Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 1: Conversation with the God, looks like I’m dead.

Chapter 1: Conversation with the God, looks like I’m dead.

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

Author’s Notes:

It’s a fantasy world using sword and magic to fight monsters.

Yukine-chan was using scythe and magic but…


I thought I would try to write something to begin with.

First person point of view.

It’s my first time writing, so I thought there will be many misspelling, clumsy part, and hard-to-understand section. I have heart of glass so please let it pass.

If you don’t like it, please close the page.

m( _ _ )mぺこり.


The title page has been changed partially.

[Old] Yukine-cha’s another world’s incarnation, I stopped being human~.  (Temporary)

[New] Yukine-chan’s another world’s incarnation~ I, after became a vampire after being reincarnated!? If you drank your opponent’s blood, you can copy their skills!? What I asked for is a skill that can make my imagination come true!?~ (Temporary)

[…Nn? The room is still dark, is it still night?]


I woke up in the bed and was looking around.

There’s some blue, beautiful and dim light floating around the place.

What’s with this mysterious space?


Umm, maybe I’m still dreaming?

It’s not a dream you know, Ookami Yukine.


I was surprised by the sudden voice and was looking at the person.

Therefore, a big blue light appeared in front of me and flickered, I thought the blue light will shine brighter, but the blue light became human.

Moreover, a beautiful woman.

It transformed.

Her boobs are big.

So jealous.


First of all, Nice to meet you, Yukine.

You’re dead because your body couldn’t withstand your excessive magical power.


With that, the beautiful woman in front of me told me the shocking fact.


Umm.. so I’m dead? In this realm, are you a god?


Why does she know my name? Maybe because she’s a God? I won’t feel any pain anymore because I’m already dead right?


I’m not the God of earth but, I’m like a God to this world.

Your soul is generating an abundant amount of magical power, and that magical power couldn’t be contained in earthlings body, so the God of earth sent you here.

Every day, the pain caused by the rejection was really sever, right? Even if you are born again on earth, I’m sure you would hate it if you die again and again, right? Then, you will be born again in this world which allows more control to your soul.


Papa and mama who were already in heaven due to accident.

It seems Yukine couldn’t go there.

It seems that I will be reborn in a different world.

If I won’t need to feel pain every day, even if it’s in a different world, then you will still forgive me, right?

For now, let’s ask about the magical power which causes unknown pain for me.


Dear God, what is magical power?

Magical power is magical power. (TL: You don’t say?)

It’s a power to use magic that is famous on earth which is found in manga and games.


Will I be able to use magic? I’m also surprised that magic exist but, does God read manga and play games? That one fact surprised me more.


Does God plays earth’s games?

Of course. Because I think earthling games are interesting, I’m incorporating the things I like into this world. Well, sometimes I failed and it become a mess.

Aah, but magic originally exists in this world, it’s not an adopted feature.


Oh my God.

She’s not only playing earth’s game.

In this world, is the content of games already mixed into reality?

What does she mean when she talks about failing sometimes? Like a powerful monster appeared and the village was annihilated? Please go easy on me.

I asked the God while being nervous.


Ooh, umm, I am going to be sent in a world that reflects some of the game content that God likes, right? What do they usually use magic for?


The God answered with a smile on her face.


Well about that, it’s for the sake of killing monster and survive, isn’t it? It’s a bloody fleshy battle that burns life.

God is a hunter group.