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Chapter 4 Toward the village 004 〜This time, a bath for sure ①〜

TL: Chinozuku

Kuu heard my scream and came to my side, he probably think “What the hell happened?”.


「Kuun?」 He tilted his head, he was like asking “What is happening?”.


「Well, you see.

The clothes I was wearing, it’s full of holes you knowーーー!? I wore that while walking all the time! If there was a person in this village, I would be so embarrassed, you know!?」


I showed the holes on my clothes to Kuu.

Kuu tilted his head, “Those happened for a while, and now?” was his impression.


I stared at the holes on my clothes.

That’s right! Because I was skewered by the cool beauty, there were many holes in my clothes! Wait a minute, hole holes on my back is…….

Could it be, the wings? Could the wings ripped the clothes when it appeared?


Uuh, I won’t be able to use the wings freely from now onーーー.

Muu, what a trouble…….

Well, when I go to human’s town, it would be okay if I don’t use the wings, it would be okay! Once you tasted the fun flying in the sky, tasted the ease of movement, you would want to use it again, right?


Moreover, even though it had so many holes, why didn’t I feel cold? I would immediately notice if I felt the cold…….

That’s it! I have a body of a demon, I don’t feel cold.

Wait a minute? Then, when I feel the hot water that just a bit hot, could it be, it was really that hot!!


「Kuu, show me your paw!」(TL: I changed hand to paw)


I put Kuu’s front foot in foot in the hot water.


「Healing Kuu’s front foot, High Heal!!」


I shouted.

Warm orange colored light healed Kuu’s front foot.



「I’m sorry for earlier, Kuu.

It was really hot, right.

I’m really sorry.」


I said that and rubbed Kuu’s front foot.


「Kuun」He cried and licked my face.


「Kuu is kind.

I’m really sorry.

I’ll be more careful next time, please forgive me.」


Having said that, I patted Kuu’s back several times.


「Haa, this is so troublesome.

My feeling for hot and cold is differentーー」


I was undressing right now.

Even though I only wear my underwear, it was not cold at all.

Even though it’s a snow country !?


「Haa, even though I was skewered by those 4 ice lances, I have an immortal body, couldn’t feeling hot or cold was something I couldn’t help…….

Immortal? In exchange for that…….



I took my underwear off and closed the door, I entered the bath together with Kuu. (TL: Now this is interesting, but can I have some illustrations for this)


「For now, shower until it’s cold (Water)!」I shout, raining the bathtub with water.


If I did it for a while, it will become warm.

Next, time to wash Kuu and removing the dirt caused by dry blood.


「With lukewarm water for Kuu! Shower!!」


Small small clouds appeared, pouring lukewarm water.

I controlled the strength of the rain.

I’ll fill the bucket with lukewarm water.

When already accumulated a little, I put it in front of Kuu.


「I’ll shower you from your tail 〜.」

If it was too hot, tell me or run away, okay? You don’t need to bear it, right?」


I showered Kuu from his tail.

Kuu looked at the bucket, he put and pull his feet, playing with the water.

It seems it’s not that hot.

I’m a little relieved.

I lift his tail and shower his butt.

Kuu was moving restlessly, but he didn’t run away. (TL: (-‸ლ))

Next, I washed his back while gently patting with my hands while being careful not to shower his ears.


I imagined the cloud to be tilted, it poured the lukewarm water diagonally.

I moved the clouds near the back leg and alternately wash the back leg with hands alternately.


「I’ll lift your back leg, Kuu〜」


「Kuun」He sounded and stood up.


「Thank you〜」I responded and lifted his leg.

After lifting one leg, I asked him for the other leg to be washed.


「Time to lift the front leg, Kuu〜」


「Kuu」He sounded and I lifted his front leg.


「Thanks〜」I replied and wash the sole of his foot.

After lifting one leg, I asked him for the other leg to be washed.


I increased the output power from the clouds to clean the floor, and the floor was cleaned.


「Roll over and stomach up, Kuu.」


Then, I washed his stomach gently with hands.


「Is is good, Kuu?」


「Kuun♪」and a cheerful reply came.


I would be better to wash a bit more if I had some soap but, nothing can be helped.


「All right.

The last one is your head.

Look up and close your eyes, Kuu〜.

I wonder if you can flatten your ears? So the water won’t enter your ears.」


I put both my hands on my head, flattening my ears as if there were ears there.

Then Kuu replied with 「Kuun」 and flattened his ears.

Then, I showered Kuu with weak lukewarm water and gently wash him with my fingers.

I also washed his face and his chin gently with my fingers.


Kuu showed a satisfied face.

It was worth the effort. (TL: Then, wash me next 〜)