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Interlude 〜 Meanwhile、the Gods are ②〜

TL: Chinozuku
ED: Yuki

God continue the video.

The scene where Yukine pour Greisha’s blood into a cup of ice, drinking the blue blood, was shown on the video.


「Wai-, Tear-sama, Yukine is, Yukine is drinking Greisha-sama’s blood—!?」


「Hmm? Aah, Yukine’s base is that of a vampire, so drinking blood isn’t strange, right?」


「Aah, I see (Poor Yukine……

Steadily straying from humanity……).

By the way, vampire is a creature that bite the base of the neck while sipping the blood, right?」


「Vampire in this world, yes.

But, look, there is a vampire who put human’s blood in a wine glass and drink it.

Like in earth’s manga!」


「Tear-sama is truly corrupted by earth’s manga-」


「I’ll take that as a compliment.

Ooh, Greisha used her blizzard magic.

She previously cornered Yukine, restricting her vision, but what about now?」


「Like in what way……」


「You will know if you watch.」


Yukine suddenly soared to the sky, producing a shield below her.


「Yukine was pierced at that time.

But, now is」


Riru gulped a mouthful of air, staring at the screen.


The 6 ice lances, which ordinarily is not visible, were intercepted by red lightning.

The pieces of broken ice lance were burned and disappeared along the way.


「Wh-, why did she become capable of intercepting the ice lances when she shouldn’t be able to see anything!? Moreover, all of 6 ice lances! And what’s with that red lightning!?」


God explained with self-satisfied face to Riru who had surprised look.


「Yukine who had drunk Greisha’s blood, was able to use Greisha’s skills and magic.

Greisha’s field of vision doesn’t worsen when she used blizzard, the same goes for Yukine.」


God then rewind to when Yukine intercepted the ice lances, pausing.

Then, like a school teacher hitting the blackboard, for some reason, she was wearing glasses and continues her explanation.


「This pure white situation, is not pure white for Yukine.

She can see Greisha perfectly.

That’s why, when Greisha generated the ice lances, Yukine already knows the location of the ice lances.

And she was able to incept it.」


「Tear-sama, is a vampire capable of copying her opponent’s skill when they drink their opponent’s blood?」


The little angel was amazed.


「I made it! It’s interesting, right? This is because “Earth’s game or something were used as reference?” It’s extremely rare here.

But, even if you acquired blizzard, when the enemy used blizzard, normally, your field of vision will become white.

Isn’t it strange?」



For Yukine who had drunk Greisha’s blood, is not.

From Greisha’s blood, Greisha’s genetic information were already inside Yukine.

Greisha’s magic will abide Greisha.

But, for Yukine who had Greisha’s genetic information, Greisha’s magic will misidentify Yukine as Greisha.

I made that kind of ability.

It’s special for her.」


Little angel Riru was astonished.



「With the clear vision, intercepting is an easy task-.

Then, what’s with that red lightning? Did Tear-sama made them too?」


「That was created originally by Yukine, using the magic that actualize her imagination given by me.

It’s a magic where anything stroke by that lightning will be burnt.

However, even an ordinary lightning could burn a tree when it hit, it’s not that strange right? Except for its color is red.

Aah, sooner or later, there will be a magic that freeze things when hit by lightning.

Oh– interesting, interesting.」


Riru put a face that couldn’t say anything toward the God who had so much fun.


「Tear-sama〜, isn’t the ice lance’s fragments burnt〜?

For Riru- it’s already a strange magic for it to be able to burn ice.


That girl is human’s hope right? I feel like that girl is gradually straying from humanity.」


「It’s okay, it’s okay.

Apart from the wings, if she doesn’t use magic, she looks like a human.」


「I think that’s not the problem.」


「Okay, let’s see more.

Riru wants to know the end too right?」


「That’s right.

So curious that I can’t get my hand on the workー」


Riru already got tired.

Today as well she want to make the God do her job.


「Then, I’m continuing.」