Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4: Toward the village 010 ~Animal with strange scream~

Chapter 4: Toward the village 010 ~Animal with strange scream~

TL: Chinozuku
ED: Yuki

「Ah, Kuu! There are goat-like creature at the rock cliff, goat-like creature!」


Hee~ goat? they can climb that high~ that surprised me~. Kuu’s movement become strange when I thought about it.


「Kuun, kuun」 Kuu cried while hiding behind me.


Eh, what happened? those goats are magical beast? While thinking about that, the black goat from the top of the cliff descending with tremendous speed!


「Eh! What’s with that speed! Kuu, cancel the hunt! They look dangerous!」


One of the two stopped midway, examining my current condition. The other one keep descending. Then,


「*VaaaByahyaa!」 [TL: is that even a sound?]



The two goats, one with high-pitched voice, one with low-pitched voice, screamed.


The moment I heard that, shiver runs through my back, it was a harsh voice.


A scream to make us falter, the one that was descending, running toward us. It has 4 horns!


The black goat that was coming toward us, it’s golden pupils shine strangely. That moment, the black goat’s 4 horns fly toward us.


「What’s that!?」


I couldn’t avoid it because Kuu is behind me.




I put both of my hands forward, creating 4 shields!


That moment, the horns clashed with the shields.


Dong! Dong! Clang!

Dong! Dong! Clang!


It broke 2 of my shields. Pretty strong. Disregarding its horn, the black goat scream 「Veeeeee」 and continuing charging toward us. I imagine a stronger shield than the one that broke before, and pour magical power into the remaining shields.




The goat clashed with the shield, but this time, the shield survived! The goat falls down. I erased the shields and brought out the scythe, and when I was about to deal the final blow to the fallen black goat, Kuu pulled my skirt sideway while crying 「Kuun, Kuun」, I came by to my sense, picking up Kuu and jumped sideways.


Then, ‘Zugan’. A loud from behind me was heard. When I turned around to look, there was a hole in the ground.


From the fallen black goat’s direction, from the other black goat’s rolled horn, an electric shock was sent toward my previous standing location. From that ammonite-like rolled horns, electric shocks are being charged.


If Kuu hadn’t told me, I would have been shocked by that electric shock.


「Kuu, thanks for telling me. Stay away from me a little, okay? because it’s dangerous!」


Saying that, Kuu lied down on the ground, I readied the scythe with red black strange light above my head.


「Let’s see, your electric shock or my electric shock, which is stronger?」


I swing down my scythe. This time, from the tip of the blade, red electric shock was fired toward the enemy!


The black goat’s golden eyes shine, from the rolled horns, electric shock was fired!


Electric shock from both parties, red and yellow, released, clashing with each other.


「How about, this!!」


I, strongly, strongly imagined my red electric shock, overpowered the black goat’s yellow electric shock, and put magical power into my scythe. That moment, the power of the red electric shock increased, devouring the black goat’s yellow electric shock. That situation goes on and the black goat was attacked by the red electric shock but, as I thought, electric shock did insignificant damage to the black goat. But my red electric shock is different with normal electric shock. It’s red. It will burn because it’s red, right?


「Be burnnned!!!」


I pour different magical power into the scythe. That moment, the black goat ignited.


The black goat screamed 「*Uoovibyaauiveee!?」 while burned and fall. It running amok but my fire didn’t extinguished.


「Yup, it’s burning, it’s burning♪ Electric shock was no good but being burned seems to be it’s weakness!」


It should be safe to ignore that one. One more goat!


The goat that lost it’s 4 horns fled away. There’s no reason to overlook that! If it can restore those 4 powerful horn, it would be a trouble for me. I won’t know what will happen in a fantasy world. The tree demon’s branch could extended that long, it won’t be strange if it has power to recover it’s lost horn.


Now, I want to fly but I can’t. Because it will tear my clothes! Then’ let’s fly with flight magic! I can fly. Fly in the sky freely. My body can float up to the sky! Yup, as expected of my magic♪


「Come, let’s start playing hide-and-seek, shall we? The one who will become the demon is wa,ta,shi~♪ because I’m a vampire~♪ Then, I’ll chase you~」


My fired bullet-like magic fly toward the black goat. That’s why, the hide-and-seek ended too quick. I was Running side by side with the black goat,


「Let’s end with, this, ei♪」


I cut it’s neck with rotating slash from the side. A body with no head, the body continued to run for a while and ended fallen down on the ground.


「The hide-and-seek is my win, black goat-san. We will eat you guys later♪


With that, the battle with gold pupil black goat ended. But, a big problem still remains. I should be more thoughtful to power up Kuu. I should be fine if I was attacked by many at once but, Kuu will be done for it he’s attacked like that.