Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4: Toward the village 012 ~A horn was grown~

Chapter 4: Toward the village 012 ~A horn was grown~

TL: Chinozuku
ED: Yuki

Awaken from the nap, when I stretched my hands upward, I realized something was different with my head. I tried to touch the base of my ears with both hands. ………….


My head grew horns…….


Dear father and mother in heaven. At last, I grew horns! No,


「Wh, wh, wh, why did I grew horrrrns—-!?」


Talking about horns, I can’t think of other than them. The black goat that screamed with disgusting and stream voice!! The moment I ate their meat which contains their blood, I obtained their special skills! Was it something like that, dear Goooooood—-!


Right now, the horn that I grew was ammonite-colored rolled horns. The rolled horns that the black goat used to released an electric shock. Can I do the same? I’m sure I can, right……. I tried to imagine charging my horns. The horns sparked. I imagined releasing the electric shock toward a rock in front of me. Then, the released electric shock traveled mid air, struck the rock, and destroyed it.


What a thing to happen. Dejected, I was on my knees. If I have such rolled horns around my head, shouldn’t it be better if I could open up about being a demon and get along with humans? They have 2 kinds of horns, aren’t they? 4 horned one which meat I ate and one which grows horns? Could I swap the horn? If I eat different meat everyday, could I took and change the horns? Could that be more enjoyable? No, no, no, no…………. I can’t eat that meat again. Even though It was that so delis……. Even though It was that so delis……. Yukine-chan will not forgive them unless they become corpses!! I will eradicate you all if we meet next time. Ufufu♪ fufufufu♪ I faced every stone in my field of vision, screaming like 「Ugaa—」 or 「Unyaa—」 while beaming laser [TL: it was an electric shock, but I changed it into laser to make it more sadistic] toward the stone, it was sorrowful. [TL: She’s honestly scary]


Looking at Yukine who was firing laser from her eyes that glowed a strange red light, Kuu was shivering. He curled his tail tight, shivering. It seems like he remembered something.


By the way, returning to my senses, I realized it was a special skill, so it’s up to me whether I’ll use it or not, and I decided to make the horns disappeared. With this, I can eat the meat of the black goat with ease of mind but, the wrath toward them is not disappearing. With that said, If we meet again, I’ll eradicate you all, you hear? Fufufufu♪