Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4: Toward the village 005 〜This time, a bath for sure ②〜

Chapter 4: Toward the village 005 〜This time, a bath for sure ②〜

TL: Chinozuku

Fiuh, it was really hard.

It was hard to live in a house with a dog, rightー.

Well, it’s not someone else’ problem anymore.

Kuu shook his body and splashed water around him.


「Mou! Do that a little further away〜」I warned him.


Kuu looked at me with innocent look.


I looked at the bathtub.

A little deep.

It’s impossible for Kuu to enter.


「Then, let’s make a simple bath for Kuu! Oh rock, create a wall!」


I made 2 rock walls from the ground, attached it to the corner of the bathroom and made a shallow bath for Kuu.

Then, I lifted Kuu and put him inside the simple bath.


「I’ll explains what bath is, Kuu!」


Using shower magic, I made a rain of lukewarm water above Kuu’s location.


「Stay there quietly, Kuu. Slightly sit down, so the water won’t overflow.」


With that said, I used magic to create a rock wall and make a box next to Kuu’s simple bath.

I used magic shower and fill it with lukewarm water.

I went to the dressing room, took my underwear, and put it inside the box I just made.

Then, I ordered the lukewarm water.


「Oh lukewarm water, swirl around and wash my underwear! And reverse the rotation sometimes!」 (TL: What a convenient way of washing, no electricity? no problem!)


Yes, I made an instant washing machine! I’m sweating and it has lots of blood on it, it was natural, right…?


Kuu looked at the instant washing machine curiously.


「Don’t look at it too intense Kuu, your eyes will rotate, you know?」


Kuu’s eyes were following the swirling underwear, his head was spinning.

It’s a bit fun to watch♪


「Well then, time to wash myself.

Increase the temperature a bit so I could feel the hot water!」


I shout and then shower came out from the clouds, I washed every nook and corner of my body.

If you look at it, it looks like a human body, only the appearance! Well, I’m glad my chest seems a little big bigger, my hands and feet are a little more plump than before, I become healthier, but my height was the same as before.

After moving for a day, I don’t feel uncomfortable when moving my hands and feet, maybe because my height was the same as before.

How about my face〜? There was no mirror at the moment, so I don’t know how my face looks like.

I wonder if I turned into a beautiful woman? My height was not that tall, so beautiful woman is out of question.

Then, a beautiful girl is enough for me♪ I wonder if they sell mirror if I go to a big town.

I hope the sell it.


Oh my, I forgot to wash my hair.

I was too focused on checking my body, I completely forgot to wash my hair.

I took my long hair in my hand.

Now I noticed that I was a blonde.

Ooh〜Yukine-chan has become a foreigner〜♪ an impression of myself.

Thank you, God〜! I thanked God and washed my hair.

Uuh, I want shampoo and conditioner…….

I miss Japan a little.

I finished washing my hair while thinking about if this world has shampoo or conditioner.


Then, I washed every nook and corner of my body again.


「Time for me to enter the bath as well♪」


With that said, I soaked my body in the bathtub.

Yep, what a nice temperature.

Fuah, I’m alive again〜.

Because today was somewhat tiring.


「How’s your bath, Kuu? Not too hot? Just right?」


When I looked at Kuu, he looked enjoying the bath.


「Kuun♪」Kuu replied with cheerful voice.


「That’s good.

This what you call bath, you know? If you want to enter again, let’s enter this together 〜.」 (TL: Ah, sure)


「Kuun♪」Kuu sounded.


Yep, he’s pleased.

I was afraid that he hated bath because I put his front foot into hot water, but I’m glad he didn’t hate it.

I looked up to the sky.

Kuu looked up at the sky as well.


「The night sky is beautiful isn’t it, Kuu〜.

I wonder if this world’s night sky always this beautiful〜?」


「Gau」 He sounded while looking above.


「Is that so〜

What a beautiful night sky〜.

This world may be overflowing with demons, in that exchange, the night sky looks so fantastic. That God, she may like fantastic scenery despite liking hunting.

Speaking of which, the magic stone from the tree demon has some mysterious color and it was so beautiful.」




Kuu seems completely didn’t understand my words.

Time to get out from the bath.