Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 3: Fenrir 003 ~The world of nature is harsh~

Chapter 3: Fenrir 003 ~The world of nature is harsh~

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

「Even if you ask me that, I saw a lake near the town, that’s why I fly there, and then I heard this child’s scream.」


I answered while continued hugging the fluffy thing.

It seems the fluffy one understood the reason 「Kuu~n.

Kuu~n」it cried.


「Then you came to help him.

You are strange~.

Well, okay.

If you say that, then we can turn a blind eye to the fact that a demon is here.」


「Why do you know that I’m a demon?」


「Well that, because you have vampire-like wings growing~, and that huge amount of magical power dwelling in your body.

With that said, your appearance may deceive many, but when you took the attack like that, it’s a different story.」


I see.

If I grow wings like this, the fact that I’m not a human is obvious, right~.

Let’s shrink it before we go to the human’s town.


The wings on my back shrank in front of the pale blue beauty onee-san (in term of words, she’s looks like an obaa-san (granny) ) who’s complaining.


「Are you these children’s owner or something? If so, then you must be strict and discipline them! They hurt this child, scars are all over his body, you know!?」


Hearing that, the cool beauty looked embarrassed.


「I have never thought to be told like that by an arrogant and insolent demon.」 She dropped her shoulder, disappointed.


This person? It seems she’s not a bad person.

Guess I went too far, a fragile cool beauty like that being pushed by someone like me. (TL: Age wise, you’re younger)


「Please discipline them, so that something like this won’t happen again.

With that said, I will bring this child, no problem right? 」


The cool beauty suddenly opened her eyes.


「I won’t hand that fenrir to a demon! That should not be allowed to happen!!」


「Even if you say don’t.

Moreover, isn’t fenrir a divine beast? Then why are you letting them pick on her! You should protect her, isn’t she an existence to be revered? 」


The cool beauty faltered toward that question.


「This child’s mother was the boss of the group.

But, she died due to some old scar she received before.

She had 2 children but, her older brother was strong, popular and has become a full-fledged wolf.

But, the one here is a weakling. The big brother recently disliked the weak sibling.

Those were felt by his subordinates, but well, those over there who lay showing their belly down on the ground, could easily eliminate her….」


It bore me resentment when I heard that.


「If you know that far, why did you leave him alone like that!? Are you not feeling sorry for her!!」



I think so too, that’s why I came to look around here.

And then you appeared.

It’s not like I’m leaving her alone.

I usually chase them away, but it happened when I took my eyes off her.

I think that what I’m doing is the right thing to do… 」


Even though I don’t think this cool beauty a bad person, but just driving them away won’t solve the problem.

She seems like a cool beauty but, she’s completely not cool at all, what does it means?


「Do you think this child can get stronger if he chase them away by his own strength?」


The fluffy one getting dejected, is he understood what I said?


「….It’s impossible」 The bad beauty answered with desperate voice.


「If you were gone, what will happen to this child?」


「I’m immortal so, I won’t go away.」


This person is immortal! Her skin is also blue, is she a goddess of snow or ice spirit?


「Immortal huh, amazing isn’t it.

But, even if you stay beside this child, do you think the situation will go better? 」



Considering the past situation, it would be impossible」 the cool beauty sadly said.


「Then, I will leave these 3, won’t it be a good idea to take him away from this environment? He won’t be tormented any more, he won’t be considered as hindrance by them as well, and I’m happy to be together with this fluffy thing.

Don’t you think it’s a good idea? 」


「It’s true that what you said are reasonable.

Perhaps, nothing could be better than that.

But, you are a demon! I can’t hand a fenrir over to a demon’s hand!」


「It troubles me if you kept on saying demons and demons….


Ah! The thing is, I am originally not a resident of this world.

I died at the other world called earth, I was reincarnated into this world by this world’s God, you know~ 」


I said and thought.

Yep, it is an unbelievable story.

It definitely looks like a lie.


「I won’t believe that story so easily.」


As expected, right~.


「Well then, if you have met the God, let’s try speaking the God’s name.」


I’m sorry.

I haven’t heard her name yet.

Is this checkmate?


「How? Can’t say it? As I thought, you are just a demon! You tried to deceive me and try to take away the fenrir.

I’ll punish you—!!」