Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 1: Conversation with God 003~ Am I greedy?~

Chapter 1: Conversation with God 003~ Am I greedy?~

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

「Sure, sure, everything is ok.

Eeh!? All of them!?」She was astonished and surprised.


「But the thing is, Yukine-chan, I, God, think that having all of them is too greedy.」


「But you just said ‘tell me anything’.」


「You even said ‘Sure, sure, everything is ok’.」I said that while gazing at her, covering her statement.


「Look, what kind of magic should I learn next learn next~ Like that happy feeling when learning new magic, or like this strong monster is weak to water, when you met them, you retreat, and learn water magic, after that, let’s have a rematch! And Like having fun while in the verge of death while fighting monster, learning everything from the beginning will break that fun, and like, well, it’s that….」


「I don’t want to die, so I don’t want to fight monster while on the verge of death.」

And what is with ‘break the fun’ thing? My life is on the line, you know? Didn’t you say that you will give me a body that wouldn’t die even if I met any monster?


I put my hands together and prayed to her with teary eyes, like a puppy.


「Uh, well, I did say that but, well…

If you already learned all of them, then it will be boring…」


Right now this person, did she say ‘boring’ with a small voice? Haa, how troublesome.

Do I have really have to entertain her? Really?


「Then, please prepare 1 magic, a really great magic for me.」


I asked her with an exceptional bright smile.


「Eeh, only 1 magic!? If it’s only 1 amazing magic, I’ll gladly register them.」


「Absolutely absolute!?」


「Absolutely absolute.

God don’t lie.

Then, what kind of magic do you want?」


「I want magic to realize my imagination.」


「Realize your imagination?」


「Yes, it’s a magic where I can use other magic while imagining that magic.

If I’m not mistaken, God likes earth’s manga and games and applied them in this world, I’m an earthling.

I’m certain that I will be able to make some interesting magic, don’t you think?」


Even though I said that, I think it’s gonna be useless.

Everything should already be there.

I don’t have any expectation to Her answer.



It’s not like you have learned all kind of magic but, that kind of magic still have possibility to learn all kinds of magic, but well, it does have a process needed for you to learn, and I think it will be fun.

Creating magic from your imagination based on the situation while fighting monster.」


She was grumbling.

Is it okay to expect something here?


「Not bad.

Moreover, Yukine-chan is an earthling.

It might be possible for you to create magic that doesn’t exist yet in this world.

That certainly is interesting.

Yep, I have decided.

It’s okay, Yukine-chan.

I’ll register your initial magic that can realize your imagination, just for you!」


「Are you sure!? Yaay! Thank you, God.

I’m really happy!」


It was a big no before.

This might lead to a happy life.


「However, I will put some restriction to magic related to resurrection.

It can easily revive someone.」


「Because it will be boring?」I interrupted her.


「Right, that one’s part of it too but, if that kind of magic is found out, you will be targeted by various countries.

Then, if you get caught, you will be confined.

Even if you escaped using magic, being on the wanted list, you won’t be able to live freely.」


Uhh, I’m afraid to be confined.

Moreover, I have been hospitalized for a long time, I want to go to various places.


「If you don’t want to be confined, it’s okay not to use the resurrection magic. And, there will be some good countries out there and they will be useful, don’t you think? You can live a stable life there.」


「If it’s about can or cannot, you can.

That is if you’re lucky enough to find such country.

But, you will probably be living like a bird in a cage, and if the information about you leaked out to another country, they will surely come to get you.

Every country would want you so much.

That in the end, your happiness won’t last long.

Even so, you’re still good with that?」


「Of course I don’t.」


I shake my head while trembling.

I don’t want an everyday life where I can’t feel at ease.


「I, myself, hate that as well. It’s not interesting.

Oh, and boring magic is also rejected.

Because I won’t be able to enjoy it.

You will make some interesting magic, right? Well then, the conversation ends here.

Next time, when Yukine-chan wakes up, you should already be inside the world I made.

A fun and enjoyable world, where sword and magic is used to fight against monsters.

Please use the magic I gave you to your heart’s content!」


「Yes, thank you very much, dear God!」


「Umu, good luck out there.」


After saying that, she snapped her finger and I lost my consciousness.