Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 3: Fenrir 005 ~Awakening~

Chapter 3: Fenrir 005 ~Awakening~

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

Warning: Gore.

I’m sorry if you’re not good with blood.

Receiving an attack and fell to the ground, Yukine fainted.

Being pierced by 4 ice lances, Yukine’s body was bleeding on the ground.

It was a severe bleeding.

The cool beauty came closer to Yukine, confirming her condition.

I see.

What to do with this person~.

In the end, I didn’t receive any attack from you.

Even though the lightning you used on the wolves were quite strong….

Kuun~, Kuun

The fenrir also came close to Yukine, he licked Yukine’s face.

What, you, liked her? Well, it was the truth that you were saved by her….

Fenrir ignored the cool beauty and continued to lick Yukine.


Yukine slightly opened her eyes.

The surrounding…..is…..blurred.

My whole body….is in pain….

Why…. does it…. so hurt….?

Yukine closed her eyes and thought.

That’s… right! I… took…. that woman’s…. attack….

Even though I…. haven’t…. launched… any attack…. yet!

Bearing the pain, I moved my hand and touched some fluid.


I saw my hand was bright red.

What… is this? …. blood? ….. whose…. blood? …. my blood? even though…. I just…. being…. reincarnated…. am I…. going to die? death….

Who…? me? Even though I… I… just, want to…. help this child!!

Rising unsteadily, I gaze toward the ground with hollow eyes.

It’s like a pool of blood.

m i s e r a b l e.

This is…. a fantasy world… of sword and magic….

I have… magic to realize my imagination.

Then! I should be capable of doing anything! It’s my own blood, so why don’t you flow as I wanted?

 ——— Yukine’s blue eyes, shone bright red like a ruby, then changed into ominous eyes ———

I hold my own blood with my hand.

Gather, and become a scythe of the God of death!

When I ordered it, the blood gathered in the air and shone bright red.

When the light fades, a faint dark red light glows, a scythe appeared in the air.

Yukine picked the scythe.

Yep, when you say vampire, it should be a scythe right! I’m a vampire because I can take out scythe, and vampires are immortal.

Yep, that’s a happy thing right? Aha♪

I tried to swing the scythe.

Not just a scythe, it leaves a faint dark red light in its track.

Yep, it’s just like in a game, right?

Wha, what are you?

The cool beauty took some distance away when Yukine stood up suddenly.

Even fenrir, who was worrying about Yukine, was frightened on the spot while looking at strange Yukine and moved away from her.

Yukine, with that strange glowing red pupil, faced towards the source of the voice.

What am I? Even if you ask me that now, when you met me, you said that I’m a vampire because I grow vampire-like wings, right?  Am I not a vampire?

After the cool beauty said that, Yukine was melting the 4 ice lances that were pierced her body and casted high heal.

The warm orange light regenerates her wound.

That wicked and evil weapon born from one’s blood, you’re not a vampire.

I shouldn’t let vampire as bizarre as you run wild!

Hee, this world’s vampire couldn’t produce weapon from their blood eh-.

Then, I’m a special vampire, is it.

Yep yep.

Being special is good, right♪