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Chapter 3: Fenrir 007 ~Why, did this happen?~

TL: Chinozuku

I was caught in the cool beauty’s suicide and frozen.

I could see the cool beauty in front of me was frozen as well.

By the way, I was frozen while holding both of cool beauty’s shoulder from behind.

I was completely frozen but why I’m still conscious? But well, I couldn’t move my body….


Ah, right! This was also a special (inherited) skill.

Even though she said sealing, it should be possible to undo the seal yourself, right.

I was panicked.


Fufufu-, even though it’s a great skill, it was meaningless for I, who had drunk your blood and got your special skill.


I decided to undo the seal by dispelling the ice coffin! I strongly imagined that.


That moment,


Prick prick prick, prang!


The sound of ice coffin breaking, and we both released from the seal.


What should I do if I was unable to undo it? Thinking that, I was able to get out of the ice jail safely.


I was able to move 「Un, un.

」 I twisted my upper body, 「Unn~♪」 stretching  myself again.

Yup, I could move.

I’m relieved♪


At that moment, the cool beauty saw what I was doing, overwhelmed.


「Wh, why? Why, did the ice coffin lifted?」


The cool beauty was swaying and trembling.


Ah, she lost her strength and down on all four.


「Even though I said to save everyone from demons by sacrificing my life….

I, I ….」 (TL: We have something called ‘plot armor’, so that happens now and then ~.~)


Tears formed and falling from the cool beauty’s eyes.


「Forgive me, everyone.

I’m, I’m just worthless….」


The cool beauty was crying.


I’m in trouble.

I’m really in trouble.

Am I, the bad person? What to do? Even though she’s the one who attacked first.

Please don’t act like a tragic heroine.


When I was at lost, white and brown wolves were gathering.

Picking up the fallen scythe, I pulled back.


The wolves gathered around the cool beauty, quietly sat down.

Then, they began to sound「Auu, Auu」.

There was some of the wolves rubbing their face on the cool beauty’s face, and some of them were licking cool beauty’s face.

It seems everyone was comforting her.


It’s——-, painful.

My heart hurts.


When I thought so, when I look something at my feet, I found the white wolf that was covered in dry blood.

The dragon’s cane was held in his mouth, and the magic bag was dropped on the ground.


「Fluffy thing, did you bring this? Thanks ♪」


I crouched down and took the dragon’s cane and the magic bag, patting fenrir’s head.


After saying「Kuun」, fenrir looked toward the cool beauty.


Somewhere, it was a kind appearance.

I’m sure this child want to join them but, I don’t think that he will be accepted there.

The world of nature is harsh.

I don’t like it.


In the other side of the gathered wolves, larger wolf than the large wolves appeared, then, the white wolf was glaring at me, threatening.




Using the glowing dark red scythe to slam the ground using my hand! I threatened it back.

Pouring my magical power into the scythe, the red aura grew even further!


Probably this threatening white wolf, was this child’s older brother.

Why couldn’t you get along well?

Even though you guys are brother.

When the fenrir’s mother died, this child should be your only blood relative.



After this little brother fenrir saying 「Kuun」, he turned back and run.


「Wait!? Oh seriously, wait a minute~」


I was about to chase the little brother fenrir but,


「Before that」


I looked back at the cool beauty and shout.


「That child is mine! Ookami Yukine’s, I’ll take care of him—!! I’ll raise him well so please be at ease—-!!」


Now, let’s chase him! I put the dragon’s cane in the magic bag, put the magic bag on my shoulder, and fly toward the sky to chase after the little brother fenrir.

From behind,


「Waoooo—–!!」(TL: Sfx of wolf’s howl)


I heard a loud roar.

It was a lonely roar but, maybe it’s just my imagination.


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