Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 3: Fenrir 002 ~I’m angry~

Chapter 3: Fenrir 002 ~I’m angry~

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

I have arrived at the lake! It’s really pretty~! Clear cobalt blue, like a picture taken at the blue pond located at Shirokami district~ so touching~!!


I was fascinated by the lake’s mysterious beauty.

I have never been outside of the hospital, and that I can directly touch the mysterious beauty in front of me.

I have never been so happy.


I get closer to lake and put my hand in.

It’s cold and feels good.

I put both my hands together, and drank that beautiful water.


It’s cold and delicious! This world is continuously giving me new excitements~ Thank you very much, dear God~♪


I express my gratitude while looking at the sky.

Well, the battle with the demon was bad for my heart….


At that time, I heard the sound of something fighting over the forest.

I heard the scream of something like an animal.

I thought that I need to help it and fly toward the sound.


I found 4 large, brown wolves were attacking another wolf (it’s smaller and have whiter fur compared to the others).


I won’t forgive you for bullying the weak! Oh shield, protect the white wolf!!


I shout while pointing the dragon’s cane toward the white wolf.

Dragon cane’s blue jewel glows pale blue, and a semi-transparent shield appeared, surrounding the while wolf, preventing the attack from the brown wolves.


Even though the 4 of them are attacking the shield alternatively, the shield only glows blue each time it they strike, it’s not even budging.

The angered wolves made a line, looking this way.


They are probably angry.

But I’m angry as well, you know? Bullying the weak is the lowest!


I point the dragon’s cane toward them, exclaiming.

The blue jewel responded to my anger and was glowing blue.

Then, the body of the big wolves




Icicles-like thing appeared above their heads, floating above them, facing my way.

The icicles that were aimed towards me, and in that moment, 12 icicles flew toward my direction all at once.


However, the 12 icicles were repelled by the almost transparent shield that I have deployed even before arriving to the lake.


They, they were demons!? No need to hold back, right? Oh lightning. Come and fall upon them—!!


I pointed the dragon’s cane and 5 consecutive lightning strikes falls around them!


Zudododododo!! (*thunder sfx)


It was not a direct hit. But there were holes left on the ground.

There is possibility that they were the white wolf’s brother, or part of the pack, so I just threatened them.


The next one will definitely hit.After saying that,


The four wolves lied down showing their bellies.

They probably don’t understand my word but, they somewhat understood my intention?


For the time being I ignored the four, and got close to the white wolf, crouching.

It was wounded.

The white and beautiful fur was stained by the wound and the blood.

Why they could do something this horrible?


I turned toward them, raining them with 5 lightning.

This time, I intentionally graze them.

I heard their scream but I ignored it.

Learn a bit of pain.


Ha! Rather than them, I need to do something about this child!!


Returning to my senses, I need to hurry in order to heal the wolf, I moved near the white wolf and crouched.


I will heal you now. I pat the white wolf’s head as I said that.


Kyun~The white wolf replied, but its voice was quite feeble.


From the bottom of my heart, I strongly thought about healing this child.


Heal this while wolf! High heal!!


Then, the orange warm light envelops the white wolf.

When the light went out, the white wolf rose up, and then it was looking around restlessly.

It seems like it wasn’t able to comprehend what has happened.

It inclined its head.


Un! I’m glad you have become healthy♪


Saying that, I hugged the white dog’s neck (well, it’s not actually a dog).

The fur was white and beautiful, and it was so fluffy, so pleasant.

I want to sleep like this~ thinking like that, I heard a voice.


Won’t you forgive those over there, child of human? No, you are not a human? This is quite a surprise~.

On what purpose would a demon come to this place?


When I raised my face, a pale blue cool beauty appeared.


<Commentary section>


(Short) dragon’s cane’s blue jewel is just responding to Yukine’s magical power, glowing pale blue.

The God didn’t gave the cane any power like doubling.

It is unbreakable object.

As a magic wand, it’s just a glowing toy.


Please imagine that the icicle magic used by the wolves, were a small object, triangular cone, long and thin.

As for the firepower, it’s somewhat capable of piercing wild animals?


Regarding Yukine’s way of speaking, o particles were missing, たべている  たべてる, the “i” were missing, because it was her way of speaking.

The missing of “o” and “i” was intentional.