Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 1: Conversation with God 002 ~ I’m going to cry, you know? ~

Chapter 1: Conversation with God 002 ~ I’m going to cry, you know? ~

Chapter 1: Conversation with God 002 ~ I’m going to cry, you know? ~


TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

You’re creeping me out you know, God.

Are you a hunter or something? Am I going to be transferred into a death game?


「No no no.

God, please wait a moment.

I have been in a hospital bed, suffering from severe pain, you know? I don’t have any stamina, you know? I’m just weak, you know? That’s why I can’t fight the demons! Even if I were reborn in that world, I will instantly be killed! I don’t want that anymore.



While I was talking, my emotions gradually getting worse, and I cried in the end.

I’m just a 12 years old girl, please go easy on me.


「Eeh!? Wa … wait a minute.

Why are you crying? Ah, hey! Everything will be okay. (TL: Everything will be daijoubu)

I will give you some special incarnation benefits so you won’t die even if you encounter any demons! Okay? I beg you, please stop crying, kay?」


It seems even God was at her wit’s end looking at me crying.

I’ll try to listen while trying to get up.


「What kind, *hik, benefit, *hik, will you give me? *hik.」


「Umm, aah, Yukine-chan~, what kind of skill do you want~? I will be happy to do that for you~. 」Like that, God was asking me with cat-like voice.


「Yukine, always looking outside from the hospital’s window, I have never played outside.

I was so jealous of the birds that could fly under the bright sun freely.」I said, with a little resignation.


「Is it okay if you could fly in the sky like birds~?」God did her best to smile while listening to me.

Though I’m a little bit forcing it.


「No, that is wrong.

I want to fly in the sky under the sunlight like the bird, but as a human.」


「Isn’t it~ I want to fly as a human~.

Yes, I know~, that feeling.

Moreover, even if a demon appeared, if I can fly in the sky, I can fly away from them, right! Yep yep.」


「Are the demons coming?」I was looking at her with tears on my eyes.

When she saw me, she thought ‘this is bad’, I was entrusted with her.


「It’s… it’s okay! If you’re flying high in the air, you will be safe! Look, there should be more, right? Just tell me, will you?」


「Yukine, often passed out due to anemia.

That’s why I don’t want to be anemic.」


「Anemia? Umm, like having not enough blood, is it.

Yep, I’ll give you a healthy body that can be replenished even if you are short of blood!」


Isn’t anemia about lack of iron or lack of red blood cell? But, if I can become healthy, that doesn’t really matter.

If you have a healthy body, the pain caused by magical power, won’t be there anymore, probably.

Everyday was really tiring, I’m glad.

Yep, I felt a little bit better.


I took a breath.

And then, I suddenly thought.


Huh, even if you can fly, I don’t think I can survive against demon.


「Umm, God.」


「Whassap, Yukine-chan.」


「With current benefit, will I really be able to live where monsters really do exists?」


「It will be hard with just that, please wait! Don’t cry! Please listen to me till the end!」


She put both her hands on my shoulder while speaking.


「Like I said before, Yukine-chan’s soul is capable of generating a large amount of magical power.

Even if you were reborn in this world, that one thing won’t change, means you will be able to use magic.」


「I, magic? That’s sure is a happy thing but, my body was in pain due to magical power, I don’t what that any more, right?」


「You will be incarnated with a body capable of withstanding your magical power, please be at ease.

Beside, with Yukine-chan’s abundant magical power, you will even be able to use high-level magic! That’s why, you will be able to fight the demons without any problems! Hunting will be fun!」


Oh God, thy sure are a hunter.


How am I supposed to fight? I can’t stand fighting monster, they’re too scary.


「Are? Why are you down? You will be fine if you have magic.

What kind of magic do you want to use? Like flame, lightning, water and ice, there are many magic that can be used here.」


After saying, the God takes out paper from the air and showed it to me.


「Tell me anything.

I will register that magic right after you being incarnated!」


I’m thinking.

I want to be able to use many magic because I will be a magician.

Intentionally, I answered her question with a smile on my face.


「Please give me everything.」(TL: Just as I thought. Overpowered MC incoming.)