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Chapter 4 Toward the village 003 〜Time for a bath〜

TL: Chinozuku


「Kuu, I’m going to look for a bath.

Kuu is tired right, so take a rest there.

I’ll call you if the preparation for the bath is ready, then we can take a bath together〜」 (TL: Invite me toooo)


After Kuu replied, I started to look for a bath in the house.

Then, somehow, I found a room, but it was badly destroyed and the ceiling was gone.

The sky was dyed in emerald green.


「Uwaah〜! Amazing, amazing!! Truly wonderful.

I have never seen anything like this when I’m still on earth〜♪」


There’s no ceiling but I can see the beautiful starry sky.

Moreover, an aurora! There was no aurora before! The wall itself is present, no peeking.

In the first place, it’s a ghost town, no need to worry.


Well then, the bathtub is available but I didn’t see any faucet.

Thinking that, I found a hand pump-like thing over there!


「Oh〜, people in this world also have a hard time taking a bathー.

What a pain.」


Of course I don’t think to use the hand pump to get the water out.

I don’t want to sweat all over just to take a dip in the bath.


「With that said, I want to fill the tub with hot water and enjoy it.」


I imagined a small cloud above the tub, then hot water falling from the clouds like a downpour.


「Shower (Hot water version)!」Chanting like that and the hot water came out.


After that, I want to let the water cool off a bit, but how do people in this world kept the water warm? Even if I look around, I could only see bathtub, hand pump and a bucket.

Is this the type of bath that heated from outside using firewood at the bottom of the tub?


I went outside the house to take a look.

I walk in the house, it was really dark, but I can see really well.

Vampires could become a bat right? But, isn’t bat couldn’t see well with their eyes? Are vampires different with bats? Could having a demon’s body gave you a good eyesight? Well, who cares.

I can see clearly even in the darkness!


Ah, but bats used ultrasonic waves to locate their prey, whether its location or its size, right~.

With that, they could fly freely in the cave, right? If I used an ultrasonic wave, even when I can’t see, will I still able to move freely〜?


I stopped, closing my eyes, opening my mouth, saying 「Aaaaaa」, hoping to emit an ultrasound from my mouth. (TL: First time seeing a vampire emitting an ultrasonic wave  (¬‿¬ ))

I imagined.

Even if you close your eyes, with voice (ultrasonic wave), you can state anything around you〜 even if you close your eyes, with voice (ultrasonic wave), you can state anything around you〜 I imagined like that.

I think it’s impossible to get a colorful vision, so let’s go with monochrome! Even if I closed my eyes, I can understand the surrounding with monochrome color.


「Ooh! it’s somehow strange but it’s fun! Moreover, even without saying “Aaaaa”, I still can see it clearly, why is that? I wonder if it’s ok to let some voice out.」


I’ll stop speaking.

After a while, it became pitch black.

Opening my eyes.


「Yup, based on data or something when I let out voice (ultrasonic wave), then when I stopped, I still can maintain the monochrome world for a while! Amazing, so amazing♪」


I hopped happily.


「But, when it comes to battle, keeping the voice out is a bit troublesome, rightー.


Humming! I wonder if humming can substitute my voice? My magic is a magic to realize my imagination! I’m sure everything will be okay!!」


With that said, I closed my eyes, time to start the experiment! Even with humming, the ultrasound will still be emitted, even with humming, the ultrasound will still be emitted, what I imagined while humming.


「Hum, hum, huum, huhuhuhum〜♪」


Yup! I can see the surrounding in monochrome! With this, closing my eyes while humming, when I have a poor visibility or even when it becomes pitch black, I will still be ok.

Even if I got blinded with sand thrown by the demons, it won’t be scary.

Hmm? No, why demons?


「In the first place, why do I emit ultrasonic waveーーー!?」


I intend to go to human’s town but, why did I do something like emitting ultrasonic wave or doing something unhuman…….


I down on my knees, looking on the ground, dejected.

I just realized that I unconsciously have in mind to fight the demons.

I might have been infected by the God’s hunting syndrome…….

Better do something fast…….


「Let’s enter the bath quickly and renew my mood.

For that reason too, I need to ignite the fireplace.」


I exited the house and headed to the bathroom’s outside.

Looking up at the sky, it was more magnificent and beautiful than the view I have seen in the bathroom.

I stopped my foot, fascinated.

And I feel that I’m really in another world.

I could see aurora maybe because it’s a snow country, but I don’t really care because there is nothing like this in japan.

There is also mofumofu, isekai is the best〜♪ Rum, rum, rum♪


well then, let’s go to the back of the bathroom.

Ah, there? I arrived!


「Yup, it’s alright if I ignite the firewood, right.



I ignite the firewood and look around.

There was a pile of firewood, so I picked up some and throw in the fire.


「The preparation is complete! Let’s get back and enter the bath!」


I moved to Kuu’s location.

When I entered the room, Kuu lifted his face and looked at me.


「Kuu, the preparation for bath is done, come here〜」I waved my hand toward Kuu.


Kuu stood up and come to me.

And we headed to the bathroom together.


「Do you know about bath, Kuu? After you washed your body clean, you entered the hot bath, you know?」


「Gau?」Kuu tilted his head.


「I wonder if the snowy mountain doesn’t have any hot spring. You entered the hot water to warm your body, you know? It feels so good, you know?」


「Gau」Kuu responded with complicated voice.

It seems that he never entered a hot spring.


I arrived at the bathroom.

I tried to scoop the hot water from the bathtub and pour in on the ground.

Is it a little hot?


「Come here, Kuu〜.

Try to touch this a little.」I put my palm on the hot water slowly.


Kuu came to my side, lightly lifted his right front foot, and lightly put his right front foot into the bucket filled with hot water.


「!? Kuuuuu, Kuuuu」He cried and got away from the bucket. (TL: Well, he’s fenrir, so it’s natural that he hates something hot)

Kuu used icicles to cool his feet.


「Oh myー.

It’s probably too hot for Kuu? I’m sorry, Kuu.」I went to his side and patted his back.


「Then, I’ll cool it off for you〜.

Wait here a bit.

I’ll be right back.」


I quickly went outside of the house, used water magic to extinguish the burning firewood.

I immediately returned to the bathroom.


「Thanks for waiting, Kuu.

I have extinguished the fire, it won’t become hotter than this.

I’m going to take my clothes off, wait a moment.」 (TL: 俺は見たいなぁ( ̄▽ ̄))


I took off my clothes in the dressing room.

Then, when I tried to fold my clothes, I realized something I should not have realized.


Yes! There are 10 big holes in my clothes!!


「Ugh!? Nyaaaaaaーーーー!!!」