Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 4: Toward the village 013 ~Let’s make Kuu stronger ②~

Chapter 4: Toward the village 013 ~Let’s make Kuu stronger ②~

TL: Chinozuku
ED: Yuki


In the meanwhile, I apologized to Kuu.


「I’m sorry, Kuu. Sorry for the unsightly scene.」


Kuu replied with 「Kuun」, a little bit scared.


Mumumu, I lost my calm for a moment and because of that, I scared Kuu.


「Hey, I said something before I took a nap, right? I want to power up Kuu.」


「Gau?」 Tilting his head, and like saying something like that even possible?


「Made a contract with I, become my familiar~ If thou did so, I’ll grant thou a new power~ or something like that?」 I tried to put an act and said that.


Kuu replied 「Gauu」 and looking at me with dubious eyes. For now, it seems his fear has somewhat stopped.


「If you ask me how, a magical contract for me to be able to give Kuu magical power ignoring the space, a bound like that! If I did so, Kuu might be able to launch many icicle magic, right? 」


Kuu barked 「Gauu」, a contract with a demon race should cost you something, right? With that kind of feeling, Kuu took a step backward.


「Muu, Kuu, something like that probably won’t happen, you know~? Yukine-chan, taking life force, and when you died, I would take your soul or something, I won’t do that, you know?」


Kuu tilted his head, 「Gauu? 」 then, what’s the compensation?


「When Yukine-chan want to feel your fluffy fur, I’ll have the right to to feel your fluffy fluffy fur! I basically am rejecting your rights to reject me! Like, this—! 」 saying so, I started to caress Kuu.


I touched Kuu’s chin, the back of his ears, his back, his stomach, and various places. Kuu’s expression is showing that he’s feeling good.


「How’s that? When I want to caress Kuu, Kuu should just stay put and let me do something like that, is the compensation for the contract. Make a contract with Yukine-chan? When you’re out of magical power, I’ll send Kuu some magical power. If you want my magical power, put your front leg on my right hand and say ‘Kuun~♪’ saying that, I crouched in front of Kuu and offered my right hand.


Kuu put his hand on mine, barked ‘Kuun~♪’ energetically.


Cobalt-blue lights appeared around me and Kuu, and at the end, those blue lights warping us.


「The contract has done! With this, thou had become my familiar, I will send thou magical power when thou need it–, something like that? Ahahaha, it went well♪」


Kuu tilted his head, barked 「Gau? 」. It seems he didn’t get it.


「For the time being, try to shoot the icicle, like this.」 saying that, I launched 3 icicles.


Kuu barked 「Gau! 」, trying to shoot the icicle. The number is 5 icicles!


「Oooh, amazing! The number exceeds mine♪ then, can I shoot more? 」 saying that, I shot 8 icicles.


That said, Kuu barked 「Gau! 」 and shot 10 icicles!!


I hugged Kuu and said 「Happy for you, Kuu♪ so many icicles! If you meet those black goat demons from before, you don’t need to be afraid and fight them, right? 」 and when Kuu heard that, he replied 「Kuun♪」 happily. I caress Kuu many times.


Well then, I have successfully powered Kuu up. Next is my turn! is what I want to say, but it’s not about magical power but flying magic, when I flew before, but I felt something was off. I would say, I’m interested in flapping wings……. With that said, I’m gonna make wings with my magic!! If were talking about making wings ーーー、


「Angel’s wings! Without ripping my clothes, manifest on my back!!」


The angel’s wings manifested on my back, I flapped the wings and fly.


「This is it. This feeling! Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmhmhmhm♪」 I flew while humming. Kuu looked up to me from bottom.


「Kuu wants to fly too?」 I shouted with a loud voice from the sky above, I tried asking Kuu. I was joking when asking Kuu that but, Kuu was ascending.


Kuu made an ice footstep into the sky. While running toward the sky above, those footsteps were created.


I’m really surprised, leaving my mouth open. Right now, while Kuu was circling me, he happily barked 「Kuun♪ kuun♪ kuun♪」. At last, I come to my senses.


「Kuu, that was amazing! Rather than flying, why you can run in the sky!? You look like a pegasus!!」


Looking at Kuu, he’s happily walking freely in the sky. The reason why Kuu was bullied was due to his weak magical power. That’s why his spirit is weak as well. But, now is different. The magical power I gave, causing him to freely using magic. It can’t be helped if he’s happy, really happy using magic……. I’m glad for you, Kuu, *snuffling*. I wipe my tears.


「Yup, it’s fun and a really grateful things to be able to fly freely in the sky, don’t you think so, Kuu?」


With that said, I approached Kuu with a good mood, and took a walk in the sky for a while.