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Chapter 2: The beginning of the new world 003 ~The battle start~



「Mo… monster!? You’re kidding!? My heart is not ready for this yet—! 」


Trying to escape, I panicked out of fear.

Incidentally, I dropped the magic bag.



This is bad, this is bad.

Magic! I have to use magic! 」


The tree demon was 15m away from me.


「This will be fine, this will be fine.

Using magic, uh, whaa!?」


I could see the wood demon was trying to swing the wooden rod.

I leaped sideway in a hurry.

The ground when I was standing before is now a hole.

I went pale and was about to cry then I shout.


「Oh flame! Burn the enemy in front of me! 」 Please! Burn it—!


After that, from the demon’s feet, a flame’s emerging, engulfing the tree demon.

The tree demon screamed while being burned.

Nevertheless, the tree still raised its burning branches to attack.


「You’ve got to be kidding!? S..shield, protect me!!」


I stick both my hands in front of me, imagining a wall blocking the attack.




The branch clad in flames was stopped by a semitransparent shield that appeared in front of me.


「*Gachin! *Gachin!」


The branch clad in flames still continued the attack.

The shield glows blue every time it hits.


Scary, scary, scary! I need to run away from here.

I need wings to fly to escape, need wings to fly to escape! Like that, I strongly imagine it . Then I feel like wings were growing from my back.




I flapped the wings on my back, ascending to the sky.


「It, it should be safe, right?

Because I’m flying high above, wha—-!?」


I avoid it in a hurry.

Something was shot towards me!? When I look sideways, the tree branches were returning to the tree demon.


「From that spot, it’s still able to reach me!? Oh shield! 」


I readied a larger semitransparent shield facing diagonal below me. In that moment, there were a lot of attacks that continued to be blocked by the shield from several branches that the tree used.




It’s frightening. I closed my eyes, looking away from the shield.

However, the shield did its job blocking the tree branches, no damage were taken.


「For, for the time being, those attacks won’t breach my shield.

I was saved by this sturdy shield.」


Feeling relieved, I took a breath, gazing toward the tree demon below me.

As I thought, it’s still burning…. (TL: Trees ain’t turned into ashes in a minute, my little loli)


「To be able to move even when being burned.

As I thought, demons are scary.

It seems just a fire magic won’t finish this battle, is there any other magic….

Hmmm, hmmm, Ah! A wind blade! A wind blade to cut the branches! 」


Even while I was thinking, the attacks still continued.

After a series of attacks for using 3 branches, the branches return to the demon over time, and while the branches were returning, the demon attacked again with another set of 3 branches.

The pattern continued just like that.


「Then, if the next series of attack comes, it will be my turn! I’ll show you what I can do while you’re attacking my unbreakable shield.」


I adjusted the timing.

Huu, haa, huu, now! I moved side way to evade the branches, and then I head down while facing my shield toward the demon. The three branches that I evaded passed by on my side.

Then placing both my hands in front of me, I imagined cutting the branches with a strong wind blade and shout.


「Oh wind, cut the branches!」


When I shout so, countless green blades appeared from all directions, cutting the 3 branches.

The 3 branches were shredded and fell.




With that said, I moved sideways to evade the next attack, and continued heading down towards the demon.

Then, like before, I dodged sideways again and cut the 3 branches using wind blades.


After that, I continued dodging sideways to avoid further attack and cut them again, I continued doing that for 5 more times.

Then the attack has stopped, and I ascend to check the situation.


「There are no incoming attacks.

But I’m still scared so let’s leave the shield out like that.

For the time being, the wind magic somehow managed to stop the branch attacks, and the trunk was still there.

Did it die? Speaking of which, I have heard that trees were split in half when a lightning strike them…」


I point my finger towards the tree demon.


「Fufufu. (TL: Don’t be a sad!st yukineee, come back to mee)

Mr. Tree Demon, your life ends here! 」


I strongly imagine the image of the tree, splitted in a half.


「Oh lightning, pierce the enemy below, Thunderbolt! Thunderbolt! Thunderrrrrrbolt!!」


Lightning fell from the sky 3 times toward the tree demon.

Every time it hits, the tree was split, and nothing was left behind.


「Yep, I definitely beat it! Serves you right.

It’s punishment for scaring Yukine-chan.」 (TL: She’s terrifying, gimme my loli back….)


I flapped my wings on my back and flew towards the ruins of what was left from the tree demon.


Yep, speaking of which, I just realized that I’m flying naturally.

I did panic before, but I’m glad I was able to properly fly.

If I wasn’t properly flying before, I’m sure I would be a goner.

I trembled. It’s still really scary even though I’m just thinking about it.


「Now that I think about it, there is supposed to be an item dropped when defeating demons. But, there are only the tree’s remnants that remained, hmm, something’s shining.

Ah, is this the so called magic stone? 」


I found a palm-sized sparkling stone.


「It’s so big and beautiful! Is this earth’s boulder opal? Are they similar? Does every demon drop this? Then, I’ll work hard to defeat many demons! probably.」


I looked at the beautiful magic stone for a moment while smiling.


「What a strange tint.

It felt like I can stare at it forever.


I want more but, I have to consider something like before, right~.

It was so terrible, and I thought I was going to die.

But my hardships bore fruits.



After looking at the magic stone, I realized that I don’t have my bag when I tried to put it inside the magic bag.

I then remembered that I dropped it somewhere and was looking for it.


「There, found it!」


Then, I picked up the magic bag and put the magic stone inside it.

At the same time, I’ll try to take out a water pouch from the magic bag.


「Menu open desu!」


The menu screen came out and I touched the place where magic bag is written, touching the water pouch, and select 1 as the quantity, and searched the real magic bag for the water pouch.



I have finally calmed down, so let’s get going.

I want to go to a place where there are people around.

I will try to search a nearby town by flying high in the sky.」


I flapped my wings, and soar high up the sky while looking around.


「I can see village-like thing at that direction.

It’s pretty far from here, I want to fly like this but, if I found out, there will be so much problem, right….

Ah, if I fly until the lake surrounded by trees over there, and then walking from there to the town, will it be ok? It will be ok, right.

All right! 」


I decided to fly toward the lake.

Let’s speed this up and get going! I flap my wings with all my might and fly toward the lake.


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