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Interlude 〜Meanwhile, the Gods are ①〜

TL: Chinozuku
ED: Yuki

「A—-hahahaha–! Hey, Riru.

Look at this.

It becomes really good, don’t you think?」


After the God said so, She moved the small picture plate from the desk into the air, zooming the picture plate, showing Yukine’s fighting scene to the little angel Riru.


「Tear-sama〜, you didn’t do your work, mou–.

You watched it in secret, you must not do that… eh…

Eeeh, is she that girl? Her eyes were glowing dark red, and wai–!? She brought an arm!?」


「Aah〜, That is the ice spirit, Greisha’s arm.」


「Hah!? Ehh!? Wh, wh, wh, why, both of them are like that!? Isn’t Greisha-sama Tear-sama’s follower!」


The God paused the video.


「Ooh〜 you’re flustered, you’re flustered.

Riru is cute〜」


「Such things doesn’t matter!!」


「Iyaa〜 Greisha’s ice lance, just now, gusha gusha! Piercing Yukine .

Yukine-chan then, realized that she lost large amount of blood, strongly conscious of her own death.

It’s probably the result of her resisting her own incoming death, in her case, it’s her magical power to realize her imagination.

She transformed the large amount of her blood on the ground into a scythe,

Moreover, that scythe has fire affinity.

She evaded Greisha’s attack splendidly, then Greisha’s arm was cut due to her counter attack.

Iyaa〜, that girl is really amusing to watch.」


Riru twitched her forehead to the talkative God.


「Why! Both of them ended in a fight!! Even Yukine can be called as one of Tear-sama’s follower! Isn’t Greisha-sama hate demons in the first place? That child have demon’s body, why did you spawn her near Greisha-sama’s location!」


「Riru〜, if you’re that angry, you’ll spoil your cute face.


「You make me angry!!」


「I understand, I understand.

Yukine was pitying the fenrir who was bullied by his group, trying to separate them from his group, I think that’s the reason why they fight each other.」


「Aa, because Greisha-sama thinks fenrir as one of her children.

If there’s a person who want to take fenrir, not to mention a demon, fighting is unavoidable.

I understand that.

Then, what is the reason to let Yukine at that area?」


「Snow wolf’s boss, Sirius, died due to her old wounds, right?  She had 2 children, the older brother was rather strong, but still far weaker than the snow wolf mother Sirius.

The little brother is, well, out of question.

Greisha was depressed when the snow wolf mother Sirius died, and fenrir’s group was weakening.」


「That’s why, you put Yukine, who had demon body to the demon hater, Greisha-sama’s vicinity, to liven things up?」


「Umu, I thought it will be a good stimulus.


「That’s too much stimulus, Tear-sama.

Riru’s head is really hurt.


「Really? Both of them are immortal, relax and enjoy the continuation!」