Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4 Toward the village 002 〜Somehow, it’s a ghost town〜

Chapter 4 Toward the village 002 〜Somehow, it’s a ghost town〜

TL: Chinozuku

I Arrived at the town.

Rather than a town, it looks like a village.

Not a single person present at the moment.


「This is troublesome.

Kuu, no one is here.」




I was sad.

Kuu’s voice wasn’t cheerful either.

He probably understand my sadness.


I tried to look around.

Many part of the house was broken, some was destroyed.

No house with lighting.


Even so, in this darkness, I’m still could see clearly, is it thanks to this body? Let’s thanks the God for that.

If I ended up fighting with monster, it will be million years though〜.


「Is there anyone, Kuu?」


He sounded 「Kuun」 and was sitting.

It seems he was tired.

He was bullied and wounded, running a lot, and the long walk, he was tired, rightー.

I’m also tiredー.

Finding a place to stay, a place where the roof wasn’t broken.


Ah, that house looks big and pretty save to stay!


「Hey, Kuu.

Let’s go to the big house over there! It should be okay even if it’s raining, right?」


Kuu got up and following me from behind.


I looked around and think.

It could be possible that this town were attacked by the demons and have been abandoned.

There was also a house that was heavily damaged.

There was also lots of debris on the road.

I walked for a while and arrived at the destination.


「We finally arrived, Kuu.

Good work for today.

Let’s have a rest insideー」


Some rooms were broken and the wind comes in but, this room has a good ceiling, even if it’s raining in the middle of the night, it will be alright.


「We will stay in this room for today, Kuu.」


Kuu was limp.

He was exhausted.

I ignite the fireplace with magic.

The surrounding become brighter.


「Kuu, it’s time to eat〜.

Even if I say that, I don’t have anything other than apples……」


I put my hand inside the magic bag, I imagined an apple, and took out an apple from the magic bag.


I lightly throw the apple upward, and cut it with wind magic.

The apple was cut by countless green blades, the apple was divided into 8 parts equally except the core.

I catch the falling apple with both hands, putting it down in front of Kuu.


「It’s okay to eat, Kuu.

This is Kuu’s share.」


Then, I put the apple’s core inside the magic bag and took my own share of apple, munching the apple as it is.

After watching me, Kuu started to eat his own share which has become an easy to eat apple in front of him.


「Kuu is really smart♪, but next time, you don’t need to wait me to eat first, you may eat before me.」


Kuu was sounding 「Kuun♪」.

Kuu ate the apple deliciously.

Hunger was probably the reason for his not too cheerful condition.


I look around the room while chewing the apple.


「Is there a cup or plate to pour water in? Ah, there they are. 」


I went to a place that looks like a kitchen, placing a wooden bowl on the sink.

There was no faucet.

Is this world, was water taken from the water well outside of the building?

Or they could use magic to get the water out?

I use magic though.


I imagined a small small clouds above the sink, from the clouds, water rains down like a shower.


「Oh water, wash away the dirt on the dishes.

Shower (Water)!」I shout.


I lightly wash the wooden bowl with a shower, stopped the shower, and returned to Kuu’s location.


I placed the wooden bowl in front of Kuu, using water magic, I filled the bowl.

Then, I put my hand inside the magic bag and took out water pouch and put it beside the bowl.


「Kuu, when you drank all the water in the bowl, you may drink from this water pouch.」


I loosen the string on the water pouch, pour the water from the water pouch to the wooden bowl while Kuu is watching.


「Kuun♪」 he sounded, he licked the water from the bowl.


He, probably understood right? I took out my share of water pouch from the magic bag, drinking the water.


Kuu raised his face, looking at me with curious face.


「Why do I need to take it out from the magic bag?」


「Gau.」 He shouted.


「Because when there are some people around, and if I make an apple or water pouch appeared on my hand, I will be held suspicious, right.

That’s why, for precaution, even when nobody is around, I’m gonna use the magic bag to put things in and out.

Do you understand?」


I explained it to Kuu while lifting the magic bag.


「Gau♪」 He shouted with cheerful voice.

It’s as if he said that he understood.

Then Kuu lay down, curling up his body.

He took a rest.


Now, I have finished eating dinner, time for a bath, a bath〜.



Will a bath exists in this world?


「Nothing means no, right?」