Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 2 : The beginning of the New World 001 ~ I become ○○○

Chapter 2 : The beginning of the New World 001 ~ I become ○○○

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

「Hnn, fuah~」


I moved my body to get up.


「Was it just a dream? The dream is not re… al.」


I was stunned by the sight in front of me.


「Eeh, I’m inside a cave?」


I’m on bed right now.

I was wearing a white dress.

It was surrounded by rock walls except for one direction when you look around.

If you look at the top, there is light coming from here and there.


I feel like I’m inside a narrow cave.

And there is a table in front of me.


「A bed and a table inside a cave…

Then, it wasn’t a dream at all.」


There is a letter on the table.

I stretch my hand from the bed to get the letter on the table.


『To Yukine-chan.


If you read this then you were successfully reincarnated.

You may not be happy about this.

But because Yukine-chan’s body generate too much magical power, even if I were to enhance the body, a human body is still impossible to contain all of your magical power.

That’s why, you ended up in a demon’s body, please forgive me.』(TL: That’s how hooman works.)


NANI!? What did she just said!? I’m not a human anymore!? I panicked and look at my hands and feet.

There’s nothing strange here.


Calm down….

Let’s continue reading the letter.


『Even though it’s a demon’s body, the appearance still looks like a human, please be at ease.

No horns as well as tails.

Also, you said that you often lack of blood, so I turned you into a vampire.

Not only human’s blood, but demons, animals is an OK! (TL: Really? Just like a mosquito). Every living beings has its own blood flavor, please take your time to taste them one by one!』


My head hurts.

What is that person thinking!? Can anemia be fixed with just drinking blood!? Is that so? That’s just wrong!? Is there any vampire that drink blood from other than human? Drink? Not sucking their blood? I opened my mouth trying to stroke my upper teeth with my fingers.

There are no fangs.

Even if someone saw my opened mouth, I doubt someone will know that I’m a vampire.


I’m a little relieved.

I don’t want to read the rest but let’s read it anyway.


『In addition, you can get the genetic information from the blood you drank, like their characteristics, meaning you can get information about their magic, that’s why the fun for hunting is doubled! Congratulation, Yukine-chan.』


Don’t congratulate me! That person, how much does she want me to become a hunter!? Imagine me hunting and drinking their blood.

Blood dripping from my mouth, tasting their blood with satisfaction.

Yep, from human’s perspective, I’m a really dangerous existence.

I did orz pose while on the bed.



I’m sure that She prepared some reward to motivate a coward like me to do the hunting.

Let’s just think like that.

Surely if I’m a boy, I would take a guts pose but, unfortunately I’m just a fragile girl.

I can’t say I’m happy with that.

Haa, I read the continuation while sorting my feelings.


『By the way, even though you’re a vampire, you won’t be ashes even if you’re under direct sunlight.

You will be able to fly freely in the sky under the sunshine, please be at ease.』


I see.

The vampire was weak to sunshine.

Thanks God.

It it was a real vampire, it would have been impossible to live under the sunshine.

Moreover, She did write I can fly, but is there any wings? I put my hands on my back, but there are no wings.

Let’s read the continuation.


『The wings will grow on your back if you strongly imagine of flying. (TL: A magic to realize her imagination, right?)

Next, you just need to flap the wings.

Well, even if you can’t flap the wings well, you can just create a flight magic, just don’t force yourself to use the wings.』



Straight to the point.

For now, the ceiling is so low, I will try it when I come out from this cave.

If I pop the wings and suddenly flying, my head will hit the ceiling, I don’t want that to happen.


『In addition, for the great magical power holder, Yukine-chan, I give you a wand as a present.

If you decided to live a human and then you cast a spell, you will be suspicious. (TL: Maybe because human needs a wand to cast a spell while monster don’t?)

If you use that wand, even if you use a really great magic, they won’t think that it was your skill, but they will think that the wand did the job.』


Then, a faint blue light appeared on the table, I thought it will shine brightly but, a cane with dragon’s head and a blue jewel in it’s mouth appeared.

I took the dragon’s cane to observe it.


The blue jewel is so beautiful.

I don’t have any gems, this makes me really happy.

I smile brightly while looking at the jewel.

I’ll try it.


I pull myself together, trying to look around.

Good, no one saw that.

I’m safe.

I’m glad I was not in a public place.

Alright, flipping the page, let’s read the continuation.


『Fu fu fu~.

I’m glad that you liked it.




My smile froze.

That’s right.

The timing when the dragon’s cane came out when I was reading the letter was really good.

She’s surely watching me.

It was not safe.

I’m embarrassed….


『That cane looks wonderful, and indeed, it will have a great effect.

But, because the amplification magic doesn’t work with just the cane’s appearance, please don’t lend them to the others.

You ability will be barred.

Well, that cane has been amplified, even if Yukine-chan used a great magic, that cane won’t break, something like that.

Then, when you pour your magical power into the cane, the blue jewel that the dragon hold will glow.

Well, I think that will fool the surroundings.

Aaah, if Yukine-chan used a poor quality cane, it will instantly broke, please be careful~』


Yes, God, thank you very much.

I, won’t be considered as human anymore.

I will drink any kind of blood (and taste it).

If I drank their blood, their characteristic (technique and magic) can be learned.

I want to grow wings and fly in the sky.

I will make myself some magic.

Magic can be used without chanting.

Regular cane will broke if I use it.


Yep, it’s full of problems.

I could be found out as not an ordinary man in a blink of an eye.

Let’s be serious, not to die is a top priority.

Let’s do that.

I’m continuing reading the letter.


『Lastly, if you shout ‘Open menu’, a menu screen like in the game will appear in front of you.

If you touch each item with your finger, you can look at the magic and characteristic you have learned, magic bag, and dropped item at a glance.

I will add some other features later on, so check them regularly.』


What is magic bag, God?

While I was thinking, a blue light was glowing again on the table.

And now, a bag appeared.

This is surely magic bag.

Continuing with the letter.


『What I gave you just now is a magic bag.

You can put anything in and out, except for living things.

The time for the thing you put inside the bag will be stopped.

Like defeated demon’s body, if you put that inside the bag, it won’t rot, and I’m sure that will help in your journey.

Well then, I wish you good luck.

A good hunting upon you.

by God.』


But well, I would like to refrain from hunting.

But for magic bag, dragon’s cane, a healthy body (I’m a vampire, however), thank you very much, dear God.

Yukine will try her best to live in this world.

I put my hands together and gave thanks prayer to the God.


Well then, let’s move from the bed and go somewhere else.

The departure to see the new world start now!