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Interlude ~The God is watching~

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

The God was watching Yukine’s battle since the beginning.


「Uwah, this girl suddenly fell.

Her body is that of a demon so her physical ability should be high, right~.

I it because she was living in the hospital that she couldn’t move her body well? 」


At that time, Yukine-chan burned the tree demon using flame from the ground that rose up to the sky.


「Oh! A huge pillar of fire has risen.

It’s somewhat worth seeing, isn’t it.

But, the enemy is an Elder Trent, that level of attack won’t finish it.


I witnessed how Yukine defend herself from the tree demon’s branch attack using a kind of barrier.


「Oh ho~ what a close battle, it sure is interesting, right~.

Looking at her battle made me nervous and throbbing in excitement.

The crybaby Yukine, is desperately trying her best at using her head, and that’s adding more to the fun~」


Yukine flied to the sky for the sake of evading the branch’s attack.


「Aah, she fled to the sky. Yukine-chan’s body is that of a vampire, and that level of attack won’t kill her that easily.」 (TL: She may not die, but she still felt the PAIN.)


A little angel who is her attendant, called out to the God.


「Tear-sama, that kind of brutal demon doesn’t exists on earth, running away is just a natural reaction, moreover, please do your job!」


「Wait! Right now, I’m still observing Yukine-chan escaping to the sky while panicked, she was really cute! 」(TL: Hold my beer, nani?)


The little angel sighed, and then said to the God.


「Please work really hard later~.

Riru won’t help-」


Riru asked the God to show her the image when Yukine beautifully evaded the branch’s attack and doing counterattacks using wind magic.


「But even so, how was that girl able to evade the Elder Trent’s attack? If I’m not wrong, that girl is supposed to be a human, right? Moreover, she is even flying with wings.」


「I gave her a demon’s body, she has a keen eye, and her kinetic vision is very good as well! After receiving attacks for quite some time, she was able to cope up with the movements that she failed to notice before! That’s why, even now, she continues to watch the Elder Trent’s movement, and evading the incoming attacks! 」


Riru was dumbfounded.


「Tear-sama! Why did you turn a human child into a demon!?」


「Eh? It’s because her soul generates enormous magical power and a human body couldn’t withstand that.

That’s why, to be able to withstand those enormous magical power, I made her reincarnate into a demon’s body, it’s the truth, you know? 」


As she was saying that, her eyes were wandering all over the place.


「That’s just your excuse right? The truth is you turned her into one of the demons to make her fight against them, right? Don’t you even pity her situation! 」


The little angel was furious.


「You’re cute Riru, so please don’t be so angry.

I was only granting Yukine-chan’s wish.

She said that, she doesn’t want to die, no matter what kind of demon she encounters.

Fighting against the demons is just an add-on, an add-on.

Yep, I don’t think she would be defeated if she meet any demon! 」


「You were only thinking about how she would beat them, right? But, you don’t give it the power to beat them easily, right? Tear-sama loves battles were they would barely win, right-」


Riru looked the God with scornful eyes.



「Th, that’s not true. Even if she is defeated, or her arms and legs were lost, it will be regenerated back again even if it is not attached right away, and even if she is reduced to ashes, give her a bit of moment and she’ll be resurrect, I made sure of that!」


「Won’t that be considered as immortality already! Will she really be able to handle that! Even if she dies, you were expecting her to revive and defeat her enemies, right! All of them are already exposed to Riru, you know? …… By the way, is she still going to grow? 」


「Hmm? She will be growing.

This girl died at her previous world when she was still a child, and even if she was being reborn, it’s kind of a pity that she would still continue to be a child for a long time.

But, she will definitely grow, a very slow one.

(Well, because of her slow growth process, she would probably dislike looking like a child for a long time~.)」


Riru thought about it. That girl that was supposed to be a human, what did she felt when she knew that she was turned into a demon? Will she be happy if she knew that she became an immortal? Will she be happy about immortality? Also because of her slow growth, neither her body nor her chest will grow any bigger. Won’t she be sad if she knew that she would end up like that? Just like me…. (TL: No problem, even if no one loves you, little tenshi-chan, I will~)

Remembering her past made her feel uneasy.

She clenched her fist and holds the trembling back.

Tear-sama won’t probably do anything even if I complain to her about that. Riru stared at the God while she was thinking of such things.


「Moreover, I also gave Yukine-chan a magic to realize her imagination, you know.

Depending on how she used it, defeating enemies will be possible, right? Ha ha ha-」


「That sounds like an amazing magic, isn’t it.

You gave her such magic.

It was rare for you to do something like that, Tear-sama.

Did you place restrictions on her or something? 」


「For the time being, she won’t be able to use resurrection magic.

And also, boring overpowered magic as well, such as magic that is capable of controlling time when a battle is in progress. Such things are restricted.

If it was to set a trap, and waiting there for the demon to arrive, then launching an attack, something like that is acceptable, even if it is to slow down or stopping time against the demon, and you see trying to defeat it while the time is stopped, that kind of scene would be more interesting to watch, right.

After all, fighting a monster without using any strategy or not putting your life on the line is not interesting at all, right.」


「Well, even without that magic that magic, using only the current existing magic will suffice, right? Even if she was set up to encountered them, then she would probably be able to do something about it, even if Riru think that she won’t be able to defeat them easily….」


「Riru is also harsh~

If she doesn’t encounter things like that, she won’t be able to easily cope up with the situation, right? But if she is suddenly thrown into a Human or Demon society, then it might cause a war to both sides. Well, strong monsters rarely come out of dungeons too.



「It was immodest of you to shout, Tear-sama.

Even if it was a joke, it would immodest for a God to do so, please be more careful-」


「I’ve just noticed that Yukine-chan’s battle has already ended.

I must rewind it a bit and watch! 」


「Yes, yes.

Please watch it later and do your work-.    Tear-sama, if you don’t work right now, Riru won’t help you today-」


While saying that, Riru with her superhooman strength dragging the God into her working place.


「I—–don’t —— want——to——!! 」