Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4: Toward the village 009 〜Cute is justice〜 

Chapter 4: Toward the village 009 〜Cute is justice〜 

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki


Now, let’s hunt some monster if we meet some!


For the time being, we started to move in the opposite direction from the lake where cool beauty is. While walking, we met with around 5 rabbit (?)-like monsters!


「Waah〜! Waah〜! There’s a lot of fluffy fluffy〜♪」


I put the dragon cane away (to the menu screen), and play with the rabbits.


There are white, chocolate, and black rabbits, you can choose one! Normal ears, dropping ears, and very long ears and every one of them is very cute♪


「They are really cute〜♪」


Cute is justice! I will hold and pat them♪ they’re small and cute. I was healed〜 I want to bring them back home〜 is what I thought but, from behind me, I heard Kuu 「Kuun, kuun, kuun」with a sad voice.


Oh〜, Kuu. Could it be he’s jealous? This is bad…….


「Kyuun, kyuun.」


Moreover, the voice is different from his usual voiceーーー!?


I put the rabbit down, running toward Kuu, and hugged kuu.


「I’m sorry, Kuu〜. It’s not like I hate Kuu, please don’t use that tone again, kay? Here, *pat* *pat*, good boy, good boy〜」I patted Kuu.


I wonder if Kuu concerned about whether they will take me away from him〜?


「Kuun, Kuun」Until his tone back to his usual tone, I patted his head, I patted his back, massaging his throat with both hands, patted the back of his ear, stoke his belly and thought it was really difficult. When I played with another animal, let’s play with Kuu as well! That… will be okay, right? Fuuhー. I was impatient…….


When I was trying to lift up Kuu’s mood, the rabbits seem to have already gone somewhere. Uuh, rabbit, come back (cry)!


Well, joking aside, let’s continue to move.


「Gau!」Kuu barked.


「Eh? Why didn’t we hunt the rabbits? Cute is justice, you know? You may not hunt the rabbits, okay? 」I warned Kuu.


Kuu replied with a sad voice 「Kuun」. But, I can’t let this one slide.


「No means no! It can’t be helped if a dangerous rabbit attacked, but……」I made a little compromise.


「Gao」 Kuu replied while looking downward.


At least, I need him to understand. To lay hands on cute beings, I don’t have such resolve to do that. Forgive me, Kuu. It’s a murder rather than an appetite!


「Let’s continue moving!」


「Gau」 (Tn: I feel bad for you, pal)


Then, after walking for a while, the scenery gradually changed from hills to rock mountain. Then, after moving for a while, I encountered something. 2 gold-eyed black goats cried with strange and weird voices.


< Town’s name >


Thinking about a town’s name is difficult. Thinking about the name, searching for it,


Pasil → a simple and delicious recipe of pasil came out. (Tn: The name of food from PH) Was it Pasil instead of basil leaf? Is there such a thing?


Pasiloon → it doesn’t look good. No information was shown when I searched for that.


Gadroon → woah!? A beautifully decorated photo of a teacup and saucer came out. It seems to be a three-dimensional decoration of continuous unevenness of tableware.


Gaddrud → it was a character of someone’s story.


Gadroo → Naga is born between Kashuyapa and his wife Gadul!? First time I read that.


Badrude → Le was Ryu, but it was the name of the monster that appeared in ultra**n.


Umm, may I cry?


That’s why one of the names of a town has become Pasiroon. *sfx of showing something*