Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4: Toward the village 007 〜Morning activity〜 

Chapter 4: Toward the village 007 〜Morning activity〜 

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

The next day, I woke up on the sofa, getting up and stretched my body. Then, Kuu was sitting while sounding 「Kuun」besides the sofa.


When I said「Good morning, Kuu! Let’s do our best today! 」

I got a cheerful reply 「Gau!」


When I patted Kuu, I remembered the about magician’s clothes I washed yesterday on the simple washing machine. Kuu followed me into the bathroom.


「I’ll be back quickly, so you can just wait here.」


Kuu still came with me even though I said so well anyway, let’s head to the bathroom together.


「Oohー, it’s still spinningー. My magic is amazing! 」


I stopped the whirlpool, took the magician’s clothes, and squeezed the clothes.


「What should I do? Is it okay to just put it inside the magic pouch? It doesn’t matter if it’s wet, because the time inside the magic pouch is stopped…」


I moved the clothes toward the inventory from the menu screen.


Watching that, Kuu scratched his neck. Aah, because I didn’t put it inside the bag yesterday! Maybe, because I did something like that.


When I said「Kuu, Humans are filled with lots of inconsistencies, you know? Remember that, kay? 」


Kuu replied with「Gau」 it’s not like a convincing reply.


「Human will quickly switch to an easier way to do something. I often lose to the temptation, forgive me, ok? 」


Kuu replied with「Gau」


Muー, a small observer has been born. It seems I need to be careful if I were to say something thoughtless in front of him. Let’s be careful.


「Now, let’s head back to the room and have a breakfast~」I said that to dodge him.


Arrived at the room, I took out 2 apples and 1 water pouch from the magic pouch. The, as I did yesterday, I cut the apple using magic to make it easy to eat, put it in front of Kuu, and fill the wooden bowl with magic. Kuu ate the apple deliciously. I bite the apple and drink some water.


After done with eating, I washed the empty water pouch and wooden bowl with magic lightly. Then, I put both of them and the apple’s core into the magic pouch, binding the pouch using a string.


I wonder if the apple seed could turn into an apple tree~? Planted peach and chestnut seeds take three years (to bear fruit), persimmons take eight. ​Was it something like that? What year will apple take? Well, that’s that. Certainly, you can’t eat it right away without waiting for a few years. (Tn: If you use a ‘make-it-grow-right-now’ magic, you can eat it right away)


Apples……. Only half of them remained. I want to preserve it but, if I do that, I won’t have any lunch or dinner……. ……. It would be bad if I can’t find a human village soon, isn’t it……?




My sudden scream startled Kuu.


「Kuu! We will do a hunt while looking for a human’s village, ok? Kuu wants to eat meat as well, right? 」


「Gau, gau♪」


It seems Kuu wants to eat meat. He’s waving his tail. As expected, meat is better than an apple, well, that’s to be expected, he’s a wolf.


「But, Kuu will have to do the hunt as well, ok?」


Kuu froze when I said that. Eh? Why?


< Explanation corner >


Q: Ain’t Yukine’s shield just too weak?

A: It’s possible to create a shield that could withstand any attack but it would drain all her magic power. If that happened, she won’t be able to use any more magic.


Let’s assume that Yukine’s created a shield with defensive power of 500. (We will not consider the durability.)


The elder Trent’s attack power is 100 when the Trent attacked the shield, the shield will not break because it doesn’t exceed the shield power.


Cool beauty Greisha, the ice spirit’s ice lance’s attack power is 800, it exceeds the shield’s defensive power, so no matter how many shields it layered, they will break.


Yukine’s magic depends on Yukine’s image power. Yukine’s visualized image was just stronger compared to elder Trent but it was weaker compared to cool beauty’s ice lance.


So, if she was like ‘I want a stronger shield than before’ or ‘A shield that won’t be broken by the ice lance!’, she would be able to create a shield with a defensive power of 1000 or 2000, and it won’t be broken no matter how many times it gets attacked by the ice lances.


In the battle with the cool beauty, Yukine couldn’t think of such an idea, and she just deployed a multilayer shield with the same defensive power, the shield was broken one by one by the ice lance.


It’s up to Yukine’s imagination whether the shield will be broken or not. If she doesn’t strengthen her imagination, only shield with 500 DP will appear, even if she deploys a 2 or even 3 layered shield…….


Note: The numerical value is now considered appropriate, with a series of attack, the shield should break. Verification? Consideration? Please forgive me for not doing so.