Home Vampire Yukine Chapter 3: Fenrir 004 ~Ignorance is the greatest enemy~

Chapter 3: Fenrir 004 ~Ignorance is the greatest enemy~

TL: Chinozuku

ED: Yuki

Warning: the latter half is GORE.


With that said, the cool beauty emitting blue aura, summoning blizzard around her! It’s like a tornado, swirling around her.

The blizzard seems to be used to protect her.


I positioned the white wolf, fenrir to avoid getting involved in the battle, take out my wings, flying behind right side, making some distance from the cool beauty.


Just to be sure, I’m called out the shield again.

I hope this will enough to repel the cool beauty’s attack.

It was able to repel the wolf subordinates attack.

I called to her.


「Umm, I, don’t have any intention to fight you.

I don’t want to hurt you as well.」


「Are you underestimating me, this demon! Eat this!!」


Saying that, she raised her arm, above her palm, an ice lance was formed, she turned toward me, and thrown that lance to me.


I flied sideway to evade the incoming ice lance.




This time, she raised both her arm.

No way!?


「If 3 didn’t work, then how about 6! Take these!!」


Eeeh!? I evaded the 5 ice lances but, the last one was repelled by the shield.

The shield glowed blue when it received the ice lance, but it was cracked.


I panicked.

I thought she was just a cool beauty, but it seems like her magic was so strong.

Is what I thought.

It’s probably because I deployed the shield in all direction that it became thinner in comparison to the time that I only deployed it in one direction.


I swing the dragon wand downward with both hands.


「Dispel all the shield! Deploy a two-layered shield in front of me!!」


Shouting that, in front of the dragon’s cane, a two layered shield appeared.

But I can’t get relaxed yet.

One ice lance was capable of cracking my shield.

I don’t know if it can withstand the second one.

The shield is now two-layered, defending against 2 lances should be possible.

After that a third one….

Cold sweat formed.


「I see.

It doesn’t seems to be accurate~.

Then let’s do this! Blizzard, run violent!!!」


As soon as she shouts, the blizzard surrounding her was rapidly growing, and resulting in the whole area clad in white.



The field of vision is getting worse due to violent blizzard.

Even though I have read it in a book, I don’t want to experience it first hand—!!


I can’t see.

I can see nothing! If I was stroke at the location where the shield wasn’t deployed, it’s not something I could endure! I suddenly rise to get out from the blizzard.



Don’t be in a hurry~」


I could hear the cool beauty’s voice from below.

This is bad! I need to deploy the shield under me.

But I can’t see anything below due to the blizzard!!


「But, it’s an easy prey.

Flying to the sky to escape is a bad move! 」


The cool beauty said and raises both arms, facing to the sky, and readying 6 ice lances in a row.


「This is the end!!」


And then, she threw the 6 ice lances toward Yukine.


Gaching! Gaching!


The shield deployed by Yukine successfully repelling 2 ice lances.

However, I can see the ice lances flying from the side of the shield.




Gusagusa! Gusagusa!


The 6 ice lances lined up in a row, 4 of them were not directed to the shield, but directly toward Yukine.




Yukine falls on the ground with soundless scream.