Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4: Toward the village 006 ~I’m tired~

Chapter 4: Toward the village 006 ~I’m tired~

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki


I get out of the bathtub, approaching the simple washing machine, grab my underwear and squeeze it lightly. If I put it in front of the fireplace, will it be dried by tomorrow~? For the time being, I moved my underwear to the item storage from the menu.


What to do now. There is no towel. U~n, ah! There is that thing! I took the magician clothes out into my hand. Because it’s a long one piece, let’s use it as a towel!


I use the front side of the clothes to dry my hair. Then, wipe my body thoroughly. And then, I used the back side to dry Kuu’s body.


「This should be enough, Kuu, go to the fireplace and dry your fur there, right? Kuu go first.」I said that to Kuu while patting his head.


「Gau♪」Kuu barked and went ahead.




I put the magician’s clothes that was used as a towel into the simple washing machine, at make a whirlpool. I ordered it to reverse the rotation sometimes. I will fetch it up later and dried it in front of the fireplace. I have a feeling that I will forget to pick it up.


I entered the dressing room, and picking up the adventurer’s clothes which packed with lots of holes.


「I can’t use it anymore, let’s just leave it here. And I have the one piece clothes.」


I took out the white one piece and wore that. Even though going commando, it doesn’t feel breezy. (TL: Going commando means she’s not wearing a bra and panties) The demon body is inconvenient like this. If I forgot to wear any panties and went outside, it will be a big trouble. If the wind blows up my skirt, I will die from the embarrassment! The demon body is terrifying. What a dangerous body……. I shook my body (Note: It was not because she’s cold), and walk towards the fireplace’s room where Kuu is waiting.


Kuu is lying in front of the fireplace. It seems he’s relaxing.


Is there any coat hanger in this room? to put my washed underwear and place it near the fireplace. Then, I dived toward sofa-like thing, and thinking of what I should do for tomorrow.


This village was abandoned. Where should I go next? From the lake to this place, I saw neither village nor town. So, if I go to the opposite direction than when I go to this village, will I find a human village?


But, if this village was done by demons, maybe the other nearby villages are done as well……. Muー, Yukine-chan just wants to live in peace, but that peace is so far away……. Hiks hiks.


On the first day after being reborn, ① Battle with tree monster ② Battle with brown wolves ③ Battle with the ice spirit, etc, seriously, this isーーー!


I flapped my hands and feet while on the sofa. Kuu was surprised, lifting his head and looking at me.


「Ah, I’m sorry Kuu, for surprising you. It’s nothing so you can go back to sleep. I’m sorry to wake you up.」


Kuu barked with「Kuun」and curled up.


This is bad, this is bad. I made Kuu surprised. I need to calm down a bit.


Are those brown wolves fenrir as well? Comparing with the image of fenrir from the game, they were just too weak. Maybe they are coexisting with fenrir? Or maybe they’re just a monster? But what was with that ice spirit? She seemed to hate demons, and then maybe those brown wolves are not monsters? But if they’re just normal wolves, they won’t be able to use magic, right? Or maybe every animal in this world could use magic?


No matter how much I think about it, I only know that this world has lots of monsters, so thinking won’t help me. If I could at least meet with humans in this world, I could ask much about this world!


It won’t do unless I found a human village, my thoughts were unsettled, I got sleepy. Kuー.


Yukine lie down on the sofa, and fell asleep…….