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Chapter 3: Fenrir 006 ~It’s counterattack♪〜

TL: Chinozuku

Warning GORE.

There are expression of losing and drinking blood.

I’m sorry if someone feel sickened.


「Okay, let’s start the round 2? I lost at the previous round, but now it’s my turn to win right? Ehehe ♪」


Saying that, Yukine glides towards the cool beauty.

From her red pupil, ominous red light flutters in the air.


The cool beauty swung both her arms from above, and strike something on the ground.


The moment I got closer to the cool beauty, lump of sharp ice surfacing from the ground, surrounding the cool beauty.


I evaded the sudden sharp ice attack, using the dark red scythe, I cut the cool beauty’s left arm.

The moment it was cut, her wound was burning.


「Kyaaa–!! It hurts, it’s hot, why does it’s burning—-!!!」


Bearing the pain, the cool beauty aim her burning part with her right hand, the flame was extinguished due to being frozen.


「I was in a lot of pain, you know? Even thought I didn’t lied and I didn’t do anything wrong.

It’s cruel, right? Why does it burns? Because it was cut with red weapon, burning is normal, right?」


I brought the cool beauty’s arm that was cut.

From the cut part, massive amount of blue blood were flowing.


What a pity.

I lost so much blood before, it’s just a replacement.


But, because I don’t want to directly drank the blood, pouring the blue blood in the ice cup created by ice magic should be better.

Because her affinity is ice, that’s why her blood is blue?


「Wh, what are you talking about! Burning due to being cut by red weapon is not natural!!」


「Even if you say that, red weapon’s affinity is fire right? Ah!」


After the blue blood filled a cup full, I returned her arm.


「Here, I returned your arm♪ I’m kind, right?」


I transported the arm using wind magic to the cool beauty.


The cool beauty received the arm, 「What is this, what is this!? What in the world is she!?」while saying that, the frozen part was dispelled, attaching her arm again.


Maybe you can stick them using that? While thinking that, I closed my eyes, trying to taste the blue blood.


「Yep, as the God said, it really has flavor.

It tastes like some sort of a juice.


I drank the rest at once.

I felt my body was overflowing with power.

I can use the cool beauty’s special skill? How many special skill does she has?


「Hey hey, this battle is my win right♪ do you still want to continue? You arm was cut due to things heating up, but I properly returned it, you’re immortal so you won’t die, right? I think it will be better for both of us if we stopped here.」


「That’s no way to stop when you already mock me this far!!」


The ceasefire negotiation were coldly rejected by the cool beauty.


She, once again spread the blizzard.

Unfortunately but, that won’t work on me again.


Because it was pure white before but, after I drank her blood, it become really clear to me.

In other words, it’s just the same scenery as before the blizzard.


Blizzard is her special skill.

It’s the same when she created the blizzard herself, her field of vision didn’t get worse, I, who got her special skill, the smoke screen effect didn’t work on me.


And then, I thought of some prank.

Doing the same as before, then I’m gonna catch her for my revenge!


「Aha♪ that’s it!」


I soar up to the sky to get out from the blizzard and stand still midair.

Then, I swung my scythe to open a path, then I imagined shield below me.


「Deploy a two-layered shield!」


I shout with voice audible to the cool beauty.


Hearing that, the cool beauty was,


「Running again to the sky, are you a fool? Did you learn nothing? This is why demons are….


Saying that, she put both her arm toward the sky, 6 big ice lances lined up horizontally.


「It’s the end—-!!」


The cool beauty convinced in her victory.


The 6 ice lances were flying towards me! However, I fully understood my current situation!!


「Ice lances, lock on—-!!」


As I shout, holding the glowing dark red scythe in both hands, following the 6 points of ice lances, swung it from left to the right.

The glowing red trail left by the scythe was beautiful.


Now, my turn~♪


I spun the scythe above my head with both hands, lastly, I swung it downward while shouting.


「Thunderbolt 6 consecutive strikes—-!!!」


Zugan! Zugan! Zugan! Zugan! Zugan! Zugan! (TL: I honestly don’t know how to write thunderbolt’s sfx, those were romaji)


Somehow the red thunderbolts, intercepted the 6 ice lances without a hitch.

The intercepted ice lance broke to pieces and the fragments were burnt and gone.


The cool beauty was startled.


「What!? That’s impossible!? What with that red lightning!! Ha!? 」


The glowing dark red scythe was hooked at the neck of the cool beauty.


If I pull it from behind her neck, will her head fall? Aha♪ eh? Of  course I won’t do that, you know?


「When did you….」


「When I crushed your ice lances, you know? Aha♪ The last one you did well, so you think the next one will go smoothly as well right, so I just did that~

I also have experience, you know~ (I’m talking about game though)」


I’m really happy right now.

The sudden impluse when my first prank succeed, and I was able to have my revenge on the cool beauty.


「Hey hey, let’s stop it, alright? This scythe cut your arm before, if this continues and I pull the sctyhe behind, you will lose your head, right? I don’t want to kill a spirit in the first day I start a new life.」


「Kuh! I won’t hand fenrir to the demons.

Such a dangerous person!」



She said hurtful things.


「Then, what will you do? If you pull back now …. 「I will do this—-!! Ice coffin—-!!!」


After saying that, our body rapidly froze from below.


「Wha!? Are you going to blow me up together with yourself!?」


I put both my hands on the cool beauty’s shoulders, shaking them!!


「A dangerous bastard like you, even though it will change my destiny, I will seal you here now—!!」 (TL: She literally used kisama)


Did I do something that cruel!? I just cut her arm, right? I returned her arm as well! In the other hand, she skewered me, right!! I thought I’m going to die, you know!? A little payback is ok, right!?


Ah! While thinking that, my body already froze up to my neck….




「Everyone, I’m sorry.

I leave the rest to you」


And then, we both frozen up to the head.