Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4: Toward the village 011 〜Let’s make Kuu stronger①〜

Chapter 4: Toward the village 011 〜Let’s make Kuu stronger①〜

TL: Chinozuku
ED: Yuki


What should I do? I’m thinking. There are things like make a contract with the demons or spirits, having your wish granted like power or divine protection, those are all things usually happened in novels or games. If we made a contract with a demon, our life span or soul would be taken away, if I’m not wrong~


I got an idea! If I made a contract with Kuu, if I’m able to give Kuu magical power, from 1 icicle, Kuu probably be able to launch more icicle! Ah, it’s not ‘probably’, I’m sure it’s like that. With my imagination magic, if I make that kind of contract magic, everything will be ok!! Yup, Yukine-chan is brilliant~♪


For now, I picked up the black goat’s head and body that was lying on the ground, (item box on the menu screen) and stash them away. I stash away my scythe too.


Then, I came back to the roasted black goat’s location. Kuu was sitting in front of the burned black goat.


「Kuu, why are you sitting on a place like that?

「Gau♪」 an energetic reply from Kuu. What does he feel proud of? Ah, I see! I patted Kuu with the palm of my hand. I understood the reason when I saw the black goat’s head.


「Kuu properly did the final blow, right! Good boy, good boy♪ Even though I haven’t teach you how to deal the final blow, but you’re able to do that exactly what I was about to teach you, Kuu is really smart!♪

That’s right, Kuu launched the icicle toward the black goat’s opened mouth. The icicle magnificently pierced. A job well done! I patted Kuu’s chin and back while praising him. Kuu seems to be delighted. It seems that gave him a boost to his confidence. I’m really glad.


For the time being, my stomach is empty, and it’s just perfect that we have roasted meat in front of me, let’s make this a lunch!


「Kuu, the long awaited meat has come~. I hope it’s delicious.」 when I said that,


While drooling, he swings his tail, barking 「Gau, gau」. It seems that he’s happy. Moreover, A prey that he finished on his own♪


I made the wooden bowl appeared on my hand, I power some water with magic into the bowl. I put that in front of Kuu. Next, I made the red-black scythe appeared on my hand, slicing the roasted black goat round, and took them. The cut part (part where the scythe cut), burned. I imagined the fire to be extinguished, and I put out the fire with that. Let’s gave it first to Kuu.


「Come, let’s eat♪ It’s the prey that Kuu finished

Kuu replied with 「Gau♪」, eating the meat deliciously.


I took a slice as well, it was enough roasted but, when I was about to eat, I realized that I have neither chopsticks nor sewer, well, that’s natural. I don’t want to eat it with my bare hands, I made the fire wood appeared, cutting them with magic, creating a skewer that was big enough for the meat. In the meantime, I made some chopsticks as well. Then, I cut the meat, stabbed it with the skewer, and because it was roasted enough, I started eating.


「Delis~♪ what is this!? It’s really delicious, we did it, Kuu♪

Saying that, I was eating vigorously. Eat. Eat. It’s so delicious that it will never be enough.


Kuu barked 「Gau gau♪」. I’m sure he wants the second serving. I want it too!


「Want to try to roast it rare this time?

Saying that, I sliced the black-goat meat. It burned but, I immediately extinguished the fire. This time, it was a medium rare (but the outer layer was well roasted), I put that in front of Kuu. The moment I put that, Kuu started to eat that hungrily. I sliced my part as well, immediately extinguished the fire, and started to eat. The meat was juicy, an irresistible taste. We continued to eat those until we had enough with it.


After finishing lunch, we decided to take a break there. We’re tired after the battle. I stashed away (item menu storage) the remaining head and body of the black goat.


「Kuu, I’m a little bit sleepy, I’m going to take a nap, kay? And when I’m awake, I’ll power up Kuu! Then, oyasumi, Kuu.

With that said, Yukine leaned against Kuu and fell asleep. Kuu was troubled, couldn’t move, screamed 「Kuun」 and decided to wait until Yukine woke up.