Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 3: Fenrir 001 ~No chanting? Yep, I forgot~

Chapter 3: Fenrir 001 ~No chanting? Yep, I forgot~

TL: Chinozuku
ED: Yuki

「The scenery seen from the sky is so refreshing~.

Everything looks so small.

I have never board an airplane before but, I wonder if it’s the same as this.

I fly by my own so I don’t have to worry about falling, the snow scenery here is good as well, and this is the best! Fufu, fufufuu~♪」


I’m in a good mood, flying in the sky.

On the way, eh? I found something like a fox’s parent-child, I slowed down to get closer to them.


「It jumped head on to the snow! What are you doing? Are you playing? Are you searching for food? The fox that stuck in the snow, it’s very cute! 」


When I was watching the fox’s parent-child from the sky while relaxing, the fox that was stuck in the snow came out with mouse-like small animal in its mouth.


「Wow~, Mrs. Fox is amazing! Even though it can’t see the mouse from above the snow! I’m sure it jumped into the snow head on like that for many times, looking for food, right~.

The world of nature is harsh.」


Oh, this time, the child fox is trying! Ah, what a bad luck.

When it’s head went out of the snow, there was no mouse in it’s mouth.


「Mr. Child fox, fighto! 」After I encouraged the child fox, I ascended and head to the lake.


After a while,


「Yep, I’m arrived! There are a lot of trees but, tree demons like before won’t appear here, right? 」


I was restlessly around.

For now, it looks fine.


「If it does appear, is it okay if I rain it with lightning magic? Lightning seems to be the strongest magic.

But, I’m afraid of surprise attack~」


For the time being, I imagined shields surrounding my body.


「Oh shield, protect me from all directions!」 I shout.


After that, the semi-transparent shield appeared, surrounding me.

Rather than a shield, it’s like a barrier.

It was all good but, it was hard to see if it was semi-transparent.


「Oh shield, be more transparent!」 I shout. (TL: How bout an invisible shield, isn’t that way much better? or walking church like to aru ma**** no ****x)


The shield’s colors become more transparent.

With this, I can see well.

Magic sure is full of utility, I suddenly thought like that.

I think I don’t have to shout every time.


「This is it! Well, I can use magic without chanting, gotta keep it in mind that I don’t have to shout every time I use magic!」


The God said so.

If I used magic without incantation when I act as a human, I will be stood out.

That’s why, I was given a cane with an amazing effect.


Yep, speaking of which, I received the cane, though I forgot about it.

For the time being, I call out the menu screen, touched the magic bag, touching the dragon’s cane inside the magic bag, and then taking out the dragon’s cane from the real magic bag.


「This procedure is just a pain.

It would be nice if I just put my hand inside the bag and take out the thing I want….

Ah! I could do that using magic! 」


I put the dragon cane on the ground, imagining 1 water pouch and put my hand in the magic bag.

1 pouch of water was in the magic bag.


「Yup, it succeed! Then, if I put something in and tie the bag, from the menu screen, the content of the bag is automatically moved to the list, it’s perfect! 」


And then, I put the previous taken out water pouch inside the magic bag again and tie the bag.

Then, checking the menu screen, the number of water pouch increased.

There was nothing inside the magic bag.


「Yup, this goes perfectly as well! Magic sure is handy! 」


I’m satisfied with the result, I put the magic bag on my shoulder, picking the dragon’s cane on the ground and set aim to the lake.