




{Goblin Black Knight} Rank: C-




This is the form of the Goblin knight who has the greatest talent.


He has a physique and intelligence rivaling that of his race, and is also capable of simple magic.


It is said that they are even worshiped as heroes by Goblins.




What!? Rank C!?


In addition, his status is higher than mine except for his magic power, and his muscle strength is over 200! In addition to this, it is possible to read the status but not the skill structure, either because of the superiority or because of the influence of other skills.


The accuracy of the appraisal varies greatly depending on the difference in ability between the subject and yourself, whether the person receiving the appraisal is willing to disclose information to the person casting it, and their skills. Even if information is not revealed indiscriminately, even that information can be a disadvantage when dealing with a superior opponent.


Although the other side may have the advantage in terms of status alone, the difference in strength is not so great that I can’t defeat them if I use my ring of physical enhancement to the fullest. And there are three of us. If you look at it in terms of numbers, there is still an advantage, but such a thought is immediately overwhelmed.


At the same time as the Black Knight appeared, more than a dozen heavily armed Goblin Knights appeared from the back of the plaza’s corridor and deployed to surround us. It seems that we were the ones who were lured in. It makes sense then that the defense was unusually low.


Without averting my gaze from Black Knight, I glanced over to appraise one of the Goblins surrounding me.


It was nothing compared to the Black Knight, but even so, the endurance of over 100 was not something to be taken lightly. In addition, there were Goblins in the rearguard, though I couldn’t see them.


These must be the elite troops possessed by the Lords. Were the troops that had been sent to the vicinity of the city just a number of misfits?


Now, what to do…? That’s when I grabbed my knife.




Name: —


Race: Goblin Heavy Knight D


Status: Normal


Level: 11/20


HP: 72/72


MP: 15/15


Strength: 82


Endurance: 124


Agility: 42


Magic: 45


Luck: 31


–Resistance Skills.


{Physical Resistance Lv1.}


-Normal Skills–


{Sword Arts Lv2}{Shield Arts Lv4}{Defense Lv3}




{Goblin Heavy Knight} Rank: D




This is an evolved form of a Goblin Knight who is more suited to heavy armor.


Their physique is not much different from that of Goblin Knights, but they have strong endurance.


It’s impossible to wound a heavily armored knight with ordinary attacks.




“I’ve heard of the intruders, but I didn’t think they were really undead…  Vampire little girl.”


Black Knight spoke in a heavy tone, using human language.