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Chapter 2: The beginning of the new world 002 ~Preparation for departure~

TL: Chinozuku



I was thinking of getting-off the bed but I don’t have any shoes.

When I tried to look inside the magic bag, nothing was inside.


Do I have to go outside barefooted? Why is there nothing inside the magic bag? Is it really bad to give me at least food or something? Umm, umm, ah yes!


「Menu open!」


After saying that, a translucent pane appeared in front of me.

Wow~, rather than fantasy feeling, it looks more futuristic…. No, more important than that….


「Magic bag, magic bag, found it~」


Touching the area of the translucent pane, touching the part with magic bag written in it, and the list of things inside the magic bag appeared.


「Umm, the content is~, Apple x10, water pouch 500mL x10, medicinal herb x10, antidote x10, 1 set of adventurer’s clothes, 1 set of magician’s clothes.」


When I touched the water pouch, a screen containing the information about the water pouch and a confirmation for how many pouch should be taken out, appeared.


「For now, let’s take 1.」


I touched the number for 1.

Nothing happened.

Huh~? I looked into the real magic bag to search the water pouch.

There was a small bulge inside the bag.

When I moved my hand inside the bag, I heard ‘splash-splash’ sound.

Its water~! I took the pouch, pull the string, untie the pouch and drank the water.

*Gulp, *gulp, *gulp.



I’m alive again.

I have just reincarnated, and now feeling alive again is just strange, right? But well, who cares.

More importantly, I can take out some clothes in the same way as before! 」


Having said that, after opening the menu pane, I selected adventurer’s clothes, magic clothes, and an apple, and took them out from the magic bag.

The magician’s clothes were a robe stretching from top to bottom until close to the ankle.


「Nope, it will hard to move like that, and the color is pitch black, it’s not cute.

What about the adventurer’s clothes.

Yep, this one is easier to move, this one is much better than the previous one~」


When I took my clothes off, I noticed that I was more plump compared to before.

When I looked at both my hands and feet, I was confused so I didn’t notice it but, if I look at my body now, it was already transformed into a healthy body.

My body was not in pain anymore since I opened my eyes, and my chest got a little bit bigger.

Reincarnation was a good thing.

My face was smiling.


Well then, if I don’t put any clothes soon, I’ll catch a cold.

I put on the adventurer’s clothes and shoes.

Yep, the size was perfect.

As expected of something from God.

But, I wish I had more cute clothes.

Are there any clothes similar to Es○○-chan’s clothes from atelier?


It can’t be helped, for the time being I decided to make earn some money and look for some cute outfits in the town.

And then, I put the clothes that I took off, the magician’s robe, and the dragon’s cane inside the magic bag, and put the magic bag on my shoulder, I grabbed an apple and walked out to the cave’s exit.

Now then, let’s head out of the cave.


I bit the apple and walk towards the light that can be seen from distance.

The apple tasted the same as what I have tasted on earth.

It might be an apple from earth.

If had eaten the 10 apples inside the magic bag, I thought that I might not be able to eat anymore, but I decided to eat while savoring the taste.


Moreover, there are no living things inside this cave.

I wonder if it’s because of her consideration.

Huh? That means, if I leave this cave, the chance to meet monsters is high, isn’t it?

Cold sweat started dripping.


This is bad!? First of all, I have to think of some magic spells! If it’s in a game, fire magic is basic but, it will be able to burn the enemy but, if it headed my way while burning, and I’m sure that I’ll get dragged in the aftermath. Moreover, will it really burn? If it’s a Molotov it’s likely to burn due to the oil being burned.



The magic I received from the God, a magic to materialize my imagination….

If I imagined a magic that will burn upon contact, I’m sure it will burn the monster.

It’s not a possibility, it will surely burn.

The power of imagination to change reality! First of all, magic is a phenomenal thing, so I don’t need to be concerned with the laws of reality!


While thinking that, I went out of the cave.

Uuh, too bright.

I covered my eyes with my hands in order to block the sunshine.

My eyes got used to the brightness, when I looked around, I could only see a vast snow-scape.


「There is so much snow~.



My tension went up and I dived towards the snow.

I buried myself in the snow.

Hmm? Huh? It’s somewhat cool but it’s not that cold.

I got up from the snow and thinking.

Even though it’s snowing here and there, I don’t feel cold at all, is it maybe because my body is a vampire? These clothes aren’t that thick as well, I’m sure it’s because I’m a vampire.






When I turned over to the direction of the sound, I saw a red-eyed demon, about 5m high, and looks like a tree.