Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4: Toward the village 008 〜Is Kuu bad at hunting?〜

Chapter 4: Toward the village 008 〜Is Kuu bad at hunting?〜


TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

「Kuu, have you been on a hunt before?」


Kuu averted his face. His tail’s movement stopped. Muuー, he wants to eat meat but doesn’t want to do the hunting. Aah, speaking of which, cool beauty did say that Kuu’s power is weak…….


「Can Kuu use magic? You see, the brown wolves are capable of using icicle-like magic. Speaking of which, you used magic when we were in the bathroom, right? 」


I tried to imagine the brown wolves’ icicle and produced 1 of it on my hand. Kuu saw that and produced the same amount, floating above his head.


「I wonder if you can produce more than one~?」


I tried to produce 3 icicles on my hand. But Kuu, with sad voice 「Kuun」, looking downward, dejected.


「Aa~, Kuu, I’m not particularly mad at you, ok? I just want to know how far Kuu is capable of doing.」


I patted Kuu’s head while saying that.


「Even with only 1 icicle, you just need to hit the enemy’s weak point, it depends on how you use it, I’m sure! I’m not ordering you to fight alone, please rest assured because you’re going to fight together with me, kay? I’m rather strong and you know that as well, right, Kuu? 」


Kuu hid behind me.


Muー, if I don’t give him some courage, the hunt won’t have good results……. Will he gain some confidence if he caught the prey himself?


But what should I do? Using 1 Icicle… When prey opens their mouth, skillfully launch the icicle inside its mouth, will that go well?


I will show him an example. For the next prey, I will weaken it and let Kuu deal the final blow. Maybe something like that? Let’s do it!


「Kuu, I will explain the plan! First, when the prey appeared, I will give you an example. That time, you only need to watch me. Then, when the second prey appears, I will weaken it first, and then Kuu only needs to imitate me and deal with the final blow. Do you understand? 」


With an unwilling voice, Kuu replied with 「Kuun」.


「Well, if it’s impossible, you just need to watch, kay? But when a chance appears, work hard a bit, kay? Let’s go outside for a while! Do you need to go to the toilet? Ah, the toilet is a place where you pee or poop. Dismissed.」


After saying that, I picked up some flowers. Toilets exist in this world too. Paper exists as well. Unfortunately, toilet seats don’t exist in this world but, in the first place, this is an abandoned village, finding paper is already counted as lucky. Then, I realized something. Speaking of which, it has dried……. After using the toilet, I used magic to wash the toilet.


After I go out of the toilet, I was stark naked. I wore my underwear and the white one-piece again. The skirt is not that long so it’s rather easy to move around. If I pop out my wings, it would produce holes like what happened on the adventurer’s clothes but, not being able to use wings is rather a painー. Uuun……. Speaking of which, God did say that if I were unable to skillfully use my wings, I still can fly using magic, let’s train it later. Not being able to fly while fighting monsters will be troublesome, right!


I placed the magic pouch from my shoulder down, and picked up the dragon cane. Kuu then approached me.


「Let’s go then. But first, let’s go back to the bathroom~. After collecting firewood, let’s head to a new village〜♪」




We went to the back of the bathroom. I stored as much firewood into the menu screen. I would end up in the field if I couldn’t find a town or a village. Because of that, I decided to pack up as much as possible. It’s okay because it’s an abandoned village, right? I’ll accept it with gratitude.


In exchange for that, I planted 2, 3 apple’s core on the ground. I don’t know if it will sprout in another world though. I did that while hoping that this would be useful to someone else later.


「Well then, let’s head toward the next village, Let’s go〜♪」